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if you like Fruit games, you certainly know such titles as Dazzling Hot, Fruit Mania, or many others. But is there a Fruitinator Game automatic in this group? Probably not. This is due to the fact that this game is a product of a little -known company, i.e. Reel Time Gaming, or that it simply failed to break through on the market, probably because of the unattractive graphic design. But the facts are inexorable - Fruitinator for real money is one of the most interesting and distinctive fruit games on the market. Today we will describe it to you a bit closer.

Naturally, you don't have to focus only on reading about this game. You can play at Fruitinator without registration on our website. What's more - for free. We offer you a special demonstration version, which has exactly the same functionality as the Fruitinator Automat found in online casinos, but based on virtual currency. In short - you play as much as you want, without any restrictions, but at the same time you don't pay anything for the game. Naturally, you won't win anything either, because it is a slot machine used to explore the game itself, its rules, training, gain experience and just for great, fully free fun!

The most important information about Fruitinator

As you have probably read from the previous section of our review, Fruitinator Online is the product manufacturer Reel Time Gaming. This game has 5 drums and 5 active win lines. The minimum game for the game is 0.05, and the maximum rate is 10. So it is definitely a position for players who prefer lower rates. It is characterized by an average variability and an RTP coefficient of 96.10%, which means that despite low rates, the game hides potential for a lot of winnings.

This is a very simple product, because we will not find in game 777 Fruitinator Wildów, scatters, free spins, bonus games, won multipliers, multiplayer mode, or progressive prize pool. However, you can use the automatic game option, which allows you to simply plan your game in advance and then only calmly observe the development of events on the drums without having to click on the Play button every now and then.

How to play Fruitinator?

At the beginning we mentioned that the graphic design is not the best here, but it is not that bad. Simply, the fruitinator game looks average, it doesn't stand out on a or a minus from the competition.

We have a background in the form of leaves and quite aesthetic fruits such as cherries, oranges, lemons, watermelons, plums, etc. There will also be space for several more important elements of the seven or bells. In turn, we have a simple control panel with four buttons under the window of the game housing 15 symbols, they are:

  • Selection of the game rate for the game,
  • Maximum plant,
  • Automatic game settings,
  • Large, green Play button,
  • Information on the player's balance and the height of the plant.

During the game, other data also appear on the panel, such as information about the amount of winning. It is also worth paying attention to the upper right corner of the screen. We will find four additional icons there. However, we are most interested in the round, gray button with the letter "I". This is a tutorial for beginner players. It contains complete information on the gameplay, game service and the meaning of all symbols. This is great and invaluable help for all those who do not yet have enough experience to play slot games "from the march". It is also useful if you want to play in Fruitinator for free to get to know the game better.

What can we find on the drums in Fruitinator?

Reel Time Gaming has always been a producer known for the fact that it is quite sparingly equipping his slot machines with additional functions. The same is true for Fruitinator. We will not find here typical solutions from other slots such as Wilda or Scatters, but we have typical for reel time gaming solutions in the form of risk -type bonus games (here is just called gamble). After each spine that gave you a win, Fruitinator offers you the opportunity to choose the optional bonus game. If you don't want to, you can naturally get money and turn the drums once again. But you can also take a risk and play one of the following options.

Card Gamble This is a typical risk game, during which your task is to guess the color of a rapidly changing card. It's about choosing between red and black, not Trefl, Pik, Karo or Kierem - so you have a 50% chance. If you are lucky and your choice is accurate, then you will get a double amount of win. And in the case of a box, the whole win will be lost.
Ladder Gamble This is a different, probably a slightly more interesting option. The game is a ladder. There is your win inside. The neighboring above and below the field quickly flashes, changing the color. The field above your amount contains a higher sum, and lower underneath. You need to click the button at the right time - if you hit the illuminated field above, then "jump" with a level above ". If not, you will fall one degree down. You can play as long as you want or when you get to the end of the ladder.

Regardless of which variety of gamble option you choose, you can stop the game at any time and take the sum accumulated so far. It is also worth remembering that the upper limit of winning for the gamble option is 140. This means that it is worth using it, then you will always hit a victory lower than 70, but with higher amounts playing gamble games is a bit too much risk. And this is how the winning table looks if you play 10 loans for one spin.

Symbol 3 symbol 4 symbol 5 symbol
Silver bell 100 1 000 5 000
Golden Seven 200 2 000 10 000
watermelon 80 400 1 500
Plum 80 400 1 500
Orange 40 200 500
Lemon 40 200 500
Cherries 40 200 500

Fruitinator - something at the end

Despite the unfavorable first impression, Fruitinator is a really great fruit game. At the rate of 10 loans, you can win up to 10,000, and this is an amount that is a difficult to repel argument! In addition, the gameplay itself and the accompanying experience are really excellent quality and simply addictive.

It is also worth remembering that even if you hit low winnings, playing, for example, for 1 token, with a little luck and patience you can "pull" any such win to a much higher amount thanks to Ladder Gamble.