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Fruit laser - free game machine

We rarely meet a game that we could talk about for hours. The fact is, there are productions that draw us for a long time, which excite us every time we run them. However, we do not know any similar production to the Laser Fruit Slot. This is a very extensive game from Red Tiger - specialists in crazy games, offering interesting functions and motifs. Because even something as ordinary as the theme - in this cases fruit - in this game they are unusual. Neon fruit, unusual audiovisual setting and a number of additional functions mean that next to this game you can simply not pass by indifferently. That's why we don't blame you if you want to play on this machine now. However, we encourage you to read the rest of our review - it will definitely facilitate the game. In addition, be sure to play Laser Fruit for free on our website. This will allow you to understand the course of the game carefully, and believe us, it is not so obvious!

Characteristics Laser Fruit

It might seem that the machine is not so unusual. After all, it has only 5 drums, and each has 3 lines - this is a fairly classic combination. The winning combination of the machine has as many as 243 ... and this is a low number to some extent. Fruit automatic laser during each game can randomly add new drums and lines, thus increasing the number of winning combinations, and also extend our already created combos. The game boasts that the winning combinations can be ... over 60,000! What else is worth knowing? The cheapest plant on the machine is 0.20 loans, the most expensive will cost 10 loans. automatically hot spot It also allows you to get free spins, and offers quite large winnings, especially with more symbols. Its RTP is 95.07%.

You can also play on a portable device - regardless of whether you prefer to play on a tablet or phone, production will adapt to your screen. Production also has autograd mode, which is equipped with several additional options, such as automatic only after the appropriate defeat or winning. Useful functions should also be included in turbo mode that accelerates the rotation of the drums. Laser Fruit Game Automat is also distinguished by its graphics, which is very good. Colorful symbols are easy to distinguish, and the effects accompanying special slot functions are well thought out. Whole gambling It is kept in a futuristic setting, which is also not often found on online machines.

Fruit laser gameplay

To fully enjoy this machine, it is worth getting acquainted with the course of the game and the rules of the game. First of all, start by reading the game instructions - you'll find it in the Help section. From it you will learn about the exact operation of developed lines, as well as about winnings or additional vending functions. You should always read the instructions, even if you have already played at this slot or other vending machines. Only after getting acquainted with her do we recommend the transition to the game. The game will automatically set the amount of the plant for 2 loans. To change it, use the button in the lower left corner. From the drop -down list you will be able to choose one of the many available amounts of the plant. To start the slot, press the round button on the right side of the display. Next to it is also a Turbo button that will speed up the speed of drums. If after each game you do not want to press the start button, use the autographs - it is placed in the car section. The FRIT online laser thanks to its graphics also guarantees a very transparent gameplay. After each win you will see your won loans thoroughly, and you will also be able to get acquainted with the winning combination.

Bonuses to get in Laser Fruit

The main bonus option of the machine are additional drums and lines. It is with their help that you can get really huge combinations of symbols - the game payment table reaches up to 12 repetitions of one symbol! Laser Fruit also has the game also free spins. To get them, you need to hit 3 scatter symbols - their graphics have the inscription Free Spins. After getting them, you will receive a random number of turns. The bonus game, which will start then has one more advantage - during it, all additional lines and drums stay on the machine until the end of free revolutions, and not as during normal gameplay, they disappear with the new spin. The game also uses known and popular symbols - such as bar, 7 and fruit - but keeps them in its futuristic style. Below we present a simplified table of payments - we provide combinations up to 5 repetitions of the symbol. All winnings assigned to the symbols are multiplied by the amount of our plant:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
7 2 4 6
Bell 1,50 3 5
Triple bar 1 1,50 3
Bar 0,5 1 2
watermelon 0,3 0,6 1,8
Grape 0,2 0,5 1,5
Orange 0,2 0,4 1,2
Lemon 0,1 0,3 0,8
Cherries 0,1 0,2 0,5

Where is it worth playing the Fruit laser?

If you want to play a fruit laser for real money, choose Casino It is completely legal, has the necessary licenses and security. In addition, it is popular among players from Australia through a large offer of famous games, as well as a very well prepared site for players from our country. online casino It also has many payment options, which is also a big . To play for real rates, you should have an account - without it you will not be able to play!

Laser Fruit - our final opinion

It was to sum up our thoughts about this production of Red Tiger studio. Is it worth playing it? Of course. As we wrote at the beginning - we rarely meet with such productions that are remembered for a long time and to which you want to come back every day. To additionally convince you to this fruit games, we encourage you to check the Fruit laser without registration on our website - using the demo game you will definitely fall in love with this machine!


Where will I play Laser Fruit for free?

If you want to test this machine without paying, read the demo version on our website. It is available without restrictions, as well as without creating an account on the site!

What bonus functions does the Fruit automatic laser have?

Its most important function are the drums and lines. Thanks to this, additional symbols still appear in the game! In addition, you can also get free turnover, offering even greater winnings.

How to play a money slot for money laser?

In order to play for real money, you must go to the online casino. Choose a legal and safe place and remember that you will need an account on the site for the game.

Can you play mobile devices in laser Fruit Game automatic?

Yes, this production is adapted to mobile devices. You can easily run the game on various phones and tablets.