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There are such productions that, despite the lack of many special functions or not delighting with their appearance, can draw in long hours. One such game is undoubtedly the Extreme Pay Game Author. This production, despite many years on the market, still breaks popularity records and is often chosen by players in Internet casinos. So what does the game Oryx do that that players are happy to reach for it? First of all, it is a game whose understanding takes a few moments. Increasingly, internet machines are overloaded with options and functions, which means that new players have difficulty in the game. Those more experienced also need a stepping stone from extensive games. Even if you are not convinced about the game at this moment, we encourage you to test Extreme Pay for free on our website. The demo version will allow you to familiarize yourself with the production and training before playing for real money Already at the casino.

Construction of the Extreme Pay slot

We are the first to take the machine design on the wallpaper. It is maintained in a fairly traditional style - one main winning line runs through the slot, and the machine itself consists of 4 drums and 3 lines. Despite this, however, production also allows you to get won by symbols scattered on the display. Instead, there is a standard SCATTER symbol. In the game we will not meet with the Wild symbol or other additional functions. There are also not many factories' rates at our disposal. The cheapest game will cost us 1 loan, the most expensive - 10. Is this a disadvantage? For some it can certainly be a minus. The Extreme Pay Automat allows you to get a high prize, i.e. jackpot. Playing for the maximum rate, this will reach as much as X1250 of our plant. Also, the other amounts should satisfy even more demanding players - but we will talk a little further about it.

It is also worth knowing the RTP of the game we are going to play in. How does it look at this slot? It is 95.21%, which places the game slightly below the average. It is worth remembering, however, that it is calculated on the basis of many thousands of games - so our real chances of winning can be much greater! The slot also has the function of automatic gameplay, and in addition, the machine is available on portable devices. Only a web browser will be needed to start production. Regardless of what equipment you will play, the slot will remain legible and easy to use. The same can also be said about the game in the Extreme Pay Slot on computers - the symbols on the machine are easy to distinguish from each other, and all winnings are properly presented.

How to play on the Extreme Pay slot?

Simple construction also carries a simple gameplay. Gambling We start with the Spin button, which is placed in the middle of the control panel. Next to it, there are two other buttons - Max, which will automatically choose the highest amount of the plant, as well as a car that will start automatic speed. We will see our current plant in the Coins section, and you can customize it using the buttons in the right corner. Extreme Pay Online also clearly marks the winning line - in the middle of the display a black line runs, signed Payline. If we are not sure of other functions of the game, it is worth reaching for its rules. These can be found in the menu that we will call with an info button. The first thing we will see is the payment table, and by moving the window below we will also check the short rules. To read the entire regulations, we will have to press the "?" Button, which will appear in the upper left corner.

Bonuses and payments at Extreme Pay

As we have already mentioned, Extreme Pay does not have many additional functions. An interesting solution is to assign a Scatter function for several different combinations of symbols on the machine - hitting the appropriate symbols of Bar or 7 we can count on payments, even if the icons do not position themselves on the winning line. For this on Hot spot machine There are also two combinations that do not require the same symbols - hitting any 7 or any bars we can count on payments! Of course, in both cases the winnings will be smaller than when we hit the same symbols. In addition, the slot also has the already mentioned jackpot. In the best form, he activates when we play for a higher plant - if we decide to put less than 5 coins, its payment will reach only x1000, which is not a bad result! And how do the other winnings look like? We all present below, assuming that you play for 1 loan and you get the winnings on the winning line.

Symbol CC kch
7 in the same color 200 1,000
Yellow bar 150 250
Blue bar 100 200
Green bar 50 150
Lemon 20 50
Cherries, oranges, plums 10 20
Any Bar combinations, 7 5 10

Extreme Pay - what casino to choose?

Would you like to play in Extreme Pay for real money? To be able to do this, it's best to go to legal Kasyna Online Betsafe. It has all the required licenses and permits, so you can be sure that the fun will be safe and legal. Remember, however, that you will only be able to play for money after creating an account! Why is it still worth playing in this casino? First of all, the casino side is well prepared for players from our country. To this you need to add many payment options - you can easily make a payment and withdraw cash as you like. The casino also has many others jackpot games - You will definitely not complain about boredom in this place!

Extreme Pay - it's worth playing?

Answering the question from the header - yes! Despite the fact that the game is not overly developed, our time spent with it was full of emotions and fun. However, we are aware that the slot will not appeal to everyone. That is why it is worth playing in Extreme Pay without registration on our website - the demo version will allow you to quickly assess whether it is a game worth our time!


Where is the ability to play in Extreme Pay for free?

The slot without paying can be launched on our website. What's more, the demo version of the machine is available here even without logging in to the service!

What bonuses can you get by playing in the Extreme Pay Automat?

Unfortunately, the game does not have standard bonuses. However, it allows you to win winnings with ordinary symbols, even when these are not placed on the winning line

How can you play cash in the Extreme Pay Slot?

To play for money, you will have to start a slot at the online casino. Remember that you will need an account on the site to play in this way. To make sure you play a legal place, choose the casino that we mentioned in our text

Does the Extreme Pay Game Automat have a phone version?

Yes, the machine can be started on the phone or tablet. Additional applications are not needed to play in portable mode - you will run the game through the browser on the device