Phoenix Sun

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Certainly many of you are wondering how it is possible that Phoenix Sun Hot spot game machine He has as many as 7776 withdrawals from QuickSpin. QuickSpin is famous for their non -standard solutions in its video slots, the same is also the case with Phoenix Sun game.

By default, i.e. when playing on 3 rows of symbols, the number of payments is 243. The unique feature of Phoenix Sun, which is unlocking the fields located above 3 rows, allows us to develop our game screen up to 6 rows. The more unlocked rows, the more withdrawals we have!

You are also probably thinking about what symbols you will meet in Phoenix Sun Automat. In this incredibly original video slot from QuickSpin, the leitmotif is ancient Egypt, while the symbols include numbers and letters stylized as hieroglyphs and animals representing Egyptian idols.

If after our short introduction you want to play in Phoenix Sun for free, then we have very good news for you. On our website you can try the demo version of Phoenix Sun without registration. It is worth taking advantage of this opportunity and gain a valuable experience completely free. Why lose your hard -earned money on a draw in a slot game, since you have a demo version at your fingertips?

What do you need to know about the Phoenix Sun slot?

Phoenix Sun from QuickSpin is a video in which the player draws symbols on 5 drums. The maximum number of payments is exactly 7776.

Minimally in Phoenix Sun for real money we can bet 0.25 loans, the maximum amount of our plant can be as many as 100 loans. RTP provided by the manufacturer is exactly 96.08%.

Certainly amateurs of a large number of bonuses will be disappointed by the fact that in Phoenix Sun we do not have a scatter symbol. Fortunately, QuickSpin thought about something to wipe tears, because in this great video slot we have the opportunity to draw up to 2 different symbols of Wild. In addition, after drawing 5 symbols of Phoenix Wild, the player can win up to 8 free spins.

When it comes to amenities, Phoenix Sun doesn't have much to offer. Yes, we can enjoy the game on mobile devices or use the automatic game option, but there is, for example, the opportunity to play a multiplayer. Jackpot and bonus rounds are also missing.

The main rules of the game in the Phoenix Sun slot

Undoubtedly, the graphics in Phoenix Sun is impressive. Observing the Phoenix spitting with fire and unlocking the next fields in blocked rows is something really pleasant. The animations are simply well refined and you can see that the strength of QuickSpin is video slots. The interface itself is really simple and should not cause big problems to anyone.

All functions are available in the panel at the bottom of the game screen. On the right side of this panel we have the starting button next to which there are 2 small buttons responsible for accelerating the draw and starting the function of the automatic game. Immediately next to it, we also see a win from the last draw under the inscription "Win".

On the left from the inscription "Win" we have the ability to adjust the height of our plant. We can do this after clicking the arrow directed up or down next to the inscription "Total Bet".

Going further to the left, we have the inscription "Balance" and "Bet Ways". "Balance" is simply our balance, while "Bet Ways" informs us about the number of payments.

A beginner player should be most interested in 3 horizontal lines, also located on the left. It is after clicking this symbol that we will be transferred to information about bonuses and payments. The information tab is extremely important and you have to remember to always get acquainted with the rules of the game.

Are you probably wondering now how much you can win by betting on the minimum rate in Phoenix Sun? Let's look at the payment table we mentioned above:

  • 5 Pharaoh symbols = 1 loan
  • 5 symbols Cleopatra = 0.75 loan
  • 5 symbols of Anubis, BASTETE or SWARABERIE = 0.6 Loan
  • 5 symbols "A", "K", "Q", "J" or "10" = 0.2 loan.

Bonusy w Phoenix Sun

Certainly a positive surprise for you will be the fact that in Phoenix Sun online you will have the opportunity to draw up to 2 types of symbols of Wild!

The first of them, i.e. Phoenix Wild, has two functions:

  • The first is, of course, to replace all symbols on payments.
  • The second function is to unlock the fields located over 3 default rows of symbols.

In Phoenix Sun, as we have already mentioned, we can unlock up to 6 rows, which allows us to play at 7776 withdrawals! In addition, if the player manages to collect 5 Symbols of Phoenix Wild, then the player is rewarded with 8 free spins.

The second symbol of Wild has no special functions in Australian casinos. He replaces all symbols on the winning line, except for the symbols of Phoenix Wild.