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Hardly any player probably heard about the mega Moolah automatic. This production constantly appears in the rankings of the best -paying gambling productions, and this is what one of the biggest wins on slot machines in history fell on it. How can you get such a great win? Using the main function of this automatic hot spot, or jackpots. What's more, this production of Microgaming is the most recognizable automatic automaton with such a function. You are thinking about jackpot - you are thinking about Mega Moolah. Of course, the machine also has many other functions to offer - it is also distinguished by animal topics, as well as great sound. Each aspect of this production is extremely refined and causes the game to draw in long hours. You can easily evaluate the quality of this production yourself - Mega Moolah is available for free on our website. What to do to be able to play it? Just run the slot - you won't even need an account on our website. The game in demo mode will also prepare you for games for real money at an online casino.

What distinguishes Mega Moolah?

Of course, the answer to this question is obvious - the game is distinguished by a huge progressive jackpot, available in 4 different amounts. Of course, the higher, the more difficult to get, but looking at the amounts assigned to it, reaching tens of thousands of AUD, it's hard not to dream of getting it. In addition, however, the game has a fairly classic construction - Mega Moolah online consists of 5 drums and 3 lines. What may surprise, however, is the number of winning lines - there are as many as 25 on the machine, which increases our chances of victory. Regular winnings are also possible thanks to the Wild and Scatter symbol, which are available on the machine. The game also has several improvements, thanks to which the fun will be more pleasant - autographs are available here, as well as the ability to accelerate the rotation of drums. There are also several amounts of gameplay at our disposal - a maximum of one game can cost 6.25 loans. Such a rate will also allow us to win the highest possible winnings, but it does not affect the jackpot we get.

On the other hand, the cheapest game is only 0.25 loans. Unfortunately, there are only 5 other rates between these two programs, which is quite a bad result. The RTP of the machine is also bad - it is 93.42%. However, is this a reason to worry? It is worth remembering that this indicator is built on the basis of thousands of games, so you should not always focus on it. When we also take all bonus functions, as well as Jackpots, we can easily play on the machine and count on regular winnings! The last thing to know about the mega Moolah slot is his mobile mode -you will start a problem playing on the phone or tablet. To run the game, you will not even need a special application - you will start the game directly through the browser on the device.

Rules on the mega moolah machine

Regardless of whether you play on the machine for the first time or not, we recommend starting fun by reading the rules of the game. Those on the machine are completely available in Australian, which is a big advantage. You will find them in the game menu - the opening button is on the left. Then press the "i" button to go to the instructions. I will describe how you can get jackpot, pick up free spins or what amounts are assigned to individual symbols. What's next? You can run the game with a round button on the right. In the lower right corner you will see your current rate, and on the other side - the number of loans that you have remained. If the rate does not suit you (the game automatically starts with the maximum stake), you can change it by pressing the button with coins. You will adapt the game amount from the menu. The last one is worth knowing is the design of the slot itself - you'll see all 4 at the top of the display Jackpots of the game, together with the amounts that are currently assigned to them. By pressing any symbol while playing in Mega Moolah, you will also be able to check the win assigned to it.

Mega Moolah i bonusy

We want to start this section by bending over the jackpots. As we said, they are available in 4 heights, and we have a chance to get them after each game - regardless of whether we have just won or not. Going to this opportunity, a special wheel of fortune will be displayed - we will get the amount that is assigned to the symbol where the indicator will stop. What else can we find on the machine? The game has a symbol Scatter, which rewards with 15 free spins when at least 3 copies hit. What's more, all wins won free spins X3 is multiplied! Mega Moolah also has a Wild symbol - Lew will replace any other symbol, except for Scatter. What's more, when this symbol is part of the winning combination, the payment assigned to it will be doubled! Of course Gambling It also has a number of standard symbols - the winnings assigned to them are also not the worst. Below we present an exemplary table with winnings for a plant in the amount of 2 loans.

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Lew 10 120 1,200
SCATTER 6 40 200
Elephant 4 20 60
Buffalo 3,20 12 48
Giraffe 2,40 10 40
Zebra 1,60 8 32
Antelope 0,80 4 20
A 0,64 3,20 12
K 0,48 2,40 8
Q 0,32 1,60 6
J 0,24 1,20 4,80
10 0,16 0,80 3,20

Where to play in Mega Molah?

If you want to play on this machine, be sure to choose Sportaz Casino. Why? Not only will you play there in Mega Molah for real money, but you will also have the opportunity to play many other productions. In addition, the site is well adapted for players from Australia and enables them to pay and pays in many popular ways!

Mega Moolah - at the end

We have already said everything we could about this machine. The final decision whether to play on it, of course, belongs to you - we can only add that you will not regret the time spent on the game on this machine. You can also make sure it is a slot worth time, playing in Mega Moolah without registration on our website!


Where will I play mega Moolah for free?

You don't have to look far - the game in demo mode is available on our website, even without logging in on the site!

Does the mega Moolah automatic have bonuses?

By all means - the machine is distinguished by a progressive jackpot. In addition, it allows you to get free spins or hit the Wild symbol.

Does a mega moolah slot allow money to play?

Yes, if you decide to play an online casino. Remember to choose a legal and safe place.

Will I play the game on the phone in Mega Moolah?

Of course! The slot allows you to play on portable equipment even without installing additional software - just run the game through the browser.