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Fenix play online is very much simple fruit from the Wazdan. This classic slot will definitely find a place in the hearts of players who do not like a large number of payments and drums. In Fenix Play, the game machine is dealing with only 3 drums and 5 payments. By adding a very small number of bonuses to this mixture, we can undoubtedly say that we are dealing with a classic slot in every sense of the word.

Despite the fact that it is a classic fruit, the producer managed to push some symbols outside this subject. In the game, apart from popular fruits, we will draw stars, seven and bells.

If you want to play Fenix Play without registration, you've come to the perfect place. On our website you have the opportunity to play without registering an account and without logging in. In addition, you play Fenix Play for free! You don't have to pay anything to enjoy the demonstrative version of this amazing fruit.

Playing in the casino always involves the risk and loss of your valuable financial resources. Playing free of charge on our website you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game and make hundreds of draws completely free. It is not worth playing in Fenix Play for real money, since you have such a great opportunity Hot spot online games in the demo version.

The most important features of the Fenix Play game machine

Fenix Play Game is a classic fruit from a very well -known manufacturer Wazdan. The game takes place on 3 drums and 5 payments. The minimum plant in this fruit is 0.1 loans and the maximum 100 loans. According to the manufacturer, RTP is 96.44% and it can be undoubtedly stated that this is a pretty good percentage of the return.

As befits a classic slot, in Fenix Play we will not meet with free spins, bonus rounds, Scatter or Wild symbols. The game is practically stripped of bonuses and players are only the "gamble" function, with which you can double your win from the winning lines.

Fortunately, Fenix Play gives us the opportunity to use the automatic game function, which is really well refined. In addition, you can easily play Fenix Play on your mobile devices.

Unfortunately, Wazdan disappoints high -won and multiplayer lovers. In Fenix Play, it is not possible to pick up a jackpot or play with friends in multiplayer.

How to play Fenix Play?

We haven't raised two incredibly important issues yet. Of course, it's about graphics and navigation in Fenix Play.

The graphics are simple and not very effective. Certainly, the Fenix Play lacks the animation of symbols after drawing the winning line. The whole situation related to animations is saved by the animated background in which we see moving languages of fire. As for the symbols and what they look like, we can undoubtedly say that this is the strong side of Fenix Play. The symbols are large and clear, which is certainly not insignificant, especially when playing on mobile devices.

The interface and navigation in Fenix Play are simply something pleasant. At the bottom of the screen we see a panel with which the player controls the game:

  1. On the right we have a symbol of the animal (by default it is a turtle), after clicking we regulate the speed of the game. Immediately next to this symbol we see the inscription "Win", above which we are displayed from the last draw. Of course, there was also the inscription "Balance", which determines the height of the balance.
  2. In the middle, we have a button responsible for automatic gameplay, the starting button for a single draw and "Max Bet", i.e. betting on the maximum plant.
  3. On the left, however, we see the number of payments (default value of 5), "Coin Value", i.e. the height of our plant and "coins bet", i.e. in what form our plant and balance (coins or "fun" points or points are to be expressed).

The most player, however, should be interested in what is in the lower left corner of the game screen. This is where we will find "?", After which we will move to detailed information about the game. In turn, the symbol "I" will present us a table of payments.

It is very important to carefully read all the information contained in the information tab and read the payment table. Thanks to this, nothing will be able to surprise you during the spin.

Since we have already mentioned the payout table, what multipliers can players in Fenix Play Automat count? Look at this list and see for yourself!

  • 3 stars = multiplier 75
  • 3 seven = multiplier 50
  • 3 watermelons = multiplier 40
  • 3 grapes = multiplier 30
  • 3 bells = multiplier 20
  • 3 oranges or plums = multiplier 10
  • 3 cherries or lemons = multiplier 5.

There is a lack of bonuses in Fenix Play. The player can only count on doubling his win with the "Gamble" option, which consists in guessing the color of the card.