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Ready for high winnings and a lot of emotions during the game? This is what Extremely Hot Online provides, a machine prepared by the well -known EGT company. The developer in its offer has several machines in a similar style, which turns out to be a hit every time. It is no different with the Extremely Hot Game Automat, which is loved by players. It might seem that this is a hot fruit that many on the market. However, this incorrect assumption - the game offers a lot of functions, enables really high winnings and looks very good, mixing the modern video design of slots with retro climate. That is why the machine is often chosen by players. If you haven't had the opportunity to play it yet, you can do it on our website. Here, Extremely Hot without registration is available completely free. Thanks to the demo mode, you will know the action thoroughly Hot spot games, which will allow you to play with real stakes in the future!

What are the features of Extremely Hot?

Let's start our review from scratch. How is this machine built at all? In this matter, it was actually focused on tradition. Extremely Hot Game has 5 drums - each of them has 3 lines. The number of winning combinations is surprising here - these are only 5. With such a construction, the creators often decide to introduce more of them. On the side, the available functions should be included - the game has a risk game mode, it also allows you to get a jackpot - one of 4. They are all progressive, which means that they grow before our eyes during the game! In addition, the slot also pays high wins for winning at least 9 of the same symbols on lines next to each other. Unfortunately, the Extremely Hot Slot has slightly lower than standard RTP - it is 95.74%. This is not a bad result, especially considering winning winnings. The prices of plants look like other games from EGT. The cheapest spin costs 5 loans, the most expensive - 100. The slot also has a autogy function. The player can set the automatic switch off by a certain sum of winnings or losers, which is the advantage of the machine. In gambling for free You can also comfortably play on portable devices!

How to play on the Extremely Hot slot?

Starting the game is very simple. You must first choose the amount you want to play for. It is adjusted by selecting the rate in the bar in the middle of the screen. The amount of the plant we choose is marked in green, so you always know how much the game will cost you. Other means to play on the left in the Balance section. After choosing the play rate, you can start the Extremely Hot Automat. This is made with a round button, placed in the middle of the screen on the right. Above it you can see the autographs button, but from this place you can only choose the number of automatic games. To adjust their details, go to the menu - it opens with the button in the lower right corner of the machine. In the same place you can also read the machine's manual. It is worth getting acquainted with it, especially when you play the game for the first time. There you will find the necessary information about bonus modes, payments or the general operation of the buttons.

The bonuses you'll get in Extremely Hot

Since you already know how the machine works and how it is built, we can go to what players like the most - that is, to bonuses. The first and quite basic is the SCATTER symbol. It does not offer any additional functions, but he pays a lot of winnings. His important aspect is that he rewards the player regardless of the fields of the machine he will find - he does not have to be set in a combination to be considered victorious. He appears as a star in the game. In addition, the game rewards for getting any of the fruit symbols in 9.12 and 15 copies from 1 drum. Each of these combinations rewards the multiplied value of the plant, X3, X4 and X5, respectively.

By playing in Extremely Hot for real money you can also get jackpot, which is a special main prize. On this machine it occurs in 4 forms, all of them is also progressive - i.e. growing. It can be obtained randomly after the end of trading. The player is transferred to a special mode in which he must connect into groups of covered cards. The first combination of 3 symbols is paid to the Jackpot symbol! The last bonus is the risk game mode. In it we can put our last win and increase it - or lose it all. Our task in this game will be to bet on what color of the card will be drawn by the computer. If we bet well, our win is doubled. The process can be repeated several times, at each stage you can also withdraw and take what you have already obtained. We also wrote that the slot offers good winnings - how exactly do they present? Assuming that you play for 10 loans, they look as follows:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
7 200 2,000 10,000
Bar 100 800 2,000
SCATTER 20 100 500
Fruit 40 100 400
Bell 10 40 200

Where to play in Extremely Hot?

If you want to play in Extremely Hot, you can do it in Boo casino. It is well adapted for players from Australia, it also has many forms of payment - so you can easily find one that suits you. In addition, this is a fully legal place, so you don't have to worry about your safety. You also don't have to worry about boredom - the casino offers many games, so you'll definitely find a machine that will pull you for long hours. All Games for real money You will play as soon as you create a free account here! Often online casinos offer Depositless bonus After finally.

Extremely Hot - finally

We are sure that our review of this machine encouraged you to check yourself Games with jackpot. So we just remind you that in Extremely Hot you will play on our website for free. When you practice the game, you can easily manage this exciting and well thought -out fruit machine!


Can you play for free in Extremely Hot?

You can play a demo version on our website, even when you don't have an account!

Does the Extremely Hot Automat have bonuses to get?

The game allows you to hit Jackpot, it also offers a risk game that will increase your winnings. In addition, the slot pays a lot of money for hitting at least 9 copies of the same symbol!

Can I play for real money in the Extremely Hot Slot?

It is possible - to play for money, go to a licensed internet casino. There you can easily play about real rates at this slot

Can I play the Extremely Hot Automat for playing on a mobile device?

The slot is adapted to play on various mobile devices, so you can easily run it on your phone!