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Crazy 7 - free online slot

Classic type slot one-armed bandit From Studio Playtech is an arcaded machine full of madness. Play 3 drums with one winning and high RTP line, or maybe you will get your fortune here. Crazy 7 game machine is traditional fun. Give yourself a slight thrill and win the coins! On the machine from Playtech Crazy 7 without registration, as well as for free, you can play visiting our website. We provide a seven game in a demo version for all our users. There is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the slot mechanics and prepare your own strategy for playing in Crazy 7 for real money in a licensed online casino.

Specifications of Crazy 7

The single -armed bandit from the very popular Game Video Factory - PlayTech, has been available to players since 2009. This retro game machine will give you a thrill more than once. Play the classic arrangement of 3 drums and one winning line, winning the highest jackpots. The percentage of RTP refund for the player Crazy 7 is variable and oscillates from 96.02% to 96.98%. The total plant on the slot ranges from a minimum value of 0.03 coins to 15.00 coins. This is a simple and traditional version of the throwing machine, so you won't find any special symbols or bonus modes here. The autoplay option is available, which will facilitate the gameplay on gambling machine.

Crazy 7 Game also appears in a mobile version on the phone. The commonly available HTML5 technology allows you to adapt the slot to the screen of the device you use. Game machine 777 You will start on your phone and tablet via a web browser, without the need to install any other programs and software such as Flash Player. Enjoy the game Crazy 7 with great ease and play where you want and when you want.

How to play Crazy 7?

Before your first twisting three Crazy 7 drums, you should adapt the current total plant accordingly. You edit the stake using the Plus and Minus button, under the Crazy 7 - "Total Bet" drums. Once you do this, you can easily set the drums. Click on the huge red button with the inscription "Spin" and this is to turn the drums of this crazy machine.

Play and watch how more and more favorable winning combinations are formed before your eyes. You can also make it easier for yourself in Crazy 7 online and use the autoplay function. You will do it by clicking the yellow "Auto Play" button, which appears on the left of "Spin". You can choose 10, 25, 50 and 99 automatic games. However, if you decide to stop them earlier, click the "STOP" button that will appear on the Crazy 7 game screen.

In the center of the bottom panel of the game under "wines", each of your winnings will be displayed. You will find your current state of funds on your account by looking at the bottom corner of the Crazy 7 game screen you will certainly notice the yellow "Info" button. If you click on it, you will display the Crazy 7 Slot payout table and all information about playing on the machine from PlayTech, you will find the mouse with the mouse on the game settings icon (gear wheel), which you will find on the right upstairs, and then clicking on "Help ". With this information, every new Crazy 7 machine user is required to read, before starting the game.

The graphic design of the Crazy 7 machine from Playtech is absorbed in purple-navy blue colors, with contrasting green, red and blue symbols of seven. These crazy numbers are the main motif of the Crazy 7 slot, which can be deduced for the title of the game. Your gameplay will be accompanied by equally crazy sounds, including loud and insanely laughter of the mysterious character. If you want to focus 100 percent on the game itself, and these sounds distract you, you can turn them off using the speaker button that appears in the upper right corner of the game screen.

Won on the slot and pay table Crazy 7

This is a simple slot not only in terms of design, but also the game itself. Crazy 7 Automat has only one winning line, and it is on this line that 3 sevens of the same color must appear to get some sensible win. To make it easier for you to win the winnings, if you manage to arrange 3 different colors 7, but along this line, the machine will reward you with a small sum of coins. Each win is calculated as a product of the currently set rate for a single spin and the appropriate amount from the Crazy 7 payment table below:

Symbol Win
Three red seven 133,33
Three green seven 50
Three blue seven 25
Three sevens of any color 5

Crazy 7 is a throwing machine, which is based in 100 percent on a random result, which no one can predict. However, to win the highest possible winnings and reduce the level of risk to a minimum, experienced players recommend to stick to a few simple rules:

  1. Before playing in Crazy 7 for real money, try the demo version slot and get acquainted with its mechanics and the rules of the game.
  2. Place low bets. This will allow you to play more games, increasing the chance to hit more winning combinations.
  3. If the online casino you use has bonuses that you can use at this Crazy 7 slot, it is worth considering and using them.

Crazy 7 - is it worth it?

A classic slot with retro design and easy -to -use Crazy 7 interface is a game for every player who needs a moment of time for himself, playing on a machine not filled with complicated and unnecessary additions. This is a simple game that has its charm and crazy character. With such a high RTP reaching almost 97%, the Crazy 7 machine filled with lucky seven can bring you a huge fortune if you only give it a chance. Lack of bonus symbols, on this slot it is not the slightest problem, because this is the charm of this game - crazy simplicity.

In Crazy 7 for free in a demo version, for virtual coins, you will play on our website. Try the PlayTech machine and see for yourself if you are a slot where you will spend long evenings playing for a fortune. If you feel that happiness is favorable for you and the game mechanics are familiar enough, try it out Hotspot game For real money at the online casino, and we wish you many high winnings!