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If you want to play on a classic machine, but without leaving home, the Royal Seven game is practically created for you! Its uncomplicated principles, as well as the lack of difficult to understand additional functions, make anyone play on this slot and after a while the fun can try to win the greatest possible winnings. Classic symbols, as well as the appearance of the display and everything around the machine makes it also like veterans who started their adventures in physical casinos. And if you are not convinced of such a game, be sure to check Royal Seven for free - you can do it on our website, without any registration. To play, you don't have to pay funds to your account - the game will prepare virtual loans for you, which you will be able to bet on plants, and in the event of their exhaustion, just refresh the page to be able to play again!

What distinguishes Royal Seven?

We will say it directly - the Royal Seven Automat is distinguished primarily by a low input threshold. What does it mean? You don't have to be specialists in the field of slots to be able to have fun on it, because there are no complex bonus games, hard to get jackpots or complicated free spins. What's more - this is simply not here, because Royal Seven does not have a single symbol Scatter, Wild or any other bonus on its 5 drums.

However, this is not a disadvantage, but a great advantage of this slot. In the sheer volume of complex Royal Seven online machines, it allows you to relax after a hard day at work or completed training, guaranteeing us a simple gameplay. We will start the game even on a mobile phone or other portable device, so we can play, for example, on a bus or taxi.

In addition to the simple game, Royal Seven also offers a good RTP indicator of 96.1%. Playing on gambling machine We also have a lot of plants to choose from - from 0.10 loans for trading, up to 100 for one game. However, we will not see here free spinsSo we don't always have to play for the highest rates - they will give us the best chance to win a lot of loans.

If you are looking for something enabling automatic gameplay, we have good news - Royal Seven has such a function, allowing us to adapt its operation to our preferences - we can set autogra so that it turns off after a certain amount of winnings or losers, or when one victory brings us a specified the number of new loans. The German gamomat developer knew what he was doing to create Royal Seven, because despite its simplicity it is a breath of freshness, which is ending in the end against the background of hard to understand machines coming out every day.

How to play Royal Seven?

We have repeatedly mentioned that the fun on this machine is extremely simple and we support our words. It is worth remembering, however, that before playing on any machine you should read its regulations and the user manual. It is no different with Royal Seven. Information such as the payment table or accurate distribution of the winning lines can be found under the blue button located on the left side of the display.

Once you read the instructions and get to know the necessary information, you can start playing. Before it, choose the value of the plant - regardless of whether you play Royal Seven for real money or not, do not start immediately with the largest rates. Using the + buttons and - on the button with the stake, you will adjust the number of loans you want to bet. If you feel confident on such vending machines 777, you can also use the purple Max Bet button, which will automatically choose the largest value of the plant.

You run the machine with a green button with two round arrows. After pressing it, the drums begin their rotation. Do you belong to the impatient? We know this feeling, it also knows it - you can skip the animation by clicking the mouse (or touching the screen on the portable device). If you want the animation to be omitted each time, in the game options (you will find them under an icon with a gear in the upper corner of the screen) select Turbo mode.

When the symbols on the drums create a winning combination, it will highlight and the display will inform us exactly about our win. When there are several winning combinations, the winnings add up (but only the biggest win from each line is taken into account). With 10 lines, this gives a total of 10 chances to win during each turn! A transparent display and high -quality graphics, combined with a uniform background and clearly different symbols make the gameplay pleasant and easy to understand - and in the case of losing, it is easy to check why we were not able to gain new loans.

Extra withdrawals and bonuses at Royal Seven

We have already mentioned that the gameplay on this Hotspot machine does not belong to the most complex. There are no bonus games here or even 10 free spins, but this should not discourage the game. Instead, on the slot we can use the skills and a bit of luck, increase our win, even by several dozen percent!

To do this, we must win first. Before adding our loans to your account, the game will give us two options for the game to increase funds. The first is to bet on the color of the card, which will be drawn by the machine. If we hit correctly - and we only have two colors to choose from, so our chances are quite good - the amount of winning will be doubled. However, if you choose badly, the entire win amount will be lost.

The second of these games is a ladder called on the machine. By running it, you'll see a window with several different amounts, including your win. By pressing the button, you can "jump" to the field higher or lower, by increasing or decreasing the amount of winning, which is shown on the tile. You only lose when you fall on a tile presenting a win of 0 loans. If you find the highest, the game will also end, and you will get a payment equal to the amount shown on the tile.

In this game, it is primarily dexterity, because you decide at what moment the backlight is to stop. As with the previous game, here you can also lose all means. Payment table Royal Seven Game Automat, looks as follows (with a maximum plant):

Symbol CC kch Dirt
7 1,000 10,000 50,000
Watermelon, grape 500 2,000 5,000
Plum, orange, lemon, cherry 200 500 2,000

Royal Seven - is it worth playing?

Yes! This is an easy -to -use machine that will appeal to beginners - because it will not bombard their additional functions - as well as experienced players who are looking for a classic slot. Good audiovisual setting, an interesting way to increase your win, which additionally provides a lot of emotions - it is thanks to this that you can play so well at this slot. In addition, you can play Royal Seven without registration, which will allow you to see if this machine is what you are looking for. In our opinion? Yes, that's this one!