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Fruitilicious, as the title indicates, the game is focusing on the game among the legendary fruit icons. This unusual and less known slot did not achieve great success, but players who know him will know about great prizes and very good solvency of this game. The Fruitilicious Slot from the EUROCOIN INTERACTIVE NOVOMATIC manufacturer is a classic retro game with elements of modernity. Each icon in this machine was created carefully. Gambling machine It offers users a nice competition in automatic mode and among popular bonuses on the screen and game interface known from other Novomatic slots. Fruitilicious automat in the computer version is also suitable for games on mobile devices. The slot also has many other innovations, which we will talk about now in the content of today's review. Be sure to survive with us to the end and find out how to play the fruitilicious slot for free, without risk and with free virtual money. We are starting a review!

Fruitilicious - game specification

The game charging screen informs the user about who is the producer one -armed bandit. Fast charging ends with displaying a complete game screen, which in this case was created according to the art of hot spots from 5 drums and three rows. The drawing of icons in Fruitilicious can take place thanks to turning technology in search of solvent combinations. Each set of icons created from 3, 4 or 5 the same symbols qualifies for payment. Of course, there are several important conditions here. These combinations must be drawn through one of 5 withdrawals available in the game. The sum of winning depends on the type of icon twist and, above all, on the agreed rate. Fruitilicious user has a convenient manipulator with the value of the plant, which accepts BET with a value from 5 to even 3,000 tokens for single play.

The attractiveness of this free hot spot games It has been increased by built -in additional modes, which can be activated at any time after unscrewing specific icons. This is how the slot rewards players for drawing the walls of identical elements and allows additional gamble games. The high detection of the game supported by an attractive RTP 95% speaks for itself in relation to the possibility of this game. Mobile playing in the Fruitilicious Game Automat works thanks to HTML5 technology. The game was created in accordance with modern standards, which allowed to eliminate the obligation to install additional applications and add -on to start the game on devices other than a computer. At this point, Fruitilicious can be used as a mobile fruit for users on smartphones and tablets.

Fruitilicious rules and regulations

All first -hand information about the service of this game and its prizes can be found in person under the menu icon in the left corner of the view. This is where all additional options and information about the game are hidden, unfortunately only in English. Slota regulations in a friendly graphic way explains the issue of prize payment and should be a must -have place to look just after the slot is turned on for the first time.

In terms of machine operation, Fruitilicious online game has been equipped with a hand -held betting panel, where the player has a constant preview of the Ann Round, to the number of active payments, to the option of automatic game and manual audio and video settings. Fruity game The Fruitilicious Slot does not resemble games with its design. Her graphics have been strongly refreshed and adapted to modern standards. Of course, the slot has its own unique atmosphere and in a slightly more modern way presents players with a draw and accounting for winnings, of course with the help of interesting animations. Test the game functions in person in person! Already turn on the game on your device and check the potential of Fruitilicious in the version for free tokens!

Promotions in Fruitilicious

In the Fruitilicious machine, the main way to win is to collect cash prizes for drawing icon sets. As we mentioned when describing the game's specifications, Fruitilicious settles each hit that has a minimum of 3 identical icons, of course in the payment line. Below we present a detailed list of all icons in the game. Together with them we show an example for potential prizes at the game for a rate of 3,000 tokens:

Symbols in the game CC kch Dirt
Red seven 60,000 300,000 3,000,000
Grapes and watermelons 15,000 60,000 300,000
All other fruit symbols 6,000 18,000 75,000

In addition to the above proposals of the cash prizes, Fruitilicious has a built -in game mode with a special gamble multiplier. In this option of competition for additional prizes, the user's happiness counts. The player must bet on the result of the draw. If he hits - he wins the double value of the prize, if missing - loses his win. In addition, the slight function has an impact on the playing function in automatic mode and the option to unscrew the symbol wall, which, when configuring for the highest bet, can really mix up in the life of the winner.

Casinos from Fruitilicious

Some casinos offer Fruitilicious online. One of these pages is legal kasyno online Energy, which encourages new player to register free through a great welcome promotion. Fruitilicious in this casino works on real cash. The site has a specialized license and will work for supporters of the game with real emotions. The casino on our recommendation is recommended by many experts and players. The site has an extensive vending machine base and still introduces new seasonal bonuses to the offer.

Summary of information about Fruitilicious

The internet game called Fruitilicious has been operating for several years. In our review, the slot has certainly announced well. Everyone who likes to spend time among fruit icons, in this case should be satisfied. It is true that Fruitilicious does not offer its recipients with extensive special functions for real money, but fruit does not always have to be packed with modern additions. Fruitilicious can be tested on our website without registration. Do not miss this possibility and play for free for virtual tokens. Good luck!


Where will I play the Fruitilicious Slot for free?

Our site and casinos with the option of testing demo games are the only official websites where you can test gambling games in official versions.

Does Fruitilicious Automat have bonuses and special offers?

Fruitilicious is a versatile slot. The game pays prizes for combinations of icons, symbol walls and respects the additional gamble risk game.

How to play a Fruitilicious Slot for real money?

Internet casinos with a gambling license are the only place that allows players to play a legal and safe game using real resources.

How to enable the mobile version of the Fruitilicious Shamelifter Speaker System?

Smartphones and phones after turning on the Fruitilicious game in browsers themselves adapt the view of the window to your device.