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Inferno Star - free online slot

If on internet vending machines not only wins or Depositless bonuses, but also his design or graphics, you just have to play Inferno Star Online! The machine breaks popularity records and we are not surprised at all - its great animations, combined with an interesting gameplay, make it difficult to break away from the machine. Anyway, just check it, it is behind production - it is a very popular and well -known Studio Play’n Go, which has been operating on the market for many years. The developer has extensive experience, and fruit slots are even their specialty. That is why we are sure that every gambling will enjoy this machine. However, if you haven't had the opportunity to play this manufacturer's games yet, we have good news for you. Inferno Star is available for free on our website. You will not need any money for the game, as well as an account on the site - just select this game from the list and have no restrictions!

More about Inferno Star

Let's start with a few basic facts that will undoubtedly be useful to those who plan to play on this machine. First of all, it is a fruit slot - so on the machine we will see mainly symbols of watermelons, grapes or lemon. In addition, Inferno Star Automat has a fairly classic construction. The game consists of 5 drums and 3 lines, it also has 5 winning lines. This number may seem low, but for games of such a structure it is a rather standard amount. We cannot say the same about the RTP of the game, which is more than the average meeting in other games - it reaches as much as 96.38%!

The game also has a bonus in the form of a symbol Scatter, with which the possibility of obtaining is also associated free spin - However, we will talk about these functions in the bonuses section. Inferno Star Slot also allows you to get a win even of your betting x2500 - such a big win does not happen on machines often, especially when we consider the amounts of the bet we can put in the game. Well, how high they are? If we are interested in playing the highest rates, the machine will allow us to put up to 100 loans for one game. On the other hand, if you don't want to risk too much money, you can play even for 0.05 loans. There are many other amounts between these two ends, so you can easily adapt the plant to the funds you want to spend on fun. For those who prefer playing on a tram or on a walk we also have good news. The machine is adapted to Games on the phone - For comfortable fun you will only need internet connection and browsers on the device.

How is the gameplay in Inferno Star?

Since you already have knowledge about the basic information about this gambling, we can go to details about the game itself, right? Not completely! Before you start playing this slot, be sure to read the rules of the game that you will find on the machine. Inferno Star plays its regulations under the "i" button, which you will find in the lower left corner of the screen. These rules will easily describe the game, inform you about the winnings and special functions. When you finish reading, you can go to fun! After starting the slot, the amount of 1.50 will be automatically set as the game rate. To change it, you will have to choose the right amount from the belt in the middle of the screen. You can click a specific amount to choose it or adjust it using the + and -buttons. The rate you choose will be highlighted and will show in the BET field. It is placed next to the round button that is used to launch automatic hot spot. The smaller button on the right will allow you to start the automatic gameplay and choose several additional options for autogy.

What bonuses does Inferno Star have?

Finally, we can say more about Inferno Star Bonus functions. There are not so many of these, but they are extremely interesting. The main bonus on the machine is Sunny Scatter. In the basic game, it appears only on the drum 3, and at the time of hitting it, he rewards us with free respond. In addition, all other sunny symbols will be stopped on the machine, and the drums will be re -trade without them. These will happen as long as new sun will appear on the drums. All these symbols will also be converted into the SCATTER symbols, thanks to which we will be able to win much higher winnings! The second bonus, as we have already written, is to win even to the X2500 of your basic plant. You can get it after drawing 5 sunny scatters. Of course, the game also has standard winnings - we will watch them much more often. Are they satisfactory? Our task - by all means, but for each player to make his own opinion, we present a table of payments for the game for 5 loans:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
SCATTER 625 1,875 12,500
Sun 125 375 2,500
Watermelon, cherries 45 125 375
Apple, plum, lemon, grape 15 45 125

Inferno Star - where to play?

If you want to play in Inferno Star for real money, we advise you to choose Playamo casino. It is a legal place in our country that allows you to play for money - after creating an account. In addition, the site has a huge number of games to choose from and as many payment methods, thanks to which players from Australia often choose this page to play. The casino is also well adapted to gamblers from our country, which is its additional advantage.

Inferno Star - what do we think about the slot?

We think that this is a game that will appeal to an experienced and beginner players, which is why we recommend it without a shadow of a doubt! Great graphics, animations, interesting bonuses and a chance to win a lot of money - the game has it all! And in Inferno Star without registration, completely free, you can play today on our website, which we also encourage you to!


Where will I play in Inferno Star for free?

You will be able to play on our website without paying! You won't even need your website to play.

Does Inferno Star Automat have any bonuses?

The game allows you to hit the scatter symbols that will reward you with free response! In addition, the machine allows you to get a win in the amount of x2500 of your plant!

How to play Inferno Star Slot for real money?

To play for cash, you will have to go to a legal online casino. Check the one we described in the text - you will definitely not regret playing there!

Is it possible to play on the phone in Inferno Star Game Automat?

Yes, by all means - to play in this way, just run the machine through the browser on your portal device!