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Lovers Hot spot gambling games For a long time, they have been interested in the Mucha Mayana machine. The reason is the originally designed graphics and simple operation. A high level of entertainment is guaranteed by the fact that the game is the work of QuickSpin. The slot itself has been present on the gambling market since 2017 and collects only positive reviews of critics from the industry, as well as the players themselves. The innovation of this title is slightly evidenced by the pioneering approach to the developed system of the game itself. At the beginning of each game, the player has 3 drums and 3 rows. After winning, however, two more drums are revealed. In addition, each subsequent success is a unveiling of covered fields on new drums. Ultimately, Mayana's fly turns into a machine from 3 to 5 to 5 to 3. This in turn implies a different number of payments. The topic of the game itself is the style of a tropical jungle with colors and shapes nice to the eye. The original symbols were placed on stone blocks. The game is available in the free version. Thanks to this, every player can practice any amount of time before he starts the money for money.

Features of the Mucha Mucha machine

The supplier of Mucha Mayana Game is well known in the gambling space QuickSpin. This is a classic video slot with a number of lines from 27 to 243. The player has 5 drums at his disposal, which hypothetically gives the possibility of more winnings. Including one -armed bandit The minimum plant is 0.50 euros and the maximum 100 euros. Many experienced players pay attention to a very high percentage of RTP refund. It is up to 96.63%, which is a fairly high profit compared to other vending machines. The slot does not have symbols of Wild and Scatter, but it guarantees players automatic playback. Bonus rounds are also very valued, although on free spins We can't count. In Mayana Mucha, a demo does not play in multiplayer and the jackpot option is not available. Good news for players is the fact that the machine is compatible with mobile devices. Thanks to this, we can play everywhere on the phone or tablet with Android or Apple.

Mucha Mayana rules

The advantage of the Mayana Mucha Slot online is very interesting, but not very flashy graphics. The eye is not bombarded with large contrasts, and the visual elements are transparent. The number of details on the monitor is as it should be. Sound effects also have an interesting sound, and the service itself should not cause us a problem. In the lower part of the machine, the player has a Bet Ways button available. Here we can choose the height of the plant that interests us. This is a range from 0.50 to 100 euros. Minimalism was focused in the game, so there are no complicated settings here. We still have the ability to turn off the sound or turn on the use of spinning spaces (convenient function). You can also run the drum rotation automatically - Autoplay option. In Mayan's fly without registration, the maximum win is 6 of all plants, if we find 5 symbols of the red ritual mask. However, 5 cubes with a yellow leopard are a win in 3 factories. There are also less valuable symbols - four crystals:

  • violet
  • greenery
  • blue
  • white

They have the same coefficients, so for 5 pieces the player gets 0.32 of the plant, at 4 - 0.24, at 3 - 0.16 the amount of the plant.

Mucha's bonuses

What they like in Mucha Mayana for free online gambling enthusiasts are also attractive bonuses. In this slot, the re-spin function is valued, which can be activated if we draw 3 connected symbols in a row:

Symbol Win
Pink block do 32 euro
Gray block do 32 euro
Green block do 32 euro
Blue block do 32 euro
Frog do 200 euro
Owl do 200 euro
Tiger do 300 euro
Shaman do 600 euro

Please note that the winning symbols are blocked until additional matching to them increase the profitable combination by 1x, 2x and even 3x. In addition, Mayan's fly for real money offers another large bonus. If the player has rolls fully developed in the next third spin, you can count on a lot of payment. If the fortune is favorable to us, the Mayana Feature fly will start. This, in turn, means that our win will be multiplied even twenty times.