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Trying to the next gambling review on our portal, we decided to take a closer look at contemporary and modern fruit game 7S Wild Slot, which is unmatched with its atmosphere. The author of the title discussed today is the popular IGT company, creating various types of fruit games and Slots 777 Based on popular symbols of happiness. We invite all interested parties to read today's entry, and by the way we remind you to use the free game in this and hundreds of other slots on our website. Our portal deals with the reviewed and sharing free gambling games for educational purposes. We discuss all functions offered by games and try to explain the rules of the game on the slots of each manufacturer. We invite you to check our other entries, and in the meantime let's get to the right review of the game 7S Wild Online.

Important mechanics issues 7S Wild

One of the most important issues when discussing any gambling game is its mechanics. It is on its basis that we are able to assess what a given slot offers us and what to expect the issue of awards and the functions offered by it. In the case of 7S Wild games, we are dealing with a very modern installment of a fairly classic gambling variety, based on the motif of colorful fruit icons. The style of this game slightly differs from standards in the matter of creating fruit, but in our opinion it is an interesting alternative to the whole mass of other well -worn one -armed bandits. Going to the specifics, 7S Wild online offers players as many as 40 winning lines, analyzed on the basis of an extended screen for the game, gathering up to 4 rows and 5 rotary drums. The rates in this game are calculated in a rather unusual way and offer roundabouts for equivalent from 500 to even 1,000,000 tokens per bet.

To assess the possibilities of winning in this game, you should check its RTP, which is 96%equally. RTP is nothing more than a potential chance to win in percent. Speaking in a professional language, this is the so -called potential reimbursement of the investment for the game. High rewards for turning are quite an interesting offer, and its complement is the presence of the popular Wild symbol as a universal icon. For more experienced players, the presence of Max-Bet functions and automatic game mode will be equally important. It should also be added that the machine also easily works with the latest mobile devices.

Technical issues of the game 7s wild

When thinking about joining the game, it is worth thinking about reading the regulations automatic hot spot. This is the only reliable source of information that is able to explain the operation of all bonus functions offered and the rules prevailing in the game. As experts, we always recommend reading the rules in person to have a direct view of the game and its progress in the latest versions. Slots regulations may always change, and this type of update of its content is the best solution for players. Going further, it is worth analyzing the visual aspects of 7S wild game machine, which for a 2017 slot looks great. The game in a rather modern way visualizes drums and perfectly approaches the issue of presenting graphic icons. We are convinced that both supporters of modern games and old school players will be able to divide our opinion. In the end, 7s Wild has aroused great interest in us due to the prizes offered. It is true that the slot does not attract to each other because of the bonuses, but its winningness after a moment of tests turned out to be as high as its statistics say.

Proposed prizes in 7S Wild

The game is not filled with bonuses, but this is not a problem. In return, the slot boasts attractive detection, as evidenced by numerous players' opinions. Going to the analysis of prizes in 7S Wild for free, it is worth visiting our readers with a table of prizes, which is a reliable source of information on the amount of winnings for specific rates. Below is an example of such a table with a proposal to win for the highest rate.

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Golden Seven 2,000,000 4,000,000 10,000,000
Colorful seven 1,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000
Lemons and plums 400,000 1,000,000 3,000,000
Cherries 400,000 1,000,000 2,000,000

In addition to the above prizes, one special symbol is available in the game marked as Wild. Wild is known for its functionality in the form of replacing any other icons, most often in missed combinations. This icon is also called a universal symbol.

7s wild in casinos

Only 7S Wild Automat in the demo version is available on our website. If you want to go to real gameplay for real money, you must set up an account at any legal online casino. One of the recommended gambling sites, which in its offer offers this game, and above all is able to guarantee players full security and reliable support is Nitro casino. If you are ready for a real game in 7S Wild for real money, create a free account now and use the welcome promotion. Have fun in the company of hundreds of exclusive games from well -known and reputable producers without worrying about any problems with paying money. Always choose proven casinos and attach great importance to the analysis of its license.

7s Wild - conclusions

By drawing final conclusions about the possibilities of the game 7S Wild, we would like to remind you that; The game is a installment of a gambling machine from a series of iconic fruit games, the slot offers players access to very valuable prizes, the machine does not have too many bonuses, and the game is very easy to use. If the above issues are not a problem for you, then start the machine on our website and get experience. Enter the world of 7S Wild without registration with a sensational plan for the game and win the highest prizes. Check our other reviews and test equally interesting gambling for free. Remember about the prudent game and good luck!


How to join the game 7S Wild for free?

For educational purposes, we recommend using our free 7S Wild machine for all readers.

Does 7S Wild Automat offer any bonuses?

One icon for a special Wild is available in the entire offer of this game.

How to go to a real game 7S Wild Slot at a real stake?

First of all, take care of creating an account in a legal and secure online casino. Only casinos are able to offer real money gameplay.

How to download 7S wild game machine for smartphones?

This game does not need to be downloaded, and modern technologies allow you to use the slot in Safari and Google Chrome browsers' windows absolutely without downloading anything.