jackpot 6000

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This mobile jackpot 6000 machine for real money probably does not require any presentations for fans classic hot spot vending machines. It is really a simple fruit machine. Not quite what you can expect when it comes to this type of game, Jackpot 6000 Online is, however, one of the most popular Netent games.

This is much more than a 3-lame, 5-line Netent game. Jackpot 6000 game machine is a jackpot gameplay, in which you either enter for everything or for nothing.

Basic features of the jackpot 6000 machine

Jackpot 6000 for free classic fruit machine from Net Entertainment. So you may wonder what we mean by doing it simple.

For example, they assume that you will want to play with a maximum number of coins so that you can use the supermeter. Some players may not like it, but if you don't play a supermeter, the winnings are so small. We have 5 payments and 3 drums at our disposal. The minimum plant is 1 and the maximum is 5.

As with less than the maximum number of coins, the return to the player is quite low 74.9% - 79.2%. With a maximum number of coins, it is much more friendly 95.1% - 98.9%. That is why we never recommend playing Jackpot 6000 without registration on anything smaller than the maximum number of coins, but uninitiated in the game may feel the lack of choice.

At the very beginning of the game, the choice is smaller, because on this occasion you should swim with the current thanks to this Net Entertainment socket. You get the impression that it is so easy that you have the greatest chance to win at Jackpot 6000 automatic Touch. Jackpot 6000 game does not contain symbols such as Scatter or Wild. We also do not have bonus rounds.

Jackpot 6000 machine - how to play?

To turn off the rollers, players must first adapt their bet. The size of the coin is from 0.1 to 1 and can be adjusted by clicking coins in the lower right corner. Pressing the "BET" button chooses the number of lines played. Clicking the "Turn" button begins to rotate the drums, and the "maximum plant" bet on the maximum amount.

Each win automatically launches the heads or tails gamble function. If players do not want to risk the amount, they can click "receive" and save their winnings. They can also put part of their sum by clicking the "transfer". To grow gambling, players can choose between:

  • Heads, i.e. a button with a profile
  • Tails with a leaf.

The coin is thrown, and if players guess correctly, their number increases. If the guessing is incorrect, the function ends.

If players put 10 coins and win, they can enter the Jackpot Supermeter function. To go to the SuperMeter mode, press the "spin". Re -clicking the "Shrink" button, starts to rotate the rollers. In this function, the bidding level is automatically 20 coins, and all 5 payments are active.

When 3 Joker symbols appear on the active line, with 10 coins erected, 6000 coins will be awarded.

Promotions and bonuses at Jackpot 6000

As we mentioned, the game does not anticipate any bonuses. However, you can turn up your game in a few ways. Supermeter mode: Every time you win in the game, it goes up to the supermeter. Then you can use this money to play on drums, in which the Joker symbol gives you much more or nothing.

Get two jokes anywhere during the supermeter, and you will win everything from 10 coins to 6000 coins. Get three jokers and you will win a guaranteed 6000 coins.

At any time you can play a simple game in the head or a rest where you can double your winnings. You can play it in a normal game or during a supermeter.