Hot Target

Play for free

When it comes to using games Traditional Hot Spot vending machines For games, a hot target automatic is probably one of the best available. It is far from being perfect graphically and far from having the most tempting game. However, we always think that it is worth refreshing the machines well known to users and introducing additional innovations to them. This is the case with Hot Target for free.

The Novomatic developer still managed to saturate it with arcaded sounds that accompany so many of their products, but in this particular case they provide an authentic set of sounds for playing when turning the drums.

Hot Target - technical specifications

There are many victorious combinations that can be found by setting symbols on rollers, and among them are some favorite symbols fruit games, such as melons, oranges, lemons and cherries, as well as some well -known favorite retro, such as bells, individual bars, double rods and triple bars.

There is also a joker that can award a huge highest immediate prize of up to 500,000 coins, and distributed stars can trigger both immediate winnings and free games. However, if you manage to hit a hot target on the central roll, you will double every prize that will appear during this turn.

All players can play from 1 turn coin, but people with high speed will be pleased to learn that they can take much more serious actions in the hot target machine.

How to play a hot target without registration?

Set the target and then turn the spools until you hit it. You can win:

  • Up to 10,000 coins for screwing cherries, lemons, bells, melons or orange
  • Up to 20,000 coins for landing individual stripes on the payment line
  • Double posts are worth up to 50,000 coins
  • Triple posts are worth up to 100,000 coins.

However, watch out for these jokers, because turning 5 people on the payment line is not a laugh, because the main prize is 500,000 coins.

Distributed stars also grant immediate winnings of up to 45,000 coins, but 3 or more of them will also run a free game bonus in the form of 10 free games in online casinos. You will also want to block the crosshair on Hot Target Online, because when he lands on the middle roll, it will double his prize during this turn. However, this is not only a way to double the prize, and each prize can be used in the Turn-A-Card gambling game. Sourcing money is as simple as to properly predict whether the card will be red or black, and you can do gambling more than once - if you still do not hit the target you set yourself!

Nobody would like to miss the goal he set for himself and you will have to determine what spin rates you need to play to give you the best chance to hit this purpose. As with most Novomatic Online vending machines, you can play in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 lines, and then put these lines with plants from 1 to 100 coins per line. Thanks to this, players with smaller rates can enjoy the game from 1 coin coins, and High-Rollers can enjoy the game for 900 coins.

Basic promotions in Hot Target

The jester icon, acting as a wild symbol, is the best -paid figure. If you manage to turn off five of them on the winning payout line, while having a maximum bet, you will receive a payment of $ 500,000. This also applies to all other symbols except dispersion and goals.

The Hot Target game has a dispersion icon, which is represented by a golden star. This is paid wherever it appears on the screen, and three or more of them will present you with 10 free drum turnover. During this round it is possible to appear the central icon with a flame in the middle of the drum. This doubles the winner of winnings to increase the winnings of both this free turnover and the following.

Finally, because Hot Target for real money is a Novomatic game, it must only contain a gambling game, which is available in almost all its products. This is launched after each winning combination you will create on the drums. When this happens, you will have a choice whether you want to win in its current form or a side game to try to increase them. Choosing the second of these options will display a deck of game cards. You need to guess what color the next card will be, which is to be reversed, red or black.