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Netent is a company probably known to all fans online gambling games. They have been operating on the market for many years, and they have dozens of recognized productions. The most popular are Twin Spin Slot, which we review today. Already at the start it is worth noting that we are not surprised by the presence of this machine at the tops of popularity rankings - the game is very well developed, and despite its simple gameplay it can draw for long hours, offering exciting gameplay. The slot does not hold any of the popular topics, mixing various symbols with each other, and also focusing on an unusual, futuristic graphic design. To all this, we can add an interesting additional function, high wins and thus receive a recipe for a really good slot. You can easily find out about its quality yourself - in Twin Spin without registration you can play on our website. Just run the machine and start the game. The demo version will not reward you with money, but it will allow you to get acquainted with your action thoroughly automatic hot spot And it will allow you to practice before playing for real resources!

Construction of a Twin spin machine

When discussing any machine, it is worth starting by introducing its thorough construction and design. So how does Twin spin online look like? It is a game made of 5 drums and 3 lines, which makes it a fairly standard machine. What distinguishes the game from the crowd is the number of winning cobblements - the game has as many as 243. There are no classic lines here, and combinations are built on the basis of the same symbols on subsequent drums. Considering this, you can be surprised by the RTP of this machine - it is as much as 96.55%, which is a really high result. This indicator determines the theoretical chance to return the invested money - the greater the better for the player.

For the player, the amount of the plant will also be important - in Twin Spin, 0.25 loans should be bet on real money. The game for the lowest rate will reward us with much smaller winnings compared to what you can get by playing at a maximum rate, i.e. 125 loans. The machine also has an automatic game mode, thanks to which we will not have to start games after each turn. AutoGra also has several advanced functions, which is always a big . Netent production can also be played on phones or tablets. To enjoy the game, all you have to do is run the slot through the web browser - the game will automatically adapt to the resolution of our equipment, guaranteeing comfortable and pleasant fun! What we lacked in Twin Spin is the opportunity to get free spins or access to a bonus game - this slot rewards, however, with the presence of other bonuses, about which more in a moment.

The course of the game in Twin Spin

Let's talk a bit about the game on machine 777. The slot can be launched with a middle, round button - but before pressing it it is worth adjusting the gameplay rate. This can be done by pressing the buttons in the levels and the value of the coin. The final price of the game is visible at the bottom of the screen. The player can also choose the maximum amount by pressing the maximum stake button. However, we do not recommend starting from the maximum bets to the start - this is the shortest way to quickly losing all our means to play! Before starting the game, it is also good to get acquainted with the rules of the game. You will find them under the "i" button, which is located on the left side of the display. You will learn the exact functions of the game there, and also watch all the symbols on the machine, together with the winnings assigned to them. The text version of the instructions can be found under the "?" Button, placed at the bottom of the screen. It is good to read the instructions before the game, regardless of your experience with various online vending machines. On the side, we certainly have to include the Twin Spin Slotytrack design, which - regardless of what device we play - it is very readable and allows you to easily distinguish all symbols. It is also well animated, which further increases the pleasure of the game.

Special functions Twin Spin

Special functions and bonuses are what players in slots love the most. What can be found on this machine? His first bonus is the Wild symbol, which works similarly to other vending machines - it replaces any other symbol, thus allowing us to get additional winnings. In addition, the Twin Spin Game Square also has a special function with duplicated drums. Random, during each turnover, at least 2 drums will be duplicate, guaranteeing the same symbols on both. This means that we get even more chances of winning, which in combination with high RTP means that you can win really much money here! In addition to huge winnings, you can also get regular wins here, which are not worse at all. They look as follows for the plant on level 1:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Crystal 50 250 1,000
7 30 150 500
Bar 15 100 400
Bell, cherries 10 75 250
A, K, Q 4 15 40
J, 10, 9 3 10 25

Twin Spin - what casino should you choose for the game?

This question must be asked by anyone who wants to play on this machine. If you plan to play for real money, be sure to choose casino. It is a fully legal place in our country, and licensed - you can therefore put your money here without fear. The casino allows you to pay them in many different ways, which for many players should be a big . In addition, you will also find many different productions here, so not only Twin Spin game will be at your disposal. If you plan to play for money, remember to first create an online casino account!

Twin Spin - our opinion about the game

At the end we had to sum up our opinion on this machine. We can recommend the game with a pure heart - production is refined and guarantees a lot of emotions, so it will certainly appeal to experienced and beginner gamblers. Before you start playing for real rates, however, take a moment to play Twin Spin for free on our website - it will help you prepare for a serious game in online casino!


Where can I play Twin Spin for free?

If you want to test the demo version slot, be sure to check the free version on our website. You will play it even without registration!

What bonuses can you get at Twin Spin automatic?

The main bonus of the machine is the Wild symbol. In addition, the machine has the drum cloning function.

Can you play Twin Spin Slot for real money?

Yes, you can play for real rates on this machine - remember to always do it at legal online casinos.

Can you play a game on your phone in Twin Spin?

The slot is possible to start on any portable device on which you have access to a web browser - also on phones!