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Somewhere in the parallel universe there is a planet where fruit rule. It was named Fruitsland - fruit soil. Undemed with a human hand, being in constant bloom. Fruit is her only living existence. They have it exclusively, care about it and live in general symbiosis. The Fruits Land Game Automat takes the player to this land of order and allows him to slightly taste it. Only gently so that he does not destroy her with his shoe. In such an unearthly climate we will have to play in Fruits Land. The idea of ​​this utopian place was created in the heads of Evoplay developers. It is thanks to them that we can derive good energy from Fruits Land. Energy, but also cash, because in Fruits Land you can also play for money at the casino. Before playing for money, it is worth preparing well in advance. The best version will be Fruits Land without registration that we offer for free on the website. The machine has an interesting bonus round, which should be known well before you face in playing for money. Such preparation will definitely pay off at a later time.

Technical aspects of the Fruits Land slot

As already mentioned, the supplier is Evoplay. Fruits Land Online is a video slot. The game takes place on 5 drums at 9 winning lines that operate from the left and support. We choose the plant in a very wide range. It can be from 0.1 loan up to 500. The RTP rate is 94%. It could be bigger. This is not a stunning result. It places this machine below the average RTP value for such games. The slot has a Wild symbol and a bonus symbol acting as a scratter, which begins an interesting version of the bonus round. The machine does not have a jackpot or a multi -person game mode. We will not see either free spins from game. A well -made autogy mode deserves praise, in which you can stop the game in many different ways. To indicate the conditions, they must be changed in the game settings. The mobile version works very well. The slot was created in HTML5 technology, which guarantees a good operation on all modern mobile devices. Gambling game for free Works well on devices under the control of all modern operating systems regardless of the screen resolution.

How to play the Fruits Land machine?

automatically hotspot This one has well thought -out control. The main plan is occupied by fruit drums, the control has been moved down and less important options for hidden settings. The winning lines can be viewed by entering the table under the letter "I". The player's balance is in "Balance". The plant is selected with a and minus next to the "Bet" inscription, or clicking on it and dragging the slider to the right and left. The large middle button starts the drums, holding it allows you to choose the amount of automatic turnover. To change the conditions of stopping, we must go to the settings that are located under the symbol of the gear on the right. There you can also change the settings for graphics and sounds. Complete rules of the game were placed under the paragraph icon. All important aspects about the machine have been described in them and each player should read them well. The last win appears in the "Win" field. During rotation, this field disappears. The slot has a very nice graphic design. Symbols have interesting animations. A very well -prepared soundtrack also increases the overall impressions.

Fruits Land bonuses and awards

Fruits Land Game has several special symbols and a very interesting bonus round. The game has a classic Wild symbol, which turns others on the winning lines except Bonus. Because the winning lines operate in both directions of Wild can only appear in the second, third and fourth drum. The next is the symbol of Bonus. He scores like other symbols, and when he appears at least 3 times he goes to the bonus round. In it, the player will have to guess the arrow positions to advance to the next levels of the ladder. The board consists of 5 rows of 6 symbols on each. Under them are the arrows and inscriptions "Collect". When the player hits the arrow, he promotes the level higher.

There are increasing prizes at increasingly higher levels. The difficulty is that with each level there are fewer and fewer arrows and more and more "Collect" inscriptions, which end the bonus round at the current level. At the first level, all symbols contain an arrow, so the first promotion is assured. Before the last level there is only one arrow, the other fields are "Collect". The table below presents multipliers through which the plant will be multiplied after hitting the combination.

Symbol 5 4 3 2
mango x400 x100 X40 x1
Plum Small 200 x50 x20 x1
BONUS x100 x20 Dirt
apple x50 x12,5 Cuffs, Kh
Orange x15 x10 x1
lime x10 Kesh, Kh x0,5
kiwi Kesh, Kh Dirt x0,5
raspberries Dirt x0,5 Cuffs, Kh x0,3
Cherries Dirt x1 x0,3 x0,2

Fruits Land - where to play for real money?

W GRATORAMA Casino online You can play Fruits Land for real money. This is the best place to play for money, because thanks to your licenses it guarantees security, transactions transparency and complete integrity of results. It is perfectly prepared for players from Australia, has many different methods for deposit deposits and transferring wins. The choice of games is also very large and certainly everyone will find something for themselves. All the benefits of money for money will be possible after a prior registration process in the casino.

Fruits Land - end word

The mysterious fruit soil only showed you some of its secrets. Many of them will remain an unresolved puzzle for us. Fruits Land is very atmospheric fruit slot telling a wonderful story of fruit. With a little imagination, it can turn into an amazing adventure on a foreign land. The addition is the unique bonus round of the player to higher levels of victory. Mysterious music binds this story and coherently combines all elements of the game. We highly recommend Fruit Land!


Is it possible to play Fruits Land for free?

The machine is available completely free, you do not need to register.

Does Fruits Land Automat have bonus options?

Fruits Land has a very interesting bonus game in which we win more and more prizes at higher levels.

Are there money to be won playing in the Fruits Land Slot?

Real money can be won at any online casino.

Can you play Fruits Land Game Automat on any smartphone?

Yes, the game works in HTML5 technology, thanks to which it is available on every smartphone regardless of the device's operating system.