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Mystery Joker 6000 Slot is a game in which we have two meters to choose from. The basic wins will bring, but it is only on the bonus that they will be really high. Given RTP at a level above 96%, won in this game can be stunning. The leitmotif of this game is a secret: a mysterious joker, a mysterious wheel of fortune. Luckily Gra jackpot It is not a secret and we know that it is as much as 6,000 times the game bet. The creator of this game is Play’n Go. In Mystery Joker 6000 you will play for free on our website without registration. You don't have to log in or pay any deposit. This is a demo version of the game in which virtual tokens are the currency. Good training and preparation will be useful before the clash in online casino for real money.

Guilds Mystery JOKER 6000

Mystery Joker 6000 The game was created at Play’n Go. How to expect from this company's games, Mystery Joker 6000 Game automatic is a colorful video slot with unconventional solutions. It's all about two meters. As they work, we will learn from the rest of the review. The number of winning lines is 5. The drums in the game is 3rd. The game in the game is the product of the tokeon value and the number 10. The minimum plant is 0.1 loans, a maximum of 100 loans. By changing the loan value, we also modify their quantity. Mystery Joker 6000 Online has two different RTP coefficients depending on the meter on which we play. For a standard meter it will be 94.21%. For a great meter it will be a stunning 100.95%. We only play on the super counter with the winners, which we have won from the basic counter. The average RTP for both meters is solid 96.97%. Such high value is not often obtained, especially in games with such a small amount of drums.

There is no classic Wild or Scatter symbol in the game. Instead of a scatter, there is a special symbol of Joker and Super Joker, which perform the function of respondents and causing a mysterious circle, which is an interesting bonus round. Apart from the response of one of the drums, there is no other free spins. The machine has a well -prepared automatic game mode in which you can indicate many different conditions for suspension of drums regarding winnings, losses or moving to a super counter. The jackpot is the maximum win, which in this game is 6,000 times the value of the coin. The name of this game probably came from. There is no multi -person game mode. The mobile version of Mystery Joker 6000 is very well prepared. The phone is playing comfortably and pleasantly. The machine was created in HTML5 technology, so there will be no problems playing on various portable devices.

Slot Mystery Slot Joker 6000

Control gambling Located below the drums. Turn the drums with a green button. If we hit the win, this button turns into an arrow up, which transfers win to the second meter. Next to it is a blue button with a hand that simply receives winning. If we prefer to play on the second meter, the amount of our funds will appear on the super clock above the drums. They will not be added to our account until we download them back. We also make a blue hand button. On the right there is a yellow button that enters the automatic game settings. Under the "i" button describes the rules of the game, table payout and the course of winning lines. It is worth getting acquainted with the rules of the game. The information contained there is useful when playing. The stake changes "we modify the value of the token with a and downside. We see our stake in the "tokens" meter. The "plant" under the counter is always 10, it is a loan multiplier. The right plant is visible below the meter. The victory counter informs us about our last victory.

Bonuses in Mystery Joker 6000

The bonuses in the game rotate around the jokers. If two jokers appear on the two drums according to the winning line, then the response of this drum will be automatically made on which there is no joker. It doesn't matter if it will be the first, second or third drum. This function works only in the main game. We don't pay for this respin. If we hit 3 jokers on one winning line, the bonus round with a mysterious wheel begins. The mysterious circle was prepared like the Fortuna Circle. There are different wins in various fields. The arrow at the top indicates what prize we will get. There are no empty fields. We will always get something. Playing on a super meter instead of jokers, there are super jokers. When two appear in any positions, we immediately go to the wheel of Fortuna. Three jokers in any positions allow you to turn off the mysterious wheel three times. The highest win in the game is Jackpot, which is 6,000 times in the game. To get it, you need to arrange 3 Super Joker symbols according to the winning line. The payout table presents wins for the tool value 2 and the total plant 20.

Symbol CC
Cherries 40
Lemons 80
Grapes 120
Watermelon 160
Bells 200
Stars 240
Seven 400

Mystery Joker 6000 - in which casino to play for money?

Mystery Joker 6000 for real money is available in Hotline casino online. It is worth playing this game for money, because thanks to such a high RTP coefficient the chances of winning are high as few. The online casino is safe. They talk about it. The choice of games is very large, everyone will certainly find the right title for themselves. The casino is perfectly adapted for Australian players. The titles are translated so that everyone can handle it. Many different payment methods are also offered. To be able to derive from all the benefits of this casino, earlier registration and verification of your identity will be required.

Mystery Joker 6000 – opinia

Mystery Joker 6000 The machine is interesting Hotspot game, which, unlike other games, allows the player a lot. Some of the things happen automatically, but we have full control over others. It depends on us what we will play the meter and how the action continues. Mystery Joker 6000 is a well -refined game that is very playable and nicely made. Players will be delighted with her. We encourage you to play Mystery Joker 6000 for free.


Where can you play Mystery Joker 6000 for free?

A free game version is available, among others on our website.

What bonuses do mystery Joker 6000 automatic?

Mystery Joker 6000 contains jackpots that cause resps and turn the mysterious wheel of fortune.

How can you win real money by playing Mystery Joker 6000 Slot?

To win real money you will have to go to the online casino and play for cash.

Is it possible to play Mystery Joker 6000 a game machine?

The game was created in HTML5 technology, so you can easily play on every modern phone.