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Candy Dreams - free game machine

Candy Dreams Online automatic is an unusual video slot that was produced by Evoplay studio. The first thing that catches the eye when playing Candy Dreams is the very unusual distribution of the board: it has an asymmetrical structure. In addition, there are as many as 720 prize lines. With the first game Candy Dreams, the game machine from Evoplay may seem easy to use. In fact, however, an effective game on this slot requires a very good mastery of the rules. Difficulties are especially caused by special symbols and a huge number of prize lines. For this reason, for some time, the player will simply be difficult to figure out when the Candy Dreams actually wins and how to enter the bonus round with free spins. Fortunately, you do not need to learn the rules and table of payments by heart. You can learn the specifics of this slot in a demonstration game using Candy Dreams machine for free on our website. free Bandit single -armed game It is a very good training before casino. It also allows us to assess whether we like the machine and we want to play it using real money.

Technical specification of the Candy Dreams slot

In the Candy Dreams slot we are dealing with a board of non -standard sizes. The drums here are 5. The rows are distributed in the configuration: 3, 4, 5, 4, 3. On the first drum (counting from the left) we have 3 rows, on the second 4, on the third 5 and so on. Also the concept of lines winning in relation to the Candy Dreams slot for real money has a slightly different meaning than in most slots. Instead of traditional, static lines, the game offers various symbol systems that will bring winnings. There are 720 in total.

The Candy Dreams slot is a game on the border of classic machines and video machines. Visual effects are not particularly impressive here, but they occur. The producer, as already mentioned, is the well -known Evoplay studio. The RTP indicator in Candy Dreams is 94.29%, which is not an outstanding result. The slot also has low variability. Winnings occur relatively often, but they are usually quite low.

We will also find in the game Symbols Scatter, Wild and a special round with free spins. The lowest plant that can be bet is the amount of 50 tokens, while the highest - 500 coins. It is worth adding, however, that the player can decide the value of every tool, i.e. his conversion to real money. A function is available in the game Autoplay. Candy Dreams also works in the form of application for mobile devices.

How to play Candy Dreams?

I must admit that although Candy Dreams Evoplay automatic automat is rather an intuitive interface, navigation after the slot is not easy. This is due to the fact that in some places the manufacturer decided to use quite specific solutions. It is worth starting the game by getting acquainted with the rules of the slot and the withdrawal table. These sections are available under the three -horizontal lines button on the left side of the screen. In the bookmark Settings We can configure the automatic game and assign the value to the tokens. Tab Paytable It informs about the solvency of individual slots symbols, special symbols and the way bonus options work.

We change the height of the plant by clicking the button Bet. This requires rotating virtual wheel on which various available amounts are visible. The drums of the machine takes place after pressing the two arrows button on the right side of the screen. We always see the height of our rate next to the BET inscription. Writing Coins In turn, it presents the amount of our funds in the game.

Bonus options in Candy Dreams

Candy Dreams Game offers several different additional symbols. The first is a special function Candy Planet Bonus. By drawing at least 3 symbols of the candy planet, we expand the field of play, giving ourselves a chance to win a huge win. Scatterem There is a symbol of a candy lagoon. At least 3 scatters result in a bonus round, in which we get 12 free spins. We also have a symbol in Candy Dreams without registration wild. As many as 3 different symbols perform this function: the candy inscription Wild, candy candy dreams and a gift symbol. Wild symbols replace other symbols except a candy planet and scatter.

Symbol Winning (System of 4 symbols on the board)
Purple candy 15
Blue candy 20
Green candy
Orange candy 25
Red candy 30
Big blue candy 40
Green candy with papules 50
Orange candy in the shape of a flower 75
Round red candy 125
Candy Dreams, Wild, Prezent 175

The symbols in Candy Dreams are theoretically well -paid. The problem is that for most of the game we lose combinations of at most 3 such symbols, which generates low winnings. The highest possible win in Candy Dreams is 220,000 coins and can be obtained thanks to the Candy Planet Bonus option. Hot spot games They are still a favorite in wins because of the possibility of winning Jackpot with a huge amount.

Candy Dreams - our opinion

Candy Dreams Automat is undoubtedly an interesting and unusual proposition. However, it seems that the producer has focused too much on the effects and creating an intriguing structure, while too little attention was devoted to the player's impressions. For this reason, despite the intriguing Candy Dreams mechanic, he will probably remain a rather curiosity on the online gaming market. We are not dealing here with a future hit online casinos.