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Western fruit game From the widely known computer game label Wazdan is a slot with 3 drums and 27 lines winning. The machine is suitable for every player, regardless of his experience and level of advancement. The game does not have a large number of bonuses, but it impresses with its simplicity and pleasant, easy -to -use interface.

You can play a mega jack without registration and completely free on our website. After a few games, understanding the way the machine works and the rules of the game, it is possible to test your happiness and play a mega jack for real money in online casino.

Technical specifications Mega Jack

Mega Jack Game Automat from the Wazdan is a classic slot with 3 × 3 drum board and 27 winning lines. You can manipulate the height of the plant in the range from 0.10 to 100.00 coins Fun. RTP Mega Jack Online is up to 96.25%, giving players a better chance of winning than another average fruit. The Wild symbol is represented by a cheerful cowboy. The function of the Wild symbol is the power to replace other symbols, enabling more winnings.

Wazdan deciding on simplicity Hot spot games, he decided to give up the symbol Scatter, which you will not find on the mega jack drums. There is a Turbo option, allowing you to increase the speed of drums, which will undoubtedly save you time. The autoplay function will also help you with this. As already mentioned above, Mega Jack Online is a more simple automatic, you will not find any surprising bonuses in it, but if you want to increase your win, you can use the Gamble function, which performs a well -known mini card game.

Mobile version Mega Jack Free machine, is available on all devices, regardless of the supplier. Thanks to the reliable HTML5 technology, on which Mega Jack was created, the game adapts to each device. It is irrelevant whether you are on your computer at home or on the phone somewhere in the city, the mega jack automat is created to enjoy it everywhere, without the need to install additional software.

Game rules and mega jack interface

The Mega Jack automat is an extremely simple fruit with a small amount of additions. This is good news for those who value fate and trade of drums, more than complex functions and bonus rounds with strange principles. In Mega Jack, all you have to do is focus on the circulation of drums and double the amounts. If you want to reduce the risk of play and increase potential winnings, it is worth sticking to these rules:

  • Start with low rates
  • Use additional machine functions
  • Use bonuses offered by the game and casino
  • Arrange yourself with a large dose of patience.

All information about the game, which every new player should read, even in the case of such a simple game, can be found in the menu under the "?" Postproof button, which you will find in the lower left corner, as the fourth icon of four. There you can find all the information you need for the correct use of the slot. The list of 27 winning lines is also available there. Among the 4 mentioned icons there is also an option in the form of a small speaker, allowing you to silence individual sounds of the game, and modest settings in which you can decide on the advancement of the displayed gamble function (the difference is only about the number of possible movements when receiving winning), full -screen mode, Is the possibility of using the beds on the drum trading.

In the same place under the "i" icon, you will find a table of payments, the values of which adapt to the currently selected plant. The height of the plant can be manipulated in the center of the bar at the bottom of the screen under the drums, using the Plus and Minus buttons, or by directly clicking on the selected amount. In addition, the game allows you to change the plant using the up and bottom arrows on the keyboard. Above these four buttons, there is your current balance of coins Fun, and right next to the belt center, you will find the height of the win, or the emerging gamble possibility.

The gamble function, in the form of a mini card game, consists in the correct guessing of the color of the random card on the screen. You have a 50% chance to provide the correct answer, and when you succeed, your win the amount will be counted two times. In the advanced version of Gamble, you can also collect 1/2 of the winning amount before the risk, and only a part of it, reducing the potential risk. If you choose the wrong color of the card, you lose your win the amount of coins Fun.

At Mega Jack, the Play button is located in the lower right corner of the screen. You will recognize it after the distinctive size and arrows on the wheel. On the right from Play, there is a turbo option. By clicking on it, you will have 3 drum speeds to choose from. Under Turbo settings, there are autoplay settings. AutoGry settings allow for wide personalization, enabling players to choose the number of cars, and the amount of time at which they should stop. It can be, for example, a limit in the form of a win amount, or the amount that our balance exceeds.

The graphic design of Mega Jack is as simple as the game itself. You won't find extraordinary animations here. This does not mean, however, that the game is not pleasant to the eye. On the contrary, this simplicity has its pros and allows for long hours of calm and silent gameplay. The musical setting is standard, as in the case of other machines from the Wazdan. In Mega Jack there are standard sounds when filming drums and winnings.

Bonuses and won in Mega Jack

In Mega Jack you will not meet with the symbol Scatter or other bonuses, and you will not play about Jackpot. However, what is important, there is still a Wild symbol, which is incredibly helpful on every machine of this type. The Wild symbol, i.e. a smiling cowboy in this case, will replace you with any other symbol in the game. In addition, you can increase the win with the Gamble function, or at the time of reliable happiness, and drawing the same symbol on each board position, your win will be counted times 3. Below is a payment table in Mega Jack at a rate of 10 coins Fun:

Symbol Win (x3)
Kowboj 1600
Red Bull 800
Bar 400
Seven, badge (star) 80
Bell, watermelon, grapes 40
Raspberry, strawberry, plum 20
Orange, lemon, cherries 10

Mega Jack - our opinion

Mega Jack is an extremely easy to use, even perfect for every player, whose wild West is something close, or simply wants to experience something new without unnecessary effort. It is worth trying the game in Mega Jack for free and get carried away by the crazy world of Western. We highly recommend the Mega Jack slot and wish you wild winnings!