Lucky 7

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Lucky 7 The game machine is a slot from BetSoft, which looks very classic. BetSoft is famous for its interesting ones Video slots 777, but as you can see, it can surprise players with an automatic machine, which directly refers to the very beginnings of the industry of the single -armed bandits.

Lucky 7 The machine refers to the first vending machines that appeared in bars. The symbols are dominated by fruit and the "bar" inscriptions. Older players certainly remember those symbols from slot vending machines that were once in bars and pubs.

To feel the atmosphere of the ground casino, in Lucky 7 the game can change the game view. It is possible to play with 2 perspectives. The first gives us the illusion of sitting in front of a real slot. The second view of the game directs us straight in front of the drum, on which we will draw symbols.

If you fancy a journey in time to years in which slot machines were available in many bars and pubs, we have great news for you. On our website you can play Lucky 7 without registration! As if that wasn't enough, you'll play in Lucky 7 for free! So gain valuable experience without any risk. Why would you lose your hard -earned money if you can use free gameplay?

The most important features of the Lucky 7 slot

Lucky 7 is a classic slot from BetSoft, in which the game takes place on 3 drums and only one winning line. Minimally during the game we can bet 0.01 loan, while the maximum plant is exactly 1 loan. After placing the plant, the player can count on the RTP coefficient, which is 97%.

Unfortunately, Lucky 7 does not have many amenities:

  • We will not meet with the possibility of running automatic gameplay (autoplay).
  • We will also not play with our friends using the multiplayer game option.

It is possible to run Lucky 7 on the phone, but the mobile version leaves much to be desired. In addition, bonuses practically do not exist in Lucky 7 for real money. There is a lack of symbols of Wild, Scatter, Free Spins, Bonus rounds and Jackpot. So we are dealing with a game that draws handfuls from the first slot machines that regulars of bars in the 20th century came across.

Rules of playing in the Lucky 7 slot

At the beginning you have to admit that the graphics in Lucky 7 do not knock on your knees. The only really interesting elements that diversify our game are highlighted winning symbols. The symbols themselves are not animated in any way.

We mentioned earlier that in Lucky 7 there are two prospects for conducting the game:

  • In the first perspective, i.e. the one that covers the whole "one -armed bandit", We see the table at the top of the screen.
  • The second brings us directly to the drums and one row of symbols.

Definitely the second perspective is much better to play the game. It is obviously not possible without the right interface. The interface in Lucky 7 is simple and transparent. Under the drums we see 4 buttons that allow us to use the function of this slot.

The first and most important is "paytable", which is the button on the left, which directs us directly to the payout table. Remember to always get acquainted with the table and information, because thanks to this the slot will not be able to surprise you with anything.

In Lucky 7, before starting the draw, we must specify the number of coins that we will "throw" into the slot. It is simply a kind of multiplier of loans we bet. For example, if we bet 1 loan and decide to throw two coins, then 2 loans will disappear from our balance. If we decide to throw 3 coins after betting 1 loan, then 3 loans will disappear from our balance. The number of coins is regulated using the "Bet One" button.

The third "spin reels" button will highlight after attaching at least one coin. It is with this button that we start the drawing of symbols. The last "Max Bet" button allows us to bet the maximum plant.

If we decide to bet on a smaller plant, we can do it by clicking the red numbers, which are located over the 4 buttons mentioned. As you can see, the interface is minimalistic and simple for every player.

We mentioned earlier about the payment table, it is definitely worth saying more about it. Let's see what multipliers we can count on after drawing 3 symbols in Lucky 7 online:

  • 3 seven = multiplier 1000/2000/5000
  • 3 Symbols "Lucky 7" = Multiply 250/500/750
  • 3 cherries = multiplier 150/300/450
  • 3 symbols with three inscriptions "bar" = multiplier 100/200/300
  • 3 symbols with two subtitles "bar" = multiplier 50/100/150
  • 3 symbols with one inscription "bar" = multiplier 20/40/60
  • 3 symbols of various subtitles "bar" = multiplier 3/6/9.

Of course, the game also rewards those who drew less than 3 symbols:

  • 2 cherry symbols = multiplier 10/20/30
  • 1 Cherry symbol = 2/4/6 multiplier.

Unfortunately, Lucky 7 is Classic Hot Spot game in every sense of the word. We are not dealing here with the symbols of Wild, Scatter or free spins.