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Sevens High - free online slot

Everyone is guided by different criteria when choosing a machine on which they want to play. For one, graphics and sound will be important, for someone else - a theme or additional functions. Still others, in turn, often look for something simple, which rules and action can be understood after a few minutes of reading rules and one or two games. All these reasons are equally important, and in this review we want to bring closer a position that will definitely interest the last group.

Sevens High Online is - at first glance - a fairly simple machine that many players will appeal to. The slot was created by QuickSpin, which has experience in creating engaging and at the same time not requiring games. Classic symbols, 5 drums and a dozen or so winning lines - but also an interesting bonus system, rewarding for subsequent winning speeds. If this description intrigued you and you feel like trying, in Sevens High you will play on our website for free - registration or paying funds to the deposit account is not required. And if you like the machine, after such training you can go to Online casinoswhere you will play for real money.

What distinguishes Sevens High?

First of all, with your topic - or maybe its lack? Increasingly, the creators race in inventing themes - they often take players to the period of antiquity, into space, or to fantasy worlds. QuickSpin decided to go in the opposite direction and create a machine in a traditional edition - on the drums we will find cherries and other fruits, seven and bells. All this will definitely appeal to older players who were brought up on such vending machines, but also for young novices, it will be a nice stepping stone from often tiring, complex topics.

5 drums, on which 25 winning lines are spread out, causes Sevens High to play quite easily, and you can count quite often on winning - RTP is 96.54%. Regardless of whether we play in Sevens High for real money or not, we can also choose different sums of factories - from 0.25 loans to as many as 100 for one turnover. Don't worry, however, because thanks to Wild symbols we will quickly enlarge our balance, and Scatters will guarantee us a lot free spins - If happiness is good, you can get them forever.

In addition, the slot also offers the option of autographs - something that will convince the machine to watch the game and the occasional approval of subsequent games. In turn, those who prefer to play on mobile devices should also think about playing on this machine - Sevens High will adapt to our device, so that the game will be possible on a tablet or smartphone, regardless of their display. Only a browser and internet connection are needed to play.

How to play the Sevens High machine?

Despite the fact that the operation of the slot is simple, and its functions itself - transparent and logical - should be familiar with the user manual and the regulations before starting the game. Especially the latter is important - you will learn from it what the winning lines look like, you will learn about the payout table or learn about the conditions of free spin. In the instructions you will also find an explanation for the improved Wild symbols. All this and more valuable information can be found by pressing a button with three horizontal stripes, on the left. Then select a question mark.

Once you get acquainted with the instructions, you can start the game. Select the bet - you will do it by pressing the button with the inscription Total Bet. The drop -down list will allow you to choose one of the already prepared amounts, but if you only want to increase or decrease the plant by one value, you can do it by pressing buttons with arrows. After selecting the amount of the plant, you can start the drums.

If during the game you are not sure how many loans are left, you will check your whole balance on the left side of the display - the amount showing next to the Balance's inscription is your account. If you want to speed up the operation game machine, you can do it with the button next to the start button (it is marked with a rounded arrow). The Auto button is also above the rotation button. When we press it, the game will allow us to choose how many automatic turnover it is to make, and after pressing the Advanced button, the list with additional functions will develop.

All the fun in Sevens High Automat is extremely simple and satisfying, all thanks to a clear, simple to understand display. High resolution graphics leave no illusions that the symbol has been drawn, and the climate of a traditional casino will strengthen pleasant music.

Free speed and multipliers in Sevens High

W Hotspot game There were also bonuses and extra games. The most important is the SCATTER symbol, which when we draw 3 of its symbols, will reward us with 10 free spins. In addition, each subsequent drawing of 3 symbols Scatter will guarantee us more spins during a free game. The symbol stands out from the others, because it is decorated with a great bonus inscription - it is impossible not to notice it!

Sevens High The game machine also has Wild symbols in two variants. The first is ordinary Wild (appears as an icon with this inscription). We have to earn the second one - winning several games in a row. On the left side of the display there is a special counter - the more winning games, the more it becomes filled.

After each 2 winnings, he unlocks the new Wild icon (with colorful 7 on a golden background), which replaces normal 7. Thanks to this it will be easier to get a lot of these symbols and significantly enlarge our win. In a bonus game, getting this special Wild symbol also rewards us with bonus turnover. Remember, however, that when you start such a series of victories, you can't stop it until failure. And how exactly do won in Sevens High? Here is a payment table with prizes for a rate of 100 loans:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Every wild 80 200 2,000
7 40 80 200
Star, bell 40 80 160
Fruit 12 40 100

Sevens High - our opinion

Fun with this machine 777 She is sure. It does not require much experience - indeed, it does not require it at all - to guarantee a lot of emotions and positive impressions. It is particularly exciting to get more bonuses for winning in a row - it's a great way to encourage you to play again, that maybe you can fall into a sequence of a few great games, where each will offer us even more winnings.

Great graphics, a classic leitmotif that everyone will like and a good chance of a big won - this is what, in our opinion, attracts so many players in front of this slot. But find out for yourself, because you can play Sevens High without registration on our website, which we strongly encourage!