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Seven Seven - free online slot

The Seven Seven Slot is another really interesting proposition from the Swintt studio. Like many other production titles of this ambitious developer, also Seven Seven arcade game It very clearly refers to the style and mechanics of strictly classic Hot spot gambling machines. This does not mean, however, that the Seven Seven Online Slot is a typical classic automatic. Rather, we can talk here about the skilful use of modern technology to create a successful and highly playable position in the retro style.

What can we say about the manufacturer of the Slot Seven Seven, and therefore SWINTT studies? For now, this is not a supplier with a developed and widely recognizable brand. However, the company works dynamically, releasing further really successful productions. Therefore, it seems a matter of time more recognition, popularity among players and widespread access to SWINTT slots in the offers of the largest online casinos.

Is Seven Seven a difficult slot? Not. This is an easy -to -use machine with mechanics based on classic 777 slots. Nevertheless, the best option to familiarize yourself with the casino machine will always be played in the demonstration version. This is possible on our website. We offer the Seven Seven automatic for free, completely without registration. It is enough for the player to turn on the slot from the web browser window (this also applies to mobile browsers).

The most important information about the technical specifications of Seven Seven

How the mechanics look like one -armed bandit on a slot from Swintt? Seven Seven Automat Online offers us a classic board that has 5 × 3 dimensions. The slot is equipped with a fixed number of 5 prizes. In conjunction with the Return to Player (RTP) indicator, 94.35% and average variability gives moderate regularity of winnings. As for the species classification, Seven Seven plays from Swintt will be among the wide and popular category slots 777. We are dealing here with a more modern version of "seven", if only because SWINTT has written its HTML5 machine, so that the machine can be turned on on a smartphone or tablet without downloading the application on a hard disk.

The range of factories for turning in Seven Seven is from 5 to 10,000 tokens. The slot offers an autoplay function, under which we can set up to 500 automatic turns. The machine has a Scatter symbol and a gamble function found here in two variants.

How to play Seven Seven?

After we turn on the Seven Seven Slot without registration, we will immediately see the classic style of both the board and the interface. The SWINTT machine is devoid of spectacular visual effects. The graphics are simple and minimalistic here. An undoubted advantage is the simplicity and intuitiveness of the game and interface.

The game should be preceded by quickly familiarizing yourself with the payout table and the rules of the slot. Paytable and Rules are available under a button showing three horizontal stripes (lower laws of the screen). Next to the inscription Coins, the player sees the sum of his funds. Next to the BET inscription, the value of the plant on the spin is presented. Plus and minus buttons on both sides of BET are used to increase/reduce the plant. Thanks to the Auto Spin button, you can set the automatic game. We make the slot drums through a button showing two green arrows.

Payment table and bonuses in the seven seven slot

Unfortunately, Seven Seven does not offer the player a large range of solutions when it comes to bonuses. It can probably be said that in this aspect the creators of the slot even exaggerated with minimalism.

Gamble option It is the first bonus we can use by playing Seven Seven. Each victorious twisting of the slot drums allows us to enter an additional round, where the stake is to multiply the win value of 2 or 4 times or losing the victory from the spin. The player's goal is to guess the color of the covered card (multiplying the winning times 2) or to guess whether the covered card is PIK/Trefl/Kier/Karo (the win is multiplied by 4). However, if we miss it, we lose the amount of winning.
Symbol Scatter However, in the seven seven seven jumper, they do not lead to bonus rounds. Their only function is that they generate winnings regardless of how they will work on the game board. Drawing three or more scatters causes a win, regardless of whether the symbols are on the prize lines or not.

Below we present in the table the amount of winnings for all symbols that occur on the seven seven slot. The information provided is valid for the plant for the amount of 10 tokens and situations when we hit 4 such symbols.

Symbol Win
Plums, tomatoes 100
Lemons, oranges
Watermelons, grapes 400
Seven 2000
Fire ball (Scatter symbol) 100

Based on the above table, we can see that although the Seven Seven Slot does not have many bonus options, the game can bring powerful wins thanks to the really beneficial solvency of standard symbols. Even the hit of the combination of 3 lowest scored symbols (for example plums) means a multiplier of a win at level × 4, and with a hit of 4 symbols × 10. The biggest win on the slot machine will ensure us to hit 5 Syeniemka symbols. At the plant on 10 tokens, our win will then be an amazing amount of 10,000 coins. This means that betting 10 AUD for spin and hit 5 sevens will provide us with a win of AUD 10,000.

Seven Seven - Final Slot evaluation

So is it worth playing the SEVEN Seven Slot for real money? Our answer is: yes. The SWINTT machine seems almost an ideal proposition for those players who are looking for a typical casino slot without much emphasis on the variety of gameplay or a spectacular graphic design. Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of Seven Seven is the very high solvency of the symbols found in the game. Even the draw of the simplest symbols will not only balance the amount of our plant, but to multiply it. The skilful use of the Gamble option offers an additional option for a larger earnings. Slot defects? RTP at a level of just over 94%, however, is clearly less than we can offer other classic and easy -to -use vending machines. After all, Seven Seven is a title that deserves the most positive review.