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Like the Egyptian constructors of the pyramids, Studio Play’n GO was issued by a slot, whose action takes place inside this spectacular building. Slota Legacy of Dead players gain an incredible opportunity for a personal trip inside a mysterious pyramid hiding many puzzles and secrets. The Society of Egyptian characters and the atmosphere of the title death are the main motives presented today free hotspot games.

Legacy of Dead for free as a thematic production is designed to encourage the player to play together in an attractive way. The ubiquitous thematic features are an addition that, as it turned out much earlier, is a key criterion when choosing new titles for testing by online players. It is widely known that players of contemporary drum games like games with soul, and without a doubt this production is a reviewed legacy of dead online.

As part of today's entry about Legacy of Dead, we are honored to invite readers to the practical training of skills and knowledge acquired on the occasion of reading this review. We want to offer players access to the free version of the game for an electronic currency, where everyone without restrictions can practice tactics and test the functions of the machine. The game in Legacy of Dead gambling is a great way to train.

Compendium of knowledge about the game Legacy of Dead

At the beginning of the Legacy of Dead Game Automatic review, it is worth containing some of the most important features of the discussed production. The previously mentioned producer of Play’n Go is an experienced distributor of vending machines to win real money. The beginnings of his activity reach a dozen or so years back, and good quality remains unchanged. The manufacturer is known for his drum games on a similar engine to Legancy of Dead. The reviewed game is one of the many gambling machines of this company, based on 5 × 3 format.

Playing with this slot can take place at any rates from 1 to 50 tokens. Each round is subject to the player's manual setting, including the tokens value and the number of lines winning in the round. Appropriate configuration of these settings allows you to determine the final rate for one turn. Wins are collected based on data from each turn, and the average win factor is quite high. The manufacturer declares the official level of return of rates An gameplay at 94.51%. Players praise the game for the option of high wins in this wall of the most valuable icon, which is the largest possible prize with the equivalent of up to 250,000 coins.

In the game process, combinations of ordinary icons with a fixed value and additional symbols that can start the action are drawn. Actions as additional game modes are, for example, free turns for obtaining a minimum of three scatters or a Wild icon. In addition, the game has an automatic game mode and the ability to play in a full window. Unfortunately Slot for free It is not equipped with jackpot and you cannot play in multiplayer mode. There is a mobile version for players, available at the same link. The machine works on the principles of modern programming language and is fully responsive.

Impressions from the game in the Legacy of Dead slot

The issue of impressions from the game for each player is an individual matter. According to our experienced editorial office, Lgancy of Dead is an interesting title with obvious functions and refreshed graphics. Players of this machine will be satisfied with the available functions and will easily find themselves in navigation. The game is very simple, and most information about prizes and how to calculate winnings is available in the game regulations under a special button in the left corner of the game screen. This is where you can get information about detailed values from the payout table, the way bonuses and the rules in the game.

In order to start the game, it is enough to determine the height of the plant and screw the drums. The slot will automatically take care of the rest, and the players remain to enjoy the exciting game, both on the computer and any type of mobile equipment. When it comes to the quality of the game, no shortcomings are visible. After a few minutes test, everything worked smoothly and without any accusations. The game works smoothly, combinations are verified correctly, and the declared amounts of winnings easily go to the player's balance.

Awards in promotions and when playing Legacy of Dead

According to many players, the quality and prize pool in the game is the most important feature of each slot. In this case, the Legacy of Dead Automat customers can be satisfied, due to a good quality bonus offer and an interesting withdrawal table. The rates for hitting the combination in this game are not small, and the very variability of the game indicates frequent happy turns. With a little luck, you can count on interesting prize pools even with classic payments, without activating bonus modes. A great example will be a table of winnings for the maximum rate and for all possible combinations:

Icon CC kch Dirt
Golden monument blue character 100 1,000 5,000
Green character 30 300 1,600
Purple figure and bird 20 80 600
Symbol A i K 5 30 120
Symbol Q , J i 10 5 20 80

Another chance to win the cash register in the random of symbols is to hit valuable icons guaranteeing additional functions. There are several such icons in the game, and they work as follows:

  • Universal distributed symbol - this icon works like a well -known Wild. The distributed symbol as standard guarantees payments in line with the payout table for the icon of the Golden Monument, but also has interesting possibilities. A special symbol is randomly chosen to help players win more winnings.
  • The universal SCATTER symbol - a golden monument in the amount of 3+ on the screen is a guarantee of activation of 9 free bonus rounds with the Wild icon wall option. This is another chance for additional winnings, this time for several free turns at the previous rate.

Legacy of Dead - game report

Testing the game, we felt like heroes of adventure game straight from ancient Egypt. Frequent twists and good variability of drawn icons are the main advantages of the game. Of course, one cannot forget about universal special symbols and free game options on all portable devices. The Legacy of Dead game without registration is available on our portal for everyone who would like to consume from free training before the fight for real money. Demonstration Legacy of Dead automat virtual casinos. Do not wait and test interesting slots as part of the review on our website. Learn the latest titles and do not miss gambling promotions. We invite you to have fun together!