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Ready on a slightly classic, automatic gameplay? Lucky Hot Online is an ideal slot that will meet your need to play a game with simple rules, a structure taken alive from old casino games, and at the same time enabling huge money, especially thanks to additional functions! Lucky Hot Automat is the production of EGT, which specializes in such types of vending machines - at first glance very simple, but hiding a lot of additional options and most often addictive gameplay. automatically hotspot It has been operating on the market for several years and attracts thousands of players in each online casino. However, if you haven't had the opportunity to play on this slot yet, we have great news! In Lucky Hot you will play for free on our website. We have a prepared demo version here, which, although it will not allow you to play for real rates, but will allow you to test the machine and learn exactly its rules and functions. Thanks to such a safe game you can easily handle money in the game!

Lucky hot game specification

Let's start by discussing what the slot is characterized by. It is quite simple fruit machine Under construction, it consists of 3 drums, 3 lines each. In total, it offers 5 winning combinations. With this arrangement, this is relatively a lot - usually there are fewers on machines with 3 drums of winning lines. Like other slots of this species from EGT, the plant rate has 5 values here. The cheapest game will cost 5 loans, while the most expensive one will be up to 100. Unfortunately, there is a lack of better adaptation of the amount of the game, although the options prepared by the creators are enough to most players.

You will not meet special symbols on the machine - there are no scratter or wild icons here. The game has 4 progressive jackpots. The size of their winnings in Lucky Hot Game Author is still growing and depends on playing players. Apart from playing with jackpot You can also count on attractive and regular wins - the RTP of this game is 95.32%, which is slightly below the standard 96%, but it is still a high and satisfactory result. The built -in slot also has an autograph mode, which can be customized according to your needs. The spin of the spin can also be accelerated by holding the button responsible for starting the game.


But how to start at all Online gambling game? It is very simple - on the right side of the display there is a round button responsible for starting the game. However, before you press it, it is worth reading the rules of playing on the machine. Instructions and regulations can be found in the menu, which is launched with a button located in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you press it, a special window will open with explanations about buttons, rates or additional machine modes. It is recommended to read the instructions before the game, regardless of whether you chose Lucky Hot for real money or not.

After reading the instructions, you can return to the start button. The game after starting will automatically set the rate to 5 loans, but you can change it quickly. Remember that after choosing the game rate, the slot will automatically start the game. The game amount you choose will always be marked green. The autograph mode we wrote about can be quickly started by pressing the button located above the start button. In the game options, hidden in the menu, you will also set additional options - such as switching off after a specific win or losing. The fun is quite simple to understand, and all the symbols are very different - so you will not have problems understanding the game, even if you play for the first time on machines. However, this is not a stunning slot when it comes to its design - EGT has definitely focused on proven and classic solutions.

Bonuses to get in Lucky Hot

Let's get to the bonuses now. As we wrote, the first and most important is Jackpot. This one is available in 4 variants, and each of them grows all the time before our eyes. Getting it in Lucky Hot's game consists of switching to an additional mode, in which the task of the player is to find the same 3 cards with a symbol. Each symbol assigned has the value of jackpot that you get.

The second bonus mode is a popular risk game, i.e. gamble. After each lesser win, you can use this mode to get extra money by putting your last win at stake. To enlarge it, you will have to correctly indicate what color of the card will draw a computer. If you fail to lose your whole win - fortunately you can withdraw at all times of this game, taking all the winnings, even those multiplied. The game also pays higher wins for filling the whole board with the same fruity symbols - the rate of our game will then be multiplied by the value of the symbol. And how do the basic winnings look like? If you decide to play for the smallest rate, they will be as follows:

Symbol CC
7 750
Stars 200
Bar 60
Fruit 40
Bell 5

Lucky Hot - Which casino should you choose?

If reading our review you felt like playing a lucky hot slot, you can do it in Casino casino. It is fully legal and accepts players from Australia, thanks to which you will play there without any problems! And even if you find that this slot is not for you, the casino has thousands of other productions that you will certainly like. In addition, it also has many forms of payment and most importantly - it enables gameplay for real amounts, so in addition to great emotions you will also be able to get a lot of money. Of course, to be able to play for money, you will have to set up an account first - it's worth keeping this in mind!

Lucky Hot - should you try?

Definitely yes! Despite the fact that this machine is not distinguished by its graphics or construction, it certainly distinguishes with the functions and money that you can win on it. It is also very accessible to new players, thanks to which someone without experience can handle the game. However, if you prefer to test the machine without paying, be sure to check Lucky Hot without registration on our website - this version will certainly help you decide whether it is the machine you are looking for!


Can you play Lucky Hot for free?

Yes - you can do it on our website, which offers this demo version, free of charge and registration!

Does Lucky Hot Automat have bonuses?

The game, unfortunately, has no special symbols or free revolutions, but it allows you to get a huge jackpot and increase your winnings in gamble mode.

Can I play for real money in the Lucky Hot Slot?

By all means, remember to play only in legal and licensed internet casinos.

Can you play on the Lucky Hot Game Automat on your phone?

The slot is adapted to many portable devices, thanks to which you can easily run it on various displays and devices!