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Joker Strike - free online slot

Every player online gambling games He will agree that such productions should guarantee high winnings and a lot of emotions. However, finding machines that meet both of these requirements must not always be easy. If you are in the process of looking for such a game, be sure to check the Joker Strike Online. This is the production of QuickSpin, which is known for various games. Their productions are refined, colorful and addictive each time - it is no different with this game. Its biggest advantage is the bonus mode, which will certainly make the heart kill faster. You can find out about all this now by playing Joker Strike without registration on our website. All you have to do is start the slot and be able to play without any restrictions. This will allow you to conveniently test the machine and train before the game with real rates.

How does Joker Strike look like?

However, before we discuss exactly what the gameplay looks like on the machine, it is worth mentioning a few of its basic features. Joker Strike plays under construction is rather a classic automatic - it has 5 drums and 3 lines. The number of winning combinations is pleased, because there are 10 of these - in slots with such a structure you can find less of them more often. What else? The game has several bonus functions, such as Wild symbols, as well as a special draw of additional symbols after winning. However, we will talk about their exact action in a moment. The machine also has an autograph mode, which has built -in advanced options, which is always good information for the player. By using it, you can determine if the game is to turn off after a certain number of losers or winnings.

However, you do not have to worry about frequent losing - the machine has a RTP with a height of 96.4%, which is a great result. This also guarantees regular earning money, regardless of the bet. Well, how much does it cost to have fun at Joker Strike Automat? The lowest plant is 0.10 loans, which is a really low amount. The largest rate in turn is 100 loans. Just like on other vending machines, here the more money the player puts the better the wins he won. However, it is worth remembering not to lose all your loans on the first few spinnings! Hotspot game It is also adapted to mobile devices, thanks to which supporters of playing on phones or tablets can easily play on the machine. Production will adapt its resolution to the display, making it always legible and easy to use.

How to play Joker Strike?

You already have knowledge about the basic functions of the game or how it is built. It's time to discuss the details of the game itself, so that even inexperienced players can enjoy it. The first step that should be taken after starting any machine is to read the game's instructions. You will find it in the menu, under a button with 3 lines. After launching, you will see its graphic version, which will present you with accurate winnings from symbols, additional functions or simplified rules. If you want to read the more accurate instructions, press the "?" Button.

After that, you can set the rate for which you will play. Choose the game amount from the developed Total Bet menu. You can also adapt with the arrows that are next to it. Once you do this, you can start the machine. This is possible with the last button on the right. Next to it is also a button with two arrows - pressing it accelerates the speed of the machine. The Auto button is also visible above this button. After winning the win, the machine will inform you exactly about the winning of the money in the Win section. The game also has a button for silencing sound or activation of space for turning - these are in the settings that is marked with a button with a gear button. The last button Joker Strike Game Automat is the Hi Roller button. It is visible next to the start button, and after pressing it you can go to a paid bonus game - with its details in a moment.

Bonuses for playing Joker Strike

Let's finally take on bonuses. The first to get in Joker Strike Slot is the Wild symbol. As in other games, he also replaces other symbols here, thus increasing our winnings. After the victory, the game will also launch a special spin on the outer part of the machine. If our symbol goes to one of the randomly illuminated tiles, additional symbols will appear on the machine. The next bonus is the mentioned Hi Roller. This is a paid machine function that cannot be obtained in other ways. It has 3 levels costing different amounts of loans. Each of these games guarantees us 5 revolutions. The first version adds to the game the Wild symbol moving on the outer lines. The second version also adds Wild symbols to the outer ring of the machine, and the most expensive increases the number of Wild symbols on the outer ring. How do the winnings look like at all? The game for 1 loan pays as follows:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Joker 10 30 100
7 4 8 20
Star 3 6 15
Bell 2 4 10
Kier 1,20 2 4
PIK, Trefl 1 1,50 3
With 0,8 1,20 2,40

In what casino to play Joker Strike?

You definitely want to play Joker Strike for real money. It is possible in Hotline casino, which in addition to this slot has many other games - you will always have something to play! In addition, it is well adapted to players from our country and enables payment by various methods. It is fully legal in our country, so you don't have to worry about losing money. However play In this place, you will need an account - be sure to remember it and get ready for registration before the game!

Joker Strike - what do we think about the game?

Do we recommend playing this machine 777? Of course! This is a very good production, which will definitely draw in everyone playing for long hours. That is why we recommend playing Joker Strike for free on our website - it will allow you to familiarize yourself with the machine and convince yourself if this is the suitable production for you!


Where to play Joker Strike for free?

Choose our website - you will play here for free here, and even without registration!

What bonus functions does the joker strike automat have?

The game has Wild symbols, as well as a special draw after winnings that can increase your winnings. For this he has 3 special bonus games, but they are paid.

How to play for real rates in Joker Strike Slot?

To play for money, go to a legal online casino. Choose the one we wrote about earlier - it is legal and has this slot!

Is the Joker Strike Game Automat available on the phones?

Yes - production does not even require application to play on portable devices. All you have to do is run the slot via the web browser on your phone!