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Jackpot Bells - free game machine

Sometimes it is worth leaving things in the simplest form. There are more and more advanced gaming machines on the market, and Playtech is published by Jackpot Bells Slot, which draws handfuls of classic vending machines, presenting a very simple game. If someone regularly plays on gaming machines, after the name, you can guess that you are dealing with the classic of the species with fruit and bells in the main.

Jackpot Bells game is very simple and focuses primarily on the drawing of combinations with symbols. The gameplay is fast and full of interesting events, providing higher and lower winnings. Before starting the game, it is worth taking advantage of our website and start Jackpot Bells for free to prepare for money.

Jackpot Bells slot functions

The machine is relatively young, because it was released by Playtech in 2017 and provides only basic functions that enable comfortable fun. This classic slot has 5 drums and 3 rows with symbols. There are 5 all winning lines and they are always active. Each line can be placed from $ 0.4 to $ 5, which translates into a minimum and maximum plant of $ 2 and $ 25. RTP Jackpot Bells Online is very high and has up to 96%. With such a simple game, this means that there are regular winnings on the screen.

There is nothing to count on numerous additional functions. The creators gave up Scatter and free spins for Wild, which has a slightly extended action. In the game you can also hit Jackpot, which pays a huge win. The game machine has also been adapted to mobile devices. Regardless of whether someone decides to play on their phone or on the computer - the game always looks the same.

Gameplay on the Jackpot Bells machine

Jackpot Bells Automat is a typical fruit that is similar to dozens of the same titles on the market. This is a deliberate procedure of the creators, thanks to which even at the first launch we know what is going on. The graphics are at a very high level, but plays a rather side role. The background is red and the symbols are typical pictures from classic vending machines.

In the bottom of the screen there is a nicely completed interface, where the game is controlled with a few buttons. The most important is "spin" on the right, which launches a single drawing of pictures on the drums. Next to it, you can turn on the automatic gameplay, and the plant is set up on the left and the information card is turned on (the "I" button).

In Jackpot Bells, 8 different symbols appear, which should be known to each fan of slots. At the hit of 3 symbols on the line, they pay multiples of the plant:

  • lemon, cherries - 5x,
  • oranges, plum - 10x,
  • grape - 20x,
  • watermelon - 25x,
  • seven - 50x,
  • Bell - Wild, Jackpot.

The largest reward (apart from the progressive jackpot) can be obtained for hitting 5 sevens and in this case you receive a prize of 1500x.

Special functions of the Jackpot Bells machine

As Jackpot Bells is a very simple gaming machine, which primarily focuses on winning the combinations on lines - does not provide numerous bonus functions. However, the creators decided to give one of the symbols of double meaning.

The bell plays the role of Wild and Jackpot. As soon as he appears on the screen, the chance to hit the combination automatically increases, because it turns with all other pictures appearing in the game. In the event that the whole screen is filled with symbols with a bell, the machine pays out a progressive jackpot, which always provides a different, impressive prize.

Jackpot Bells - Review Summary

Gameplay at Jackpot Bells without registration or for money is a great stepping stone from typical gaming machines nowadays. The possibility of winning huge prizes without advanced bonus functions allows you to distance yourself and think about your priorities on slots.

Jackpot Bells for real money is an extremely pleasant combination of modernity with classics and the ability to receive a progressive jackpot. It is always worth trying your hand at this machine - and maybe you will be able to hit the main prize.