Hot Party

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This time the Wazdan surprises us with an unusual scenery. Hot Party Game Automat focuses on topics related to beach and entertainment with beach balls and fruit desserts in the background. For sure, it will be a surprise for many people, because the Wazdan is known for fruit vending machines, and here we face a game with a completely different subject.

Hot Party Automat, however, is a positive surprise. 20 victorious lines and as many as 5 drums give us a lot of field to show off when it comes to the drawing of symbols. The relaxing waves visible in the background make the gameplay light and pleasant.

You can play a hot party without registration! To test this great game, you don't even have to log in, because we share a hot party without logging in. As if that wasn't enough, you can play Hot Party for free.

Why would you immediately invest your funds if you can try free gameplay? There will be time to play in the Hot Party for real money. For now, we invite you to play hundreds of draws without incurring any costs!

Features of a hot party machine

  • Software supplier: Wazdan
  • Slot type: classic
  • Number of lines: 20
  • Number of drums: 5
  • Minimum plant: 20
  • Maximum plant: 100
  • Percentage of RTP refund: 96.48%
  • Wild symbol: never
  • Scatter Symbol: No
  • Automatic playback: yes, after holding the game start button.
  • Bonus rounds: no
  • Free spins: no
  • Multiplayer mode: no
  • Jackpot: progressive jackpot
  • Mobile version: Yes

Rules for the game on the Hot Party machine

Hot Party Online has a pleasant eye graphics. This is not a graphic masterpiece, but the sensations flowing from graphics certainly allow you to relax during Hot spot online games. Calm waves and atmospheric music perfectly reflect the atmosphere of beach relaxation. The only thing you can complain about is the loud sound of a crack when the drums stop.

Navigation in this game is a Wazdanów classic. We have a control panel at the very bottom. On the right side of our panel we have an animal icon that determines the speed of the game, by default it is the speed of the "turtle". On the same side we also have a visible balance defined as "balance".

In the middle of the control panel we have the game start button, which is strikingly similar to the button related to the refreshing of the website in our browser. It is impossible to overlook him. It is also important that the automatic game option is activated only when we hold this button. As soon as the button ceases to be pressed, the automatic gameplay is stopped.

On the left, the Hot Party game gives us the opportunity to adjust the height of our plant. The most important, however, is what is in the lower left corner of the screen. There we will find all information about not only the table, but also all other aspects of the game. This is extremely important. Many people skip the instructions and instead of reading all important information, they go directly to the game. This is a big mistake. The information even includes victorious lines, their composition and data on the values of individual symbols.

How much can we win in a hot party without a deposit and what symbols do the biggest win? Let's find out on the basis of the smallest plant.

  • 5 ice cream desserts = 5000
  • 5 beach balls, which are simultaneously a symbol scatter = 1000
  • 5 seven = 500
  • 5 „bar” = 500
  • 5 bells, anchors, lifebuoys or umbrellas = 200

Bonuses for playing in the hot party

Unfortunately, Hot Party does not offer a large number of bonuses. In addition to the progressive jackpot, we can only expect the drawing of the beach ball, which is a symbol of Scatter. There is no Wild symbol in the game and we also can't count on free spins. The issue of bonuses is unfortunately very neglected and the only thing the player can do is count on ice cream desserts on his winning lines.

Instead of playing right away for real money, try Hot Party Demo versions of this game on our website. You will definitely not be disappointed and you will have the opportunity to gain some experience before taking the game seriously.