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You don't always feel like a complex machine. Sometimes we need something simple, easy to understand and most importantly - offering hours of fun with the chance to win high wins. Super Sevens online is perfectly fitted. This is a machine that guarantees an engaging gameplay and simple rules. The game was released by a smaller Oryx studio. This does not mean, however, that the machine is of inferior quality. On the contrary. Thanks to their retro motifs and a simple construction Hot spot gambling gamesDoes he already have any experience with them. You can play on our website for free. This will allow you to test the machine and allow you to accurately understand its operation and rules. In this way you will prepare for real rates!

What distinguishes the Super Sevens slot?

As we wrote, this is a fairly simple slot. Its construction strongly refers to classic video machines - 5 drums appear on the display, each is divided into 3 lines. 5 winning lines are spread on them. The Super Sevens game machine is also a relatively cheap slot - the smallest bet costs here only 0.05 loans. Of course, the less you put, the lower your winnings will be. If you want to play for large amounts, you will need to erect higher factories - the most expensive one is 100 loans!

In the game it is not difficult to pay frequent payments - its RTP is 96%, which is the standard in the industry. Super Sevens game is also available on mobile devices, so you can play everywhere! The only thing you can attach to the machine is the number of special symbols available on it. SUPER SEVENS for real money has only the SCATTER symbol, which offers the acquisition of free revolutions. About this, however, a little more later! online gambling game It also has an automatic game mode, unfortunately with only the most basic function - i.e. setting the total number of games. The player will not be able to adapt autographs to their needs, e.g. by setting an automatic shutdown when you reach the appropriate win.

How to play the Super Sevens machine?

It is worth starting each game on the machine by reading the user manual. For this game, you can find it by pressing the button in the lower left corner. From the drop -down menu, then select Game Rules. These are only available in English, so their thorough understanding will require language skills. Of them, you can read, among others, the operation of a bonus game, functions of various buttons or setting up the plant. To make your game easier, we will go through the gameplay starting process - thanks to this, even without knowing the language you will be able to play comfortably! To change the value of the plant, press on the BET or Button + and - to adjust the plant. If you press on the field, a separate menu will open, from which you will be able to conveniently choose the amount of the game.

After setting this, you can start the slot by pressing the round button on the right. Next to it there is also a car button, which you will start autographs. You see your available funds in the Credit field. Next to it there is a Turbo button - after pressing it, the drum speed will be much faster. At the menu button there is a button that can be turned off the sounds from the game. These, however, fit well with the climate of the slot and are quite pleasant - so it's not worth giving up them! During the game, you can also press on any symbol on the drum - its value will be displayed for all combinations. At the time of winning, the winning line is also clearly marked on the machine.

What are the possible bonuses to get in Super Sevens?

As we have already mentioned, the only bonus is free games. These can be obtained 5.10 or 15, for the right capture of 3.4 or 5 Super Seven symbols - these are colorful seven. At the time of obtaining the necessary quantity, a special mode starts. In it you can get another free turnover, and classic symbols 7 are converted into special Wild symbols, available only in bonus game.

The Super Sevens Automat, in addition, unfortunately does not offer other bonuses. free spins On the other hand, according to many, the best of the bonuses available on machines, so for many it will be a satisfactory number of bonuses. In addition to a special symbol seven game It has quite classic characters known from traditional Bandit single -armed games. Soon, plums or cherries will appear on the drums! You can also win quite a lot of amounts on the machine. How high? Below we have prepared a table payment table worth 1 loan.

Symbol CC kch Dirt
7 Wild 20 100 1,000
7 5 40 200
Watermelon, grape 4 20 100
Plum, orange 2 10 40
Lemon, cherries 2 6 25

Where can you play Super Sevens?

W Slottyway casino You can easily play in Super Sevens. It is a safe place and has all necessary licenses and permits. Thanks to this, your winnings will be paid on time, and you will not risk high penalties for those playing in illegal places. What's more, this casino has a wide range of games and vending machines, so you can easily find many slots that you like. It is also a site prepared for Poles - it has various payment methods and enables Game for money - However, only after creating an account.

Super Sevens - is it worth playing?

Undoubtedly, this is a machine worth attention. Even despite the fact that he doesn't have many bonuses to get, the Super Sevens Slot is addictive and guarantees a lot of fun. However, if you want to find out without paying for the game, be sure to play Super Sevens without registration on our website. This will allow you to test the slot without paying the deposit. When you finish playing for free you will definitely want to play for real money - after such training on our website you will certainly be doing great!


Is Super Sevens available for free?

Yes, if you decide to play on our website - you will test the version of the machine demo here, completely free!

Does the Super Sevens automatic have bonuses?

The only vending machine bonus are free spins, which you can get as many as 15, and in bonus mode it is possible to get them additional quantity.

Can I play for real money in the Super Sevens Slot?

To be able to play for real rates, go to a legal, certified internet casino. This slot is popular in many places, so you won't have problems finding a casino with this game.

Can I play on the phone in the Super Sevens Game Automat?

By all means, the slot is well adapted to various mobile devices. Only a browser on the phone is needed to start it!