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7sins is the title of Play’n Go publishing house. By definition, the game was to be simple and friendly for players, and at the same time offer many unobvious twists and turns. As a consequence, after working on the 7 Sins title, the studio issued a fairly interesting slot in the subject of seven and title sins.

The main icons in the game are familiar card symbols and a set of seven characters - women symbolizing the title sins. Players of this game can be calmly devoted to the game using popular fun tools, such as Turbo and AutoPlay games. The 7 Sins Online also included excellent graphics and special symbols. Today's entry aims to review Slot 7 Sins in a legible way for players. We will focus mainly on checking the possibilities of playing in a technical angle, check the experience of the game and discuss in detail all promotions and bonus options.

We encourage everyone to check in our portal in the game 7 Sins without registration and without confirming their identity. At each online review, the same when discussing Slot 7 Sins we have prepared a convenience for players in the form of playing a demo slot without any fees. To be launched Machines for free All you need is a browser and an internet connection, which is why we encourage you to tests together!

Technical Specification Slota 7 Sins

In this game, the action takes place on the 5 drum screen for the game. 7 Sins is derived from the video category of gambling and was created from scratch by Play’n Go. The whole action in 7 sins online game is happening on an elegant game screen. The player's task is to draw combinations of the title characters and card icons. The player's issue in this case is setting the appropriate An Bet rate and starting the drums.

Players draw the winning combinations on 243 winning lines. The machine has a built -in function of automatic combination detection and paying prizes to the player's account. Bet rates can be set here only from 0.1 to 100 compartments. The official rank of RTP is 96%. On its basis, you can assess the attractiveness of the game compared to other drum online games.

7 Sins is a modern game, which is why players can easily use the built -in Turbo Spin and Auto Play mode. In addition, the attractions are available Wild and Free spiny. There are a lot of interesting issues for players here, which he will certainly discover personally during an exciting game in demo mode from our machine. Finally, it is worth mentioning and informing players about the full availability of the game on every smartphone and tablet. The mobile version 7 Sins is also free and works directly in the windows of Safari and Google Chrome browsers in portable devices.

Game service 7 sins

7 SINS Game automatic is easy to use and requires basic knowledge in using gambling. This video hotspot game It works in the browser windows and automatically starts adapting the screen to the game to each monitor and display in phones and tablets.

Immediately after starting the game, you can go for the game itself, which consists in drawing lucky combinations. The player's task is to choose your favorite rate and start the adventure by supporting the spin button. The 7th spins gameplay is very smooth and pleasant. The machine signals all hits and spontaneously launches all twisted symbols and special functions.

Per gambling 777 It unanimously stands out with its style and finishing of elements. The atmosphere of aged buttons and surroundings is ubiquitous here. The whole is based on the motives of mystery, burgundy exclusive colors and subtle but elegant animations. The icons are made in high quality. Classic elements are quilted, like rich furniture and upholstery, and the symbols of the characters are atmospheric graphics of beautiful women. The full version of the 7 Sins game for real money is available in many casinos with free registration.

Special offer in 7 sins

Each sin (the character of a woman) has a woman assigned. Every woman has her name and payment value in accordance with the game regulations. Of course, like other drum games, in 7 sins wins depend on the rate set to one spin. Wins in this game are combined, players can count on additional multipliers and other interesting bonuses. Red sevens are Wild special icons. There are two different symbols of seven - a single happy seven and double wild. Of course, both icons replace unsuccessful symbols in any locations, and in addition have their special win -meter, reaching the amount of winning of 7,000 tokens.

In addition to wild icons and classic elements, in 7 sins you can come across a scatter symbol. Scatter in this game is a golden monument that has a multiplier X2 function and activates 7 free turns, if a minimum of 3 icons of this type have been drawn. Free games in 7 sins guarantee winning the X1112 initial bet. In free sprains, players can find expanding symbols. Each of the 7 sins can land in three fields, and this situation imposes an additional multiplier on the Player to the X7 final win.

If the slot draws only 2 Scatter icons, in such a situation the player receives an additional second chance to draw. Ordinary wins in this game are based on a popular icon draw system. Among the 243 winning lines, payable symbols are drawn, and the prizes are awarded for hitting 3 to 7 identical icons. The official offer of payments at the highest rate looks like this:

Symbol CC kch Dirt hluch palsy
Greed 70 140 500 1,600 25,000
Lust 60 130 400 1,400 22,500
Wrath 50 120 300 1,200 20,000
Gluttony 40 110 200 1,000 17,500
Envy 40 110 200 800 15,000
Sloth 30 100 150 600 12,500
Vanity 30 100 150 400 10,000
Pik 10 40 100 200 3,500
Kier 10 40 100 200 3,000
Club 10 40 100 200 2,500
With 10 40 100 200 2,000

7 sins - opinion about the game

Both bonuses and standard payments in the 7 Sins game are noteworthy and every, even an experienced player should check their strength in the company of seven title sins in competition for virtual or real money in online casinos. 7 Sins Automat has a high RTP degree and a large special offer for players. Users can count on additional won multipliers, and at the same time use without restrictions on automatic and express game modes. The whole elegance is complemented by high -class graphic and audiovisual.

Finally, we invite you to test the game again and remind you of the possibility of free testing Slota 7 Sins on every device without the mandatory installation of the game. 7 Sins for free is one of the gambling games that has just received an individual review on our website. We encourage you to check other reviewed games and free gameplay in free risk slots.