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Magic Target - free game machine

With passion for classic slot games for free We return our eyes towards the work from Wazdan, Magic Target. This game looks like a retro classic of a gambling machine without a doubt, from the graphic design, and ending with symbols. Joker, seven, bells and Fruit - Can you expect more faithful reflection of oldschool single -armed bandits? In our opinion, this faithful copy recalls nostalgia, with the difference that today we can shoot online, on which only the device we want!

As for the title, you are curious, what magic is the producer talking about? It is worth checking what the subject refers to. For the game to result in victory, it is worth spending a moment of time to orient yourself thanks to Magic Target without registration! This slot is available with us and allows you to train without spending any money. Discover this five -dental slot with us because we have prepared a full review for you Hot spot games for free And we didn't skip any detail.

Basic features of Magic Target

W VIDEO SLOCY 777 From the Wazdan, magic consists in matching symbols to create a winning line, starting with two the same symbols. And there are as many as 20 lines here! The game takes place on five drums on the board 5 × 3, Where we will meet many symbols known to us from gambling, but also something explosive: cannons and bombs! The amounts in Magic Target are available for every budget, because we can bet from 0.2 to 100 in many available intervals. The manufacturer says that the percentage of return RTP is on average 96.63%, so there is even a good result! If you are thinking about murdering a joker, think carefully because it is wild and replaces other symbols.

Let's join all this free spins, a multiplier or a scattera and a really explosive mixture is formed! It is guaranteed by cannons, bombs and others, which we will describe later. We hope you are ready to get to know the game better, because it is a really important step, without which it is difficult to play the game. If you play on your phone or tablet, the game will adapt to your screen thanks to the mobile version. Let's get to the presentation of the Magic Target online rules so that the game becomes more understandable.

Magic Instructions - Magic Target rules

Understanding how the Magic Target Game Automat works, it is necessary for magic to work. We want to increase your chances and not mix up. So we go step by step and explain every detail of the game.

Winning lines All 20 lines winning in Magic Target are constant, so to start the game, all you have to do is set your bet.
Plant rate Start the game with this. You can choose from many rates at the bottom of the screen between 0.2 and 100, which can be changed using the "+" and "-" buttons or directly clicking the window with the rate value.
Starting turnover Press two rotating arrows on the right side of the screen to start the drums. They will stop alone, and when you see one or more victorious combinations, these symbols will highlight and the win will be displayed on the screen.
Risk game option If you won, you can use the risk and try to double your win. You will do it by clicking the "X2" icon. To win the win, select the hand icon or tap the spin option again.
Automatic game At Magic Target, the machine provides us with the option of automatic turnover. The button is located next to Spina (triangular icon). You can choose the number of auto-rotating there.
Time Gry In Magic Target you have three speeds to choose from. Find the turtle symbol next to the self -arting button and change the pace of the Magic Target game to the hare or jaguar settings so that the slot works faster.

In addition, in the slot you will find a number of options in the menu at the bottom of the screen. Play in high quality mode to get the best experience from the game. Switch to lower quality where the problem is the internet connection. The last important issue is the symbol values and the bonus system. He deserves a separate section, because in Magic Target the game is enriched with cool options.

Magic of awards at Magic Target. Symbols and special functions

Although Magic Target seems to be a simple slot, it does not mean that the manufacturer has not included a few cool additions in it. On the contrary! The machine will find the following special functions:

  • wild, i.e. a joker in his own person replacing us other symbols to complete the combinations of winnings
  • SCATTER, i.e. the symbol of dispersion under the emblem of the bomb explodes on the drums and does not care for the winning lines.
  • free spins, launched by Scatter. There are as many as 10 rounds of free turnover.
  • Multiplierwhich occurs in the form of a cannon during free spins He heralds us a multiplier.
  • Risk game This is another element of Magic Target, which at the time of winning gives us a chance to double it. We have two risk modes in the machine - basic in which we guess the color of the card, as well as advanced, where we climb the risk ladder. As the name suggests, risking, we can increase the win, but also lose it.

A lot of this for a classic machine, right? Now it's time to present the value of symbols. Just take the value from the table and multiply it by the bet and you will receive a magical formula of winning!

Symbol Cover CC kch Dirt
Joker 0.1 0.8 10 50
Bomba 0.4 3 10
Crown 0.05 0.3 2 10
Bell 0.05 0.25 1 5
Seven 0.05 0.15 0.65 2.5
Watermelon, grape 0.10 0.40 2
Strawberry, plum 0.05 0.2 1

The symbols are paid on the line, counting from left to right, and Magic Target for free provides us with its virtual currency fun to feel (before) the taste of the game. We hope that you will be able to enter the company with a joker, but this is just one of the scripts in the Magic Target game.

General conclusions for Magic Target

After trying Slota Magic Target we have no doubt, which was the magical goal of the producer: combining the classic of games with a number of bonuses. As for us, it is a really explosive mix, because it is not often that the retro -styled game has so many special functions. It works in a and distinguishes this slot from other imitations of traditional single -armed bandits on the web. We strongly encourage our readers to try the test version of the game before they join Magic Target for real money. We probably do not have to explain the benefits of this respect and we wish you happiness. This training will increase your chances that the magic will come to come! Fruitful hunting.