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Magic Fruit 4 is an interesting slot with a rather different approach to gameplay mechanics. Symbols appearing in it can occur double and the winning lines themselves do not reach for all drums. Playing this game for the first time you get the impression that something is wrong here. Slot hazardowy This was created by the Wazdan company, which has Australian roots. Their games have interesting variations that Magic Fruits 4 can certainly be included. The Magic Fruits 4 version without registration is available on our website. Is it Free Hot Spot game in which the currency is virtual tokens. Their loss is not threatened, just restart the browser and start from the beginning. You can check various techniques at will and prepare for the game in the casino. There you will be able to play Magic Fruits 4 for real money. Choosing the right casino is a key issue. Choose a good place to play and, above all, safe, after all, we will put your cash which we intend to play there. Always verify the casino license.

Technical details Magic Fruits 4

Magic Fruits 4 Online is a classic slot with 4 drums. It has 10 winning lines, but the systems are created from three symbols one after the other. Only Joker can score on all 4 drums at the same time. The machine was produced by Wazdan. The minimum plant is 0.2 loans. There are 100 loans at the other end of the scale. The RTP coefficient, i.e. the popular return rate is 96.1%. This is good value, higher than the average for similar games. We will not get any special symbols in this game. There are no symbols of Wild and Scatter. There is no jackpot or a multiplier. We will not play with opponents in a multi -person game mode, nor will we use any bonus round in this free spins. Despite the lack of these functionalities, the game is interesting and it is doing very well without them. A very good automatic game mode has been prepared in which many conditions can be indicated. You can stop the player:

  • After each win,
  • If a single win exceeds the value,
  • If the rate increases by value,
  • If the rate decreases by value.

Magic Fruits 4 The game machine was created in HTML5 technology. Thanks to it, you can easily play on various mobile devices. All modern smartphones are supported regardless of the operating system. You don't have to download anything, and the game itself starts in the browser. It also adapts well to different screen resolutions.

Magic Fruits Slota Slota 4

Symbols forming systems in accordance with the course of winning lines bring a win. In addition, the joker takes up a common place on one symbol and also creates winning lines himself. The course of the line can be viewed in the rules of the game. They are in question on the lower interface. The rules of the game should be well known by every player. They contain all important information about the game in detail.

The whole game control is also on the bottom interface. We start the drums with a large round button on the right. To do this, you can also use the space key and the letter "S". On the right there are buttons for selecting the pace of the game and automatic mode. The plant is selected from a wide belt, which we change with a and a downside. You can also change it with keyboard arrows. The stake is on the left in the symbol with the pouch. The machine is transparent and well readable. The symbols are large, clearly. They have different colors so they don't mix together. In the background is played by electronic music that matches the climate of the game itself.

Bonuses for playing in Magic Fruits 4

Magic Fruits 4 does not have many bonus options. Only Joker stands out from the symbols. All symbols score according to the course of winning lines, but only the joker can score at all 4 drums at the same time. When it appears 4 times on a horizontal winning line, it brings an additional, highest win. Winning for 3 Jokers will also be taken into account, so the total win will be counted twice. When another symbol is on all 4 drums and only the layout of 3 symbols scores. A classic risk game is also available. You can enter it after hitting each bonus system. Above the stake selection bar there will be two additional symbols that can be entered into gambling mode. From the rapidly changing red and black cards, the right one will stop at which the draw will stop. If we indicate well, the win will be doubled and we can continue to play or leave the table with the current win. After a mistake we lose all winning from this round. At the beginning it can be indicated that we only play half. This option is not possible when playing at the fastest pace. You can play up to 7 times. The table below presents winning 100 loans for the highest plant.

Symbol CC kch
Oranges, pears, plums, bells 400
Raspberries, watermelons, grapes, seven 800
Joker 2,000 20,000

Magic Fruits 4 - Which casino to choose?

W Slotway casino You will play Magic Fruits 4 for real money. It is a very good and safe place to play for money, because it has licenses that guarantee the honesty and transparency of the transaction. There are many more games themselves. They are very well prepared for players from Australia. online casino It is also friendly to Australian players, it has many different, popular transaction methods. In order to use online casino services, prior registration will be required.

Magic Fruits 4 - in our opinion

Magic Fruits 4 has its strengths and weaknesses. A big advantage is a non -standard approach and doubling symbols. Winning lines are also created in an interesting way. On the other hand, there is a lack of additional functionalities such as the Wild symbol. It is also a pity that there are no additionally rewarded systems from 4 symbols, despite the fact that they can be arranged. Only Joker was awarded. The manufacturer wanted to create a game different from everyone and he succeeded. He will certainly find crowds of recipients who like such rules and spend long hours with her.


Can you play Magic Fruits 4 for free?

A free game is available on our website.

Does Magic Fruits 4 a machine have any bonuses?

The bonus symbol is the joker, which points differently than the other symbols.

Can you win real money while playing Magic Fruits 4 Slot?

Real money can be won using the online casino services.

Can I play Magic Fruits 4 Motor -free machine for mobile devices?

The game works very well on various mobile devices. It adapts well to the screen resolution.