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Break da Bank slot online

The Break Da Bank Slot Online is another great proposal from Microgaming. As befits a classic production slot of one of the best suppliers in the industry, Break Da Bank offers not only playability, but also high payments. The machine is simple, easy to use and will perfectly find the tastes of those players who prefer minimalist slots referring to traditional one -armed bandits.

BREAK DA Bank Game Automat will certainly prove to be a rather easy and not very demanding proposition for experts on casino classics. Despite this, the best solution is to try the Break da Bank slot first Automet for Darmo (The player will find a demonstration version on our website), and only then decide whether we want to play this machine for real money, i.e. in its casino version.

Why Bandit single -armed game Demonstration is such a useful solution? First of all, we learn the mechanics of the slot operation in this way, and all this without any risk (the game takes place on virtual tokens, and not with the use of real money). However, that's not all. Playing in the demo version allows us to directly and independently evaluate the slot. So we can set a certain pool of virtual money, and then check how the solvency of the machine is presented in practice. As perfectly known to every experienced player, relying in this area only at RTP height often turns out to be a fairly unreliable method.

Information on the technical specifications of the BREAK DA Bank slots

BREAK DA Bank MICrogaming production game is a classic slot in almost every aspect. So here we have a standard distribution of 3 drums, 3 rows and only 5 prizes. There are symbols in the slot wildwhich at the same time perform the function Multiplier. However, this is the only additional function offered by BREAK DA Bank Automat.

We will not find scatters, gamble options, free spins or any other form of bonus game in this machine. It can be said that this is a classic one to the pain in the taste of one -armed bandits. The height of plants for one spin is between 5 and 250 tokens. RTP is 95.75%. This is a decent result, but for such a simple slot certainly this result cannot be considered outstanding. We will not find autoplay function in the game. The slot currently works in HTML5 technology, thanks to which it should be easily available for browsers of mobile devices.

Rules in Break da Bank

In terms of mechanics and gameplay rules, the BREAK DA Bank for real money from the Microgaming studio should not cause any difficulties to the player. The slot is so simple that we will not even find a section of the rules. We can only read the section Paytable, i.e. with a table of payments. It is available after the icon is awarded Menu. In the main screen, the game presents us the amount of the plant and the amount of our loans. Sections are responsible for this information Bet i Balance.

We cannot regulate the number of active prize lines. So there will always be 5. Only the height of the plant is subject to changes. To change the number of tokens to one spin, we use the minus and buttons, which appear on both sides of the BET inscription. We make the turns with the button Spin.

Bonus options and payment table in Break da Bank

In Break da Bank without registration, the player will find only one variant of the bonus. They are the symbols of Wild, which simultaneously play the role of multipliers. Wildy replace the other symbols in the game on the lines. The multiplier function means that drawing in one scrape of one symbol Wild doubles our win, while 2 Wild symbols multiply it by 4. Below the player will find a table with the payout symbols in the Break da Bank slot. The given values are important for a 50 tokens plant.

Symbol Award
Bar 100
Double bar 400
Triple bar 800
$ 1600

For a plant worth 50 coins, the highest possible win will be 24,000. To win such a large amount, we must hit 3 symbols $ on one of the prize lines, and count on the fact that we will be able to complete the combination of $ two symbols on another line on another line , or even better - on two different lines complete the $ two symbols Wild.

Break da Bank - conclusion

Break da Bank is a slot that very strongly focuses on minimalism and simple, classic gameplay mechanics. For these reasons, the machine should appeal to players who prefer classic slots. Easy rules will also be suitable for beginner e-hazard adepts. Is it worth playing this money machine? We already leave this issue a decision of the player himself. Certainly with higher -solvent classic slots are available on the market. For example, games like hot spotwhich are very popular in many online casinos Only because of the chance to hit a huge jackpot.