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To provide an interesting gameplay, vending machines online casinos They try to attract players with various topics and motives. There are many proven combinations that players love, but gamblers also like to reach for Hot spot games unique on its subject. This is what Jackpot Giant Game automatic stands out. The production is embedded in the climates of the stone stone era, but also in fantasy climates - the title giant does not refer only to the jackpot, which can be scored on the slot! This production of PlayTech is an extremely refined and addictive game, thanks to which it has been eagerly chosen by players for years. To find out how a good machine it is, play Jackpot Giant without registration on our website. The gameplay is made available for free, so you will be able to read the machine without fear of losing your own money.

What distinguishes Jackpot Giant?

This machine is built in a fairly classic way. What do we mean? You will find 5 drums here - each of them also has 3 lines. Online gambling game Certainly distinguishes the number of winning combinations, of which there are as many as 50. With such a number of drums and lines it is really a large amount! Jackpot Giant Online is a production that, as suggests, has a jackpot. He is progressive, so its amount can reach dizzying amounts. In addition, this video slot also has additional functions, such as bonus rounds, Wild symbols or scatters. The advantage of the game is also a fairly low cost of gameplay. The cost of play is always calculated from the plant for one winning line. The least you can put 0.50 loans, the most - 4 loans.

The production guarantees quite high winnings, and its RTP is 94.22%. This result is a slightly lower than standard RTP, while the slot also offers other ways to win money, thanks to which we are able to understand the slightly lower percentage of this indicator. The game also enables gameplay on portable devices. If you are in favor of playing on your phone you will be able to start this slot. Its advantage is also that it does not require additional applications for action - you will play directly through the browser.

How to play jackpot giant?

This handful of information certainly encouraged you to test this game. However, before you get on, we have a few more tips as to the very gameplay on the machine. First of all, after starting the game, you should read its instructions. You will find it under the Info button, which is placed on the left. The manual contains information on bonus functions, wins on a slot machine or height of jackpot. You can also read the more extensive rules that you will find in the menu. To enter it, press the gear button at the top of the screen.

After reading these texts, you can start playing Jackpot Giant Automat. Before the first spin, we advise you to adjust the amount of fun. The game starts with the largest bet chosen to start, and you can change its value by pressing in + and -. You will see the total amount of the game in the Total Bet field. Once you adjust everything, you can press the Spin button - it will start the drums. Also remember that if you are interested in playing for jackpot you will have to play for the biggest rate. Above the drums there is a belt on which information is highlighted whether your plant is involved in the fight for jackpot - if the inscription is highlighted, you will have a chance to get it. The game itself is quite easy to understand and people who do not have experience on machines will cope with it. Each win will be well marked by a slot, along with the backlight of the winning line.

What bonus options does jackpot Giant have?

What is very important for many players when choosing online vending machines is availability without deposit bonuses and additional options. Jackpot Giant Slot has quite a lot of them, and some of them work in a really unique way. The first is the Wild symbol, which replaces other symbols. It is also associated with Jackpot - winning 5 such symbols on line 1 rewards with this award. The next bonus is Scatter, which he pays regardless of the place on the machine. This symbol, however, cannot be replaced with the Wild symbol. Another interesting symbol is the bonus. Acquiring two copies - on the drum 1 and 5 - rewards with a bonus game. In it, the player can choose 3 out of 6 volcanoes that reward random monetary winners. In some cases, all volcanoes can explode, thanks to which you will get all possible winnings! In addition, the machine also has normal symbols - there are stone letters, but also colorful precious stones, as well as the images of a friendly giant. What rewards can you get for their hit? Below we present the table payout for Jackpot Giant for real money. Wins are calculated on the basis of the plant on the line and multiplied by the amounts assigned to the symbols:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
wild 500 1,000 50,000
SCATTER 5 50 500
Red stones 100 300 500
Blue stones 80 200 300
Yellow stones 60 100 200
Volcano 50 80 100
Las 25 60 80
A, K 25 35 60
Q, J 10 30 40

Where to play jackpot giant?

You want to play on this machine in Slottyway casino online? You will be able to do it here - completely legally and without fear of your money. It is also a casino often chosen by players from Australia, mainly due to a large number of games and machines - including of course Jackpot Giant Game. In addition, the casino also offers various payment methods, thanks to which everyone will find the means of paying for him. However, to play for real rates, you will have to set up an account - however, this is a quick and easy process!

Jackpot Giant - is it worth playing on the machine?

Without a doubt! It is a really addictive production that offers a lot of additional functions, thanks to which every turnover is exciting and allows you to get a lot of money. If, after all, you are not convinced to play on this machine, get acquainted with Jackpot Giant for free on our website. This will allow you to test Jackpot games And understanding her actions exactly!


Where can you play Jackpot Giant for free?

On this machine you can play on our website for free - even without creating an account!

What bonuses can you get at Jackpot Giant Automat?

Production offers several bonuses. The first is the Wild symbol, which also allows you to get jackpot. In addition, the game also has Scatter symbols and a bonus game.

How to win cash by playing jackpot giant slot?

To play for real rates, go to a legal online casino. Jackpot Giant is a fairly popular game, so you'll find it in many places!

Can Giant Giant Game Automat play on the phone?

Yes! The production is adapted to the mobile game, thanks to which you can easily play on your phone or tablet.