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Hot Gambling machine It will turn your mind from Netent. You decide on which side you will stand. In the world of Hotline Online, you are waiting for you straight from a movie about gangsters and agents chasing them. The video slot with a lot of add -ons and interesting bonuses will give you the opportunity to collect considerable amounts! Draw and collect trinkets on 5 drums and 30 lines, and each winning combination will bring the wave of the next. Play hotline without registration and fully free on our website. The availability of the game in the demo version will allow you to get used to the game and develop your own strategy, and then conquer the online casino with a license in Hotline for real money. Maybe it is on this machine that you will get a huge fortune.

Hotline game specifications

It is a video slot from one of the largest and most recognizable games labels on today's gambling market - Netent. You will traditionally play here on 5 drums with 30 permanent winning lines. The minimum total plant that can be set on a hotline slot is 0.15 coins, and the maximum will be 450 coins. When it comes to the percentage of return for the player in Hotline, it is variable and oscillates in the range from 96.13%-97.04%. In addition, you can expect a lot of add -ons in the form of special rounds free spins And the beloved symbols of Wild and Scatter.

Play Hotline also on mobile devices. Just start the game in the right browser, and this, thanks to the special HTML5 technology, will properly adjust its interface to the device you are currently using. Forget about programs such as Flash Player, because you will not need these at all. The hotline automat is at your disposal wherever you are and you ever want!

Game rules and hotline navigation

You will run the game with a round button in the center at the bottom of the screen. By clicking the drums on it, they will turn off once, if you want to start more such spins once, use the automatic speed function that you will find on the left and select them from 10 to 1000. On the right from Play there is a button starting the turbo mode, i.e. fast speed mode . In addition, on the same lower panel you will find your account status (Balance) and the last win on the slot (win). The current total plant on the slot will be displayed under BET, and by clicking the button showing a pile of coins you will change its value.

In the lower left corner you will notice three horizontal stripes, this is the game's instructions. There you will find all information about a hotline machine, such as gameplay rules or the functions of individual buttons. Each Hotline Slot user should read with this information. If you are interested in the payment table, the winning line, or instructions on bonus modes, click the button with the letter "I".

When you run a hotline machine for playing, before you see the drums, you can watch video introducing the subject of the slot. This is a short story showing a beautiful gangster that breaks into a jewelry store and 2 men - secret agents who follow it. The graphics are very refined with subdued colors, not only in the video, but also during the game on Hot spot machine. The animations are smooth and add a great mood to the game.

Payment table and bonuses for playing hotline

Hotline game has quite a lot of additional functions that are worth knowing. Let's start with the title Hotlines. This is a bonus plant (Bonus Bet), which you can set by clicking on one of the three buttons on the left from the drums at the height of each row of symbols. Depending on the amount of active hotlins, your plant is counted differently, so you have a chance for a much greater win. The more active Hotline lines, the greater the chance of extending Wild symbols and additional re-spines. The price for such spins is correspondingly higher:

  • If one hotline line is active, the plant is counted in times 1,
  • If two lines are active, the plant is counted with 2,
  • If the three lines are active, the plant is counted 3 times.

The Wild symbol, i.e. a fast sports car, can appear on any hotline drum, while replacing any other symbol in the game, except of course Scatter. If Wild lands on one of the active hotline, it extends to the whole drum, allowing more winning combinations to be arranged. This situation in the mode of free spins presents you with one additional free spin, and the drawn symbol Wild stays in its position until the very end of the game in the hotline bonus mode.

The free revolutions mode is activated when 3 Scatter symbols appear on the drums, which you recognize after beautiful palm trees and sunset. These symbols appear only on drums number 1, 3 and 5. Free spins are presented to players in the amount of 7, with the chance to increase this number if the Wild symbol appears in the Hotlines active field. During the 7 free turnover mode, you can't get another 7 free spins, the exception is the Wild symbol landing on the active hotline.

Each time the highest win on the hotline slot is paid. All you have to do is draw at least 3 the same symbols on one of the 30 winning lines, and the right amount, according to the payout table, will be paid to your account. Remember that if the win is on the drums with activated hotline lines, it will be sufficiently larger. The payment table is updated in the menu to the currently set rate in the game. Below is an example of Hotline withdrawals at the highest plant worth 450 coins.

Symbol / quantity CC kch Dirt
Woman 300 900 2000
A man with a pistol 200 500 1200
Man with glasses 100 300 800
Crown 50 200 300
Necklace 50 150 250
Ring 50 100 200

Hotline - Review Summary

This is a great machine with beautiful graphics and an interesting motive with an extensive history, which additionally gives character to the game. The mass of bonuses and accessories that the player can use by diversifying the game is a huge of this machine. The machine will be suitable for everyone and is certainly one of these items in today's gambling market, which you have to try at least once. Visit our website and play Hotline for free. The demo gameplay will allow you to prepare for a licensed game Casinos for real money! We highly recommend the Hotline automaton from Netent and we wish you many huge winnings!