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Do you want to feel the atmosphere of American western? Join the game with an impressed Route 777 Slot. automatically hot spot Published in 2017 by Elk Studios, it is at the forefront of the gambling "Charts". Players reach for him for several reasons. One of them is undoubtedly a unique set of graphics, animations and sounds, where all elements can transfer you on a virtual journey through the wild west. The unique design is only the beginning of the advantages of this gambling machine. Meet the next one by reading our review. At any time, you can get close to what this machine looks like. Play Route 777 without registration on our website, on virtual money. You can treat it as fun, but as well, as gaining experience before registration in the casino for real money.

Characteristics of the Route 777 machine

At first glance you will see that you are dealing with a slot refined for perfection, where the quality of graphics, animation and spontaneous sound effects will make your senses quickly feel the atmosphere offered by the machine supplier. The drums were placed on an atmospheric highway, straight from the Wild West. Their arrangement looks quite standard, because they are 3 drums in 3 rows, guaranteeing as many as 17 withdrawal lines. The range of plants height ranges from a minimum 0.20 to a maximum of 100.00 for each turnover. The maximum win is also impressive, which can reach 400,000 tokens. Ah, we dreamed! Nay, fruit game It has a fairly high average percentage of reimbursement for players (RTP), whose producer Elk Studios determined at 96.3%. This means that on average, just so much percent of money, invested by players, returns to their account in the form of winnings. During the game you can hit the symbols of the skulls. Three of them activate 5 free revolutions, and during the bonus round you have the opportunity for the next Free spiny or even to launch the Fortuna circle, which is an opportunity for powerful winnings. In addition, when in the normal game mode on the first two drums you will hit two of the same sets of symbols, you will receive 5 re-spines, where the first two drums will be stopped at the time of re-turn. This option also almost always guarantees high winnings, which many players have already found out.

In addition, Route 777 The machine is equipped with an automatic playback function, where you can define the number of automatic drums. A big novelty when it comes to the slots that Elk Studios presented on the Route 777 is the ability to choose one of the game strategies: Optimizer, Leveller, Booster, Jumper, who will tell you how to start playing. Choose the most exciting strategy or create your own. As befits modern slots, Route 777 is also available mobile. You can start the machine on your mobile phone directly in the mobile browser.

Route 777 step by step

Shortly after the game screen is loaded, you can be a bit confused. Graphics and accompanying sound effects can be received that this slot is heavy to understand. However, nothing is more wrong. The manufacturer has found a suitable balance between all news, rich packaging and intuitiveness. The best proof of this is the fact that the Route 777 game machine is popular among both advanced and beginner players. In the central part of the screen there are vending drums. In the background, the highway and characteristic elements, associated with inseparably with the Wild West are visible. All control elements were placed in the form of large icons in the corners of the screen, and at the bottom there is a belt with the account status, a preview of the rate and winning.

  • In the upper left corner, using the list button, you can go to a tutorial, payment table and information about bonus rounds.
  • The left lower corner and pile of coins are a button used to choose the rate and/and one of the ready -made game strategies.
  • To the right, at the top you will find an automatic game icon.
  • In the lower right corner there is a Play button, used to cut the drums in a single move.

Always remember to get to know the current principles that were described in the game in the Route 777 for real money, which was described in the game itself.

Bonus options on the Route 777 slot

The machine is equipped with three bonus options, each of which is extremely desirable. These are re-spins, free turnover and a wheel of fortune.

Re-spin When you hit the same set of symbols on the first two drums, the machine activates the option of 5 re-spines. The first two drums will be stopped, and the third will rotate, generating high wins with a little luck.
free spins Three symbols of the skulls and receive 5 free spins. When you come across two more skulls during the bonus round, you will receive a random amount of free spins. When you can see 3 skulls, you will be moved to the wheel of Fortuna.
The wheel of fortune The most solvent bonus round on this machine. The drums will turn into 12 fields with seven and values assigned to them, and a fortune will appear above the drums. Three seven will be drawn, and you will get the corresponding amounts. However, the game can be stopped earlier, when unfortunately the wheel of fortune will point to the STOP symbol.

In addition to bonus rounds, it is also worth taking a look at how it looks at the Route 777 withdrawal table.

Symbol Max. win (x3)
Seven with a crown 7 000
Silver seven 1 000
Red seven 750
Blue seven 350
Bar 250
Gujawa 150
Lemons 100
Cherries 50

The machine, as you can see, has eight basic symbols, where the most valuable, as you can guess, are the title seven. However, look at them carefully, because there are four different types of seven in the game. For this there are bars and three fruit symbols, where, as you can easily guess, the least valuable are the cherries.

Route 777 - final conclusions and opinion

Did you like the Route 777 we described? It folds well, because it's really interesting automatically 777, and at the same time extremely technologically advanced. We like his bonus options, and especially the wheel of a fortune, which can be a guarantee of really powerful winnings. Verify all this yourself, playing in Route 777 for free. Treat this as a closer reading of the machine, and if after a dozen or so speed you find that it is - go ahead and go to the casino and try to have luck for real money. It remains for us to wish good luck and fun!