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Tetri mania - free game machine

Tetri Mania Online is an interesting project of the Wazdan company. The game is a standard slot that tries to refer to the popular game about laying blocks. Everything has been implemented in a nice style, which will certainly appeal to people who still like to go back to Tetris today.

This is an extremely simple game, which science should take literally a few minutes. Wazdan made every effort so that every fan could thoroughly get acquainted with their productions. That is why we recommend first to run Tetri Mania for free to be able to try all the curiosities related to this title to go to the version of the game for real money with acquired experience.

Tetri Mania slot functions

The Wazdan studio has created a gaming machine, at first glance, which is not special, except for the interesting presentation of the world. Tetri Mania Automat is a simple machine with 4 drums and 3 rows of symbols. Wins are created on 9 lines. It is worth paying special attention to the RTP factor, which is up to 96.5%here, which means that it is not difficult to win here. The average variability of winnings ensures that from time to time you get better, but also worse paid combinations.

The minimum plant that can be bet on a single barbell rotation is 0.1; And the largest - 100. With such a discrepancy, everyone will find a suitable type of gameplay here. The game also contains typical bonus functions. You can come across Wild and Scatter, which launches the round with free spins. There is no jackpot here, but filling the screen with selected symbols, provides doubling the whole win, which can bring a considerable fortune.

If someone wants to play in Tetri Mania, plays on portable devices, they can start it from the browser level without any problem. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and you can play in this interesting machine without any problem.

Gameplay on the Tetri Mania machine

Tetri Mania The game machine was released in 2013. When it comes to gaming machines, it is a time gap, which should be visible in the game and graphics. In this case, there is no question of something like that. The machine is implemented in a graphic style, referring to the popular game about laying blocks, which meant that it does not get old at all. Tetri mania automatic is still nice and if someone does not check the date of release, he will not have to know that they are dealing with slightly older production.

An interface with a mass of various buttons has been placed at the bottom of the machine. The most important of them is on the right. This is a circle with turning arrows and is responsible for the drawing of symbols on the drums. In the middle of the lower belt there are buttons from setting up the plant, and on the left the game options and information.

By clicking "i", the card with information about winnings and special functions that appear during the game is launched. It is very important to start the game with these data before. They shed light on all the most important aspects of fun.

There may be 9 different symbols on the machine screen, which at the plant of 1 and combinations with 4 pictures on the line, pay:

  • 9, 10 – 4,
  • J, Q – 6,
  • K – 20,
  • A – 40,
  • question mark - from 50 to 200,
  • dollar (scratter) - 30 free spins,
  • joker – 500.

In addition, hitting the entire screen with symbols ensures doubling prizes for all combinations.

Special functions of the Tetri Mania machine

During the game you can come across several interesting special functions.

wild It turns with all symbols related to game cards and additionally doubles the potential win for the combination
SCATTER The hit 3 and 4 symbols with dollar, respectively, provides a bonus round with 15 or 30 free spins
Question mark The hitting combination with this symbol is always unknown. The win is random and its discrepancy is very large. That's why you never know how much you can win

It is worth playing in Tetri Mania without registration to try all these functions without risk.

Tetri Mania - our opinion

Older players certainly have a fondness for one of the most popular games from several decades ago. Tetri Mania is an interesting journey in time, with a seemingly simple automatic. At first, it seems that you are dealing with another very simple machine to quickly see that it offers very interesting possibilities. It is worth playing in Tetri Mania for real money and find out which special function will join with the next spin.