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Fruit slots are undoubtedly the most popular online species gier Hot Spot. What's more, such games can easily attract experienced and beginner players - this is due to the complexity of additional functions or on the contrary, a simple game that can be quickly understood. Fruit Super Nova Automat stands somewhere between these two categories - the machine slightly stands out from the competition, also has bonus functions, but at the same time does not overwhelm them with the player and offers exciting fun for everyone. It is without a doubt that the developer, Evoplay, who is often able to combine on his own gambling machines Innovative solutions with classic gameplay. After all, however, it is worth getting acquainted with the game before you start playing for real rates. That is why we suggest testing the demo - the Fruit Super Nova game for free is available on our portal. Even an account on the site will not be needed to play - after starting the slot, the game will grant us the right amount of loans and will allow unlimited gameplay!

Which distinguishes the game Fruit Super Nova

The first, which will notice the more experienced players, is the construction of the machine. The slot has 5 drums, but each of them is divided into 4 lines. This change definitely affects the gameplay, as well as the number of winning lines - Fruit Super Nova Online has 20 of them. Is this a large amount? Looking at similar slots - yes. With so much combination, we can count on much more frequent winnings! What else can surprise this one fruit? The game has not the worst RTP, 96.03%. This indicator will tell us how often we will win on the machine - it is assumed that 96% is a satisfactory result, so we can safely say that this production is above average!

The choice of rates during the game also deserves praise - there are quite a lot, thanks to which we can easily adapt the plant's amount to our capabilities. Playing the Fruit Super Nova Game Automat we will pay the least 0.10 loans. The maximum plant, in turn, is 200 loans - it will also reward us with the highest payments, but it will not increase our chances of winning in any way, so we can play at lower rates without fear. While playing, we will meet the Scatter symbol, and we will also use the autogy function. The slot is also adapted to mobile devices, thanks to which it will also be comfortable playing on phones or tablets. The last, which is worth mentioning is the design of the slot itself - this one is very legible and kept in retro climates. Symbols are easy to distinguish from each other, regardless of what equipment we will play on.

Fruit Super Nova gameplay

While the construction of the machine can surprise you, the gameplay itself is already very classic. The machine is started with a round button, which is placed in the middle of the control panel. Next to it, a button responsible for automatic gameplay is also placed, and on the other side we will find a button that allows us to select the amount of the plant. The price of fun in Fruit Super Nova for real money or in the demo version, we can also adjust by pressing the buttons - and +, which are placed on the left. The final amount of the plant will be displayed in the BET section. Even more on the left we will find the game options that will allow us to turn off the sounds or run Turbo mode. In addition, there is also a menu button, from which you can go to the rules of the game.

It is worth getting acquainted with this, because it will not only bring the rules of the game closer, but also explain the operation of individual buttons whether he will clearly write all winning lines. These will also be highlighted when you win on the machine - all the winning combinations will be marked and the display will show the amount we managed to get. The entire account balance can be checked in the Balance section.

Bonuses that you can play at Fruit Super Nova

For those who value a multitude of bonuses, unfortunately we do not have good news - Fruit Super Nova Slot does not have so many special functions, so if you count on access to many bonus games, you will most likely have to look for another machine. What can you get while playing at this slot? The main bonus here is the SCATTER symbol, presented as a fiery star. By hitting at least 3 copies of it, the game will pay us a win - regardless of what places of the machine the symbol is. Unfortunately, he has no additional functions. The second bonus is the possibility of filling the machine with the same symbol. Thanks to this, we will be able to get up to the X5000 values ​​of our plant, if the best -paying symbol of the game - golden apple appears in all fields of the machine. Despite the lack of a large number of bonuses, it remains very addictive and exciting. She succeeds mainly due to high wins that can be won during regular fun. How high? Here is a payment table for the plant in the amount of 1 loan:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Golden Apple 5 50 250
SCATTER 2 10 50
Watermelon, grape 2,50 10 25
Orange, plum, lemon, cherries 1 2,50 10

Where will I play in Fruit Super Nova?

Willing to try your hand at Fruit Super Nova plays for real amounts? If you plan such a game, it's best to go to Icecasino internet casino. It is a legal place with all necessary certificates and permits. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your game will be safe. For this casino has a huge selection of games - when you want to take a break from this machine, you can easily find other addictive productions. The site is also well adapted to players from Australia and enables them to pay in many different ways!

Fruit Super Nova - our opinion

At the end of this text, we want to summarize our thoughts on this production. Was the time spent with her a nice time? Of course! The machine quickly pulled us in and guaranteed many hours of fun. Although the production did not knock us down with its bonuses, but it definitely made up with other things such as design or payments from winnings. You can find out about its quality yourself, because Fruit Super Nova without registration is available on our website!


Where will I play in Fruit Super Nova for free?

You can play the demo version of this slot on our website. To use this mode, you won't even have to log in to the site!

What bonuses are possible to get in Fruit Super Nova Automat?

The game allows you to get the Scatter symbol, the combination of which it pays regardless of placing on the drums.

How to play for real rates in Fruit Super Nova Slot?

To be able to play for money, you will have to go to a legal online casino.

Will I play the Fruit Super Nova Gaming machine on my phone?

Yes - the machine starts easily on smartphones, as well as on tablets. You won't even have to download additional applications for the game