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Red Hot Sevens Deluxe slot online

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe is an intriguing seventh slot from the ambitious studio of Promatic Games. At first glance, the machine looks classic, which, however, with closer knowledge of this slot turns out to be not entirely true. In fact, Red Hot Sevens Deluxe Promatic Games machine automat graphic, well -developed interface and full compatibility with browsers of mobile devices.

Where can you try Red Hot Sevens Deluxe Online for free and without any formalities? The Red Hot Sevens Deluxe slot without registration is available to all users of our website. Playing in machine for free, you will learn the principles of the machine and its mechanics, and thus you will prepare for playing in casino for real money.

The most important technical information about Red Hot Sevens Deluxe

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe Automat uses modern graphic effects, but besides, all aspects of the game present a typically classic style hot spot. So we have a board with 3 rows, 5 rollers and permanent 20 rewards in production from Promatic Games. The slot has a RTP parameter of 96.37%.

The plants can be shaped in ranges from AUD 0.2 to 200 for one turn. The machine has the Gamble option, which has an unusual mileage here. In addition, Red Hot Sevens Deluxe - a game created by Studio Promatic Games - deserves to be called a minimalist title. We will not find scatters, wild or any other special symbols on this slot. one-armed bandit It offers autoplay, but in a very basic version. Red Hot Sevens Deluxe works on browsers of mobile devices.

When it comes to the belonging of the machine from promatic games to some category of slots, you can indicate two: type 777 machines and 3D slots. Symbols appearing in the game and its general characteristics characterized by simplicity brought to extremes. However, the developer took care of the visual effects that look really modern. Red Hot Sevens Deluxe has a permanent jackpot, which is 5000 times the rate. Such a win can be ensured by the filling of all fields on the board with the symbols of "seven".

Where to start playing in Red Hot Sevens Deluxe?

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe for free and in a casino variety for real money seems to be a slot so simple that a large proportion of players will give themselves studying the rules of the machine. And indeed, the tab with the rules of the slot is very scant in the information. Promatic Games only informs us about:

  • RTP indicator,
  • the number of lines and drums,
  • jackpot height,
  • About the fact that the winnings obtained on various lines prizes add up with each other.

This last information is important from the perspective of the solvency of the slot, because we remember that Red Hot Sevens Deluxe has as many as 20 winning lines. The principles section and all other tabs with information and options are located on the left side of the board. Of course, we will also find Paytable (Cup symbol), i.e. a bookmark that presents payments for individual symbols with our current plant. We don't have too many options in the main game screen.

  • Under the inscription BET the player sees the amount of his plant (it is served in currency, not in tokens).
  • Bet arrows are intended for changing the rate to spin.
  • The Max Bet button is automatically setting the highest available plant.
  • The oval symbol of two arrows opens a small menu, where the player can turn on the autoplay and determine the number of automatic spins.
  • We will also see the Turbo button, so accelerating the game.

Interestingly, Turbo mode at Red Hot Sevens Deluxe is only available in automatic game. How to enter the Gamble option, which was mentioned earlier? Every time we win a turn, the board will show an additional icon on which the game cards and the "× 2" symbol will appear. Clicking this icon takes us to the Gamble option screen. We make drums in the Red Hot Sevens Deluxe slot with the arrow button.

Payments and special options at Red Hot Sevens Deluxe

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe is a slot almost devoid of special functions. We would like to remind you that we only have a permanent jackpot here (it does not belong to the permanent mechanics during the game, but only means the maximum available win) and the aforementioned Gamble option. The latter, however, has a rather interesting construction. By default, the plant in slots involves guessing the color of the card. In Red Hot Sevens Deluxe we have four covered cards, of which two are jokers. The player wins the bet if the exposed card is just a joker. The winning from the spin is multiplied by two. Otherwise, however, we lose their win.

Below the reader will find a detailed table describing the solvency of the symbols found in Red Hot Sevens Deluxe. We provide values for the script when our rate is 10 AUD and we can draw 4 the same symbols on the drums.

Symbol Award
Oranges, plums 25
Cherries, lemons
Grapes, watermelons 100
Golden stars 200
Seven 500

In the standard game, the highest win will be drawn by 5 seven. At the plant for AUD 10, our win will then amount to AUD 2,500. It is worth remembering, however, that in Red Hot Sevens Deluxe wins obtained on various lines can connect and accumulate. The highest possible win in general is Jackpot, which is a whole board filled with seven. For the factory for AUD 10, winning will then amount to AUD 50,000.

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe - is it worth playing this slot?

It can be said that Red Hot Sevens Deluxe is a representative of this species of vending machines that do not provide exaggerated entertainment when we play them on free demo versions, but which may prove to be highly solvent in the casino game. Why is Red Hot Sevens Deluxe for real money quite a favorable option? The Slot from the promatic games has a fairly high RTP, very beneficial solvency of symbols, and an additional flavor is a powerful permanent jackpot.