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To attract to your machine, creators gambling slots They use various treatments and methods. Some offer many bonuses to get during the game, others focus on the unusual construction of the machine. There are also producers such as Evoplay, who try to combine these two worlds, often with very good results. An example of such production is Exploding Fruits Online. It is a production that stands out from the crowd not only with construction, but also in the subject - the game is kept in cosmic climates, and on its drums we will find colorful fruit, as well as other special symbols known from single -armed bandits. To this you also need to add the unusual course of the game and several special functions. Such a mix makes it really hard to break away from the slot, and every turn will guarantee a lot of emotions! You can feel the latter even now if you run Exploding Fruits without registration on our website. Gra Hot Spot Here it is available in demo mode, which will allow you to test all functions available in the game, just as if you played at an online casino. It is also a great way to train before playing for real money at the casino.

Basic information about Exploding Fruits

What definitely surprises is the appearance of the machine. It does not take a standard, rectangular and horizontal form - the display is set vertically, and the game consists of 3 drums and 3 lines, which gives us an unusual, square structure. Despite this construction, the game has quite a lot of winning combinations - in the basic game there is 27. Since the basic game has 27 winning lines, how many of them do they have in a special game? In this situation, we get 64 ways to win! However, we will tell you about how exactly how the additional mode in Exploding Fruit looks like a game automatic, because it is associated with the bonus that you can get on the slot.

The bonuses also include the Wild symbol and the opportunity to get free games. Given how many additional options are available on the machine, RTP may be a positive surprise, which is equal to 96%. This is a good result, even very - it will guarantee us frequent winnings. These can also reward us with a lot of money. The unusual structure of the slot goes a step further and causes that after each win the winning symbols disappear from the board. In their place, new ones appear, which "fall" from above - those that remain on the display can also change their place, falling into the place of disappearing symbols. Those who plan to play exploding fruits for real money will also be pleased to the news that the game offers many rates to choose from. The most expensive bet, which will also award the biggest winners, will cost 500 loans. However, you can play for 0.10 virtual coins. Of course, between these two amounts we will have many other cash thresholds to choose from.

The course of the game in Exploding Fruits

Fortunately, the unusual construction of the machine does not make production hard to be played. Of course, each slot differs from each other, which is why - regardless of your experience - it is worth starting by reading the game's instructions. It can be found in the menu, which is hidden under the "i" button, placed in the lower left corner of the screen. Instructions will not only explain the rules of the game, but will also present additional functions whether it will bring you a table of payments. In the menu you will also find game settings that will allow you to adjust the display, music or autogy settings. Once you get to know all the things on the menu, you can go to setting the plant's amount in Exploding Fruits Automat. By pressing the BET section on the display you will be able to select the amount using the display, you can also change it using the + and -buttons, which are placed next to the bet. You can start the drums with a button placed in the middle of the display - and after holding it you will be able to start the automatic gameplay, without the option of adjusting the option.

All the bonuses you will get by playing exploding fruits

As we have already written, there are several. The first is Joker, i.e. the symbol of Wild Machine. Getting it is possible only on the middle drum, and its action is very simple - it will replace any other symbol, so we will have a chance to create a combination or get an additional win. In addition, the machine is equipped with special meters on the sides of the display. They fill with each win, and the number of elements that will be highlighted depends on the number of symbols that will create a winning combination. Exploding Fruits Slot will load the meter until the end of the new combinations - when we manage to fill the whole counter in one game, we will be transferred to a special game. This one is nothing but free spins - However, two additional drums will come to the game, which will show the Wild symbol. The game will spin 3 times for free, and additional fields will increase the number of possible combinations and increase our winnings. These, in turn, look as follows:

Symbol CC Dirt
7 15 150
Bar 7,50 75
watermelon 3,50 35
Grape 2 20
Orange 0,30 3
Plum 0,20 2
Lemon, cherries 0,10 1,50

Exploding fruits - where to play?

If our review has already encouraged you to check exploding fruits plays for real cash, we advise you to play in this place - Ggbet casino This is not only well adapted for players from our country, but it is also legal. This is of great importance in the context of money for money. The advantage of the casino is also the ease of making payments and payments - these are possible in various ways. It is worth mentioning a wide range of casino games - you will certainly find more than one game worth your time!

Exploding fruits - finally

Do we recommend this one fruit machine? Of course, yes - it's hard to find a second such unique machine! This game is not only the hours of great fun, but also many interesting solutions that make every turnover unique. We are also sure that the production will appeal to experienced and beginner players. And if you are not sure yet if you want to play on this machine, test Exploding Fruits for free on our website - the demo version will certainly dispel your doubts!


Is it possible to play Exploding Fruits for free?

Yes, you can play for free on this machine - all you have to do is run the demo mode on our website!

What bonuses does exploding fruits automatic contain?

The game has a Wild symbol, as well as the ability to get free spins!

How to play for real cash in exploding fruits slot?

To be able to play for money, you will need to go to a legal online casino and create an account there. Only in this way will you play for money.

Can you play on the phone in exploding fruits?

Yes, the slot is adapted to mobile devices - to be able to play in this way, just start the machine via the web browser!