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Entertainment seekers on the Internet could come across the Mad Mechanic game offer, which has been added to the list of games in many reputable ones for some time Internet casinos. Mad Mechanic is an original and highly refined drum machine on the model of popular single -armed bandits. His unique topic and careful approach of producers to each graphic detail allowed to create a new hit in the games and gaming category.

The full -screen Mad Mechanic slot is a proposal Hot spot gambling games APollo Games studies created by programmers. This manufacturer is not recognizable just like the leading gambling developers, yet it is worth looking closely at the offer of this promising toy. Mad Mechanic will undergo today's review, and by the way it will be meticulously tested so that at the end our tester team will draw the right opinion towards him. Do not miss the verdict and stay with us until the end of the entry. Check how the game was in our editorial tests. By the way, run the slot on your device and check its capabilities by playing for virtual tokens. Let's move!

Summary of information about the Mad Mechanic slot

At the beginning of the review, it is worth bringing the recipients to the game's possibilities and the main characteristics of the machine. When starting with the most important, you should mention the main game of the game. This is built on 5 drums and three rows of random icons. It is symbols drawn on this screen have the main impact on the amount of final win and the payment of a specific sum of money. Settlements of winnings take place on a well -known system of drawing sets of icons in the game. The final result depends on the number of symbols in the line and height of the rate, i.e. winning from one turn. Mad Mechanic allows beta from 1 to 100 loans. General settlements of winnings take place due to 5 unchanging winning lines.

Among the perfectly made classic symbols, it is worth looking for valuable icons of special functions. Of course, in Mad Mechanic there were symbols of Scatter and Wild, which diversify the classic draws. A nice addition is the introduction of the lowest win from 2 identical icons (in most slots are 3 icons in the series). Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not reveal the RTP height and does not allow you to play in multiplayer mode. In return, Apollo Games adapted the machine to each mobile device without installation, introduced an automatic game system and an intuitive navigation menu. The mobile version of MAD Mechanic without registration is worth noting the topic that we want to develop a little. Each player can start the machine on any device of his choice, if he has a web browser in it. No installation and download plugins to support Flash games are required.

Game regulations and feelings in Mad Mechanic

The surroundings of the game are original and richly decorated with the pattern of old workshops. The topic of the game itself directly refers to the mechanics, as evidenced by, among others, implemented icons and the entire graphic design of the slot. The game looks great in the full screen. Symbols and their graphics are properly selected for high resolutions. Each icon is created while maintaining the style of play. The main screen shows delicate thematic animations, and the whole is complemented by an atmospheric background music. After the first turn, all the fun begins. Then the player experiences all hidden options and possibilities. The machine has many additions hidden, and the changes in the environment and additional animations strengthen the experiences of the skirmishes.

In terms of service, Mad Mechanic is incredibly simple. Players need to set a rate of turning and start the fun using the Start button for this purpose. Detailed settings of the game are hidden under the menu button, where players can change rates and control the game window settings. This is where the Slota Regulations are accessed, where all the conditions of using the game are clearly found. The test version of Mad Mechanic Online available to readers on the occasion of this review is a great opportunity to learn the game mechanics. In the demo, players can risk the rates and check the best configurations to develop their private way for high winnings.

Awards and bonuses at Mad Mechanic

Classic gameplay brings a lot of emotions. The company of smoking mechanical machines makes the player still feel like in a real workshop full of red -hot machines. Mad Mechanic plays, working at high speed, draws random symbols visible in the game screen. Among the five payments lines, combinations are detected that meet the criteria of the payout table, then BET is settled on its basis. Below is an example of a prize table for one of the rates (¼ of the maximum plant):

Icons Cover CC kch Dirt
Bonus Scatter 50 130 500 2,500
wild 350 2,500 10,000
Skulls 50 150 1,000 5,000
Lamp 130 300 1,300
The figure of a woman 25 100 500 2,500
Tools 50 250 600
Icon and the k 25 130 500
Icy ikona i j 25 50 150
Icon 10 9 10 25 130

The possibilities of winning from classic gameplay are very large, and combinations are extremely often. After all, Mad Mechanic Machine Machine players can come across unusual combinations of elements that activate specific actions. For example, the three blood pressure monitor icons with the Bonus symbol mean activating up to 10 free bonus rounds on classic gameplay rules. This means that during free draws, each other modes can be activated. This can lead to the situation of the next draw free games or activation of a different mode, such as:

  • Shifting Wild - mode with Wilda, which can be voluntarily activated by the player. Wild in this mode with each subsequent spin moves right to the next drum of the game system.
  • Replacement - The robot arm can additionally start a few drums at any time, if the first draw has not brought any results.
  • Random Wilds - The function in which the wild icon rains in random places of the game view.

In addition, for each game there is a chance to double the win. With the intermediation of the Gamble function, you can get a winner of the win or lose your current pool in the card draw. Mad Mechanic arcade game It hides a lot of game modes that you can't talk about. For willing details, their accurate explanations are available in the game regulations.

Mad Mechanic - Reflection

It was only during the review that it turned out how extensive the mechanic Mad Mechanic for free was. Many quite complicated bonus functions launched alternately, randomly and according to the stuffed symbols are probably the main reason why we recommend at least a few parties in this game. Of course, you can't forget about the sensational graphics, without which the game would not have your soul. We cordially invite you to test the game and other slots in the demonstration game for virtual currencies. We provide free demo games for readers to help them understand the rules before taking a risk in Mad Mechanic for real money. Take the opportunity and check yourself now!