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The four -leaf clover is a symbol of happiness - finding one in a clearing or in the forest will undoubtedly happen only to those at whom fate smiled. However, is it a symbol of something more in life? Unfortunately, not and even after raising such a clover we will not be able to be sure that something good will happen to us. It is completely different in Four Lucky Clover Automat. This Slot hazardowy, which firmly puts the player fortunately and allows you to get really huge money - if only happiness smiles at us. In addition to winning a lot of money, the game has quite an interesting additional mode, as well as many other useful functions. The slot came out from under the wings of BGaming - the company has some interesting and loved production, but Four Lucky Clover Online has never gained great publicity. A pity, because it is a really unique and addictive production. You can find out on our website - this one Fruit machine It is available here completely free. Just run the game demo to be able to enjoy the same game as in Internet casinos.

What is the construction of the Four Lucky Clover game?

In this matter automatically hot spot It uses proven and popular solutions - the game is divided into 5 drums and 3 lines, and the total number of winning combinations is 10. This is a fairly standard number of combinations, so the players will definitely have nothing to complain about. On the side, we can definitely count the game rate - they can be adapted to your needs, and the cheapest game will cost only 0.10 loans. It's really not much, but it's worth keeping in mind that playing in Four Lucky Clover for real money, a low bet is lower wins. If you want to get more money, it will be necessary to erect high bets - this one can amount to 10 loans. There are many other thresholds between these two amounts, so you can easily adapt the price of the game to your needs. The slot itself also has several special functions - we will get here the Wild symbol, which will be able to perform even all over the drum or on additional displays.

We must also mention the RTP of the game - this is unfortunately quite low, because it is 94%. What exactly does this mean for the player? The higher the RTP, the greater the chance to win - of course only theoretically, because the indicator is built on the basis of thousands of games. While playing, you can have a much greater chance of gaining a win. Anyway, you will find out how often you can win here by playing Four Lucky Clover for free on our website.

What are the rules of the game four lucky clover

Before you start playing about real rates, it is worth knowing how exactly the fun on the slot is. You can find out about this from the game's instructions, which is under the "I" button. This is placed in the lower left corner of the screen. The first instruction has a graphic form and describes the main rules or special functions. In the same place you will also find the "?" Button? We advise you to read them - thanks to this the game will be much more comfortable.

After reading you will be able to choose the amount of the game - you will do it with the help of arrows that are placed next to the Total Bet inscription. The amount that will appear in this section is the cost of the game. By pressing any symbol of the machine, you can also check the amount assigned to it. Once you set everything, you can press the game button - it is in the lower right corner. Next to it is also the autographs button - you can also configure it with several additional options. The gameplay itself is very pleasant and easy to understand, even without experience on machines. All game symbols distinguish themselves from each other, and each win and the amount obtained is properly marked. Thanks to this, Four Lucky Clover Game automatic will certainly appeal to beginner players!

Bonuses and won on the Four Lucky Clover slot

It's time to describe in detail the bonuses you can get while playing on this slot. The first are the additional displays we mentioned a little earlier. What exactly do we mean? In the case of winning, which will amount to X4 (or more) our bet, the game will launch 3 additional displays on which we will be able to play our last win. What's more, all wins won in this way can also be used on these 4 displays. In this bonus game there are also Wild symbols - as on other vending machines, here they also replace other symbols and extend our winnings. In addition, such a symbol may appear all over the drum - this will allow you to get even more money. Four Lucky Clover game is also standard winnings, assigned to colorful fruit. If you decide to play for the maximum bet, lemons, cherries and other icons will pay as follows:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Heart 100 500 2,500
7 75 200 500
Horseshoe, watermelon 50 100 400
Grape, plum 20 50 200
Orange, lemon, cherries 10 30 150

Where is the best to play in Four Lucky Clover?

If you want to play for money in Four Lucky Clover, be sure to go to GGBET Internet casinos - It is fully legal and safe. What's more, it offers a lot of different games, so you'll always have something to play! However, to play in Game for money, you will need an account. Registration is fast and simple, and you will make payments and payments in many ways. The casino is also well adapted for players from our country, which is its great advantage!

Four Lucky Clover - our opinion about the game

In our opinion, is this machine worth your time? Without a doubt! Despite the fact that the game is not as popular as other productions of this developer, it is extremely addictive and offers an interesting additional mode, with which we have not encountered anywhere else. You can find out about the quality of production by playing Four Lucky Clover without registration on our website - this is completely free!


Where to check the Four Lucky Clover for free?

You will do it, among others, on our website - here to play the demo version of the machine, you won't even need an account!

What bonuses will I get playing in Four Lucky Clover Automat?

The game allows you to get additional screens with symbols, and also has a Wild symbol. Both of these functions will guarantee you high winnings.

Will I play cash by choosing Four Lucky Clover Slot?

Yes! However, to be able to play for money, you will have to go to a legal online casino.

Can you play on your phone at Four Lucky Clover?

Production is adapted to various mobile devices, including phones. All you need is a web browser, which is a big !