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60 Ultra Classic Hot Slot is a fruit game based on the scheme of 60 winning lines. An attractive 5 × 4 screen and a set of fruit and happy icons are a trailer for high winnings. Such a set of elements welcomes every player, presenting him at the outset. Proposals for potential winnings. Gambling 60 Ultra Classic Hot Online Game On our portal occupies an honorary place. A series of Ultra Hot games is a producer of another manufacturer, but this particular title directly refers to his success. Quite a similar 60 Ultra Classic Hot machine, this time the 7Mojos publishing house finally got our analysis, which we will talk about in detail in this post. In this post, we will make the greatest efforts to describe the game's possibilities in accordance, we will check what it is able to offer players and, above all, we will give our readers unlimited opportunity to play. 60 Ultra Classic Hot Online Demo is our addition to a review, thanks to which you can personally check the functions discussed. Our Hot spot slots for free These are official games straight from developers, which are available to everyone, both in mobile and desktop.

60 Ultra Classic Hot - offer and game features

60 Ultra Classic Hot is a simple video game created according to the standard of category fruit machines. The producer of this software is a less known, but experienced company 7 Mojos. 60 Ultra Classic Hot is a simple drum automaton. The game in his company runs smoothly and quickly. slot 777 It offers players competition for cash prizes or loans (depending on the version of the game). The fun takes place on a unchanging screen made of 5 rotary drums and four rows of symbols. To start the machine, it is required to determine the value of the plant. 60 Ultra Classic Hot Automat offers users to choose rates in the range from 0.60 to a maximum of 600 loans for individual turning.

The title of the machine itself indicates that there are as many as 60 payments in the active game. 60 Ultra Classic Hot automatically analyzes each hit and in the main view displays the sum of all combinations from a single round. The game can be assessed in terms of detection to an average variable, using a statistical RTP reimbursement indicator of 96.65%. Special functions of the game are hidden by known special symbols and functions improving the game temperature. We are talking about the Wild symbol and the reel stop function. Other additions are the recognizable option of an additional struggle for gamble multipliers and the Turbo Spin activation option. In addition, 60 Ultra Classic Hot Game Automat has the option Auto Play and Max Bet, and all this coincides with the mobile version Telephone games. The game without installation with identical statistics is available to owners of smartphones and tablets with a browser in Windows Mobile, Android and iOS.

Game instruction 60 Ultra Classic Hot

With new players in mind, we have prepared a short introduction to the game. Thanks to it, new players will easily learn how to find themselves among the options and run the game. Experienced, in turn, will be able to remember navigation and find out what the player preparation process looks like for the game in 60 Ultra Classic Hot. First of all, it is worth starting by familiarizing yourself with the content of the regulations. Each game has its own rules. The rules are an important part of the game and determine the player's conditions and duties to properly proceed and use the game. In 60 Ultra Classic Hot, the rules are available under the menu icon with the lower left corner of the Slota window.

Knowing the regulations, in the next step you should determine the bet for turning. Here the issue is individual. The user decides independently and the constant turning value in the BET field thanks to the Plus and Minus buttons. Determining the rate allows you to go to the next step, where it remains only to calmly turn off the drums. 60 Ultra Classic Hot for real money and demo detects all prizes thanks to algorithms. The player without any additional requirements can expect to pay a win to his loan pool. Of course, after each round, information about the sum of the prize is displayed in the game.

Winning in 60 Ultra Classic Hot

Winning in 60 Ultra Classic Hot can be divided into two different ways. The first is hunting for classic combinations. These are always made of 3 to 5 the same icons and at the An Bet rate they have the values of prize. Removing any amount of combinations that coincide with payments will immediately guarantee a prize. Payments table 60 Ultra Classic Hot looks like:

Symbol Complete 3 Complete 4 Complete 5
Seven 100 1,000 10,000
Bar 80 300 6,000
Watermelon and plums 50 200 4,000
Apple, grapes 30 100 2,000
Lemons and cherries 20 50 1,000

In addition to the above proposals in the game you can find:

  • Wild icon - a special symbol, having the ability to replace any icons from the above table,
  • Gamble mode - the option of drawing cards in search of the appropriate color and activation of the X2 winning multiplier,

60 Ultra Classic Hot w casino online

For people who are interested in playing for real money, and such a variety of gambling fun is legal in their country, we have prepared an offer of online casino recommendable. Platform Hotline casino This is a website with a European specialist license that allows you to play a safe and controlled game. This license guarantees the originality of the software and adequate website protection. This casino is recommended due to good customer service, a wide range of games and beneficial electronic payment methods.

Applications for 60 Ultra Classic Hot

It is easy to see that a review slot is an interesting game with the option of winning on many lines and high RTP. The machine as the equivalent of fruit games is set for a quick game with the option of setting high amounts. The game can be tested for free now. 60 Ultra Classic Hot without registration works on our portal after clicking the machine starting button. Each start player receives 100,000 loans to be used as part of training. Check yourself now!


How to turn on the 60 Ultra Classic Hot machine for free?

Every game without exception is free. Machines can be started without installation and registration.

What bonuses are in the 60 Ultra Classic Hot Automatic game?

The game honors players for hitting the popular Wild icons and provides the opportunity to fight for multipliers in Gamble.

How to play for money in 60 Ultra Classic Hot Slot?

The player's account in the platform recommended in the entry will be useful for this. The casino is the only page providing legal online games.

How to play 60 Ultra Classic Hot automat for playing from the phone?

You don't have to download any applications. The 60 Ultra Classic Hot game works in browsers.