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At the tops of the popularity lists in the themed themed slots category, the subject of today's review is a high position - the White Rabbit gambling game produced by the Big Time Gaming studio. White Rabbit is a game created on the known principles of drum games. Her phenomenon is an interesting topic and ubiquitous action. Players praise this production for good proposals for prize payments, but above all they mention the attention of bonuses. According to players' accounts, the slot has the function of Mega Ways, which guarantees great emotions in the case of bonus rounds.

On the occasion of the review, we will delve into the world of the title White Rabbit and check what his animal life looks like. Thanks to the free game in demo mode, we can test the slot playing as on real terms. On this basis, today's review will be created, to which we cordially invite you. By the way, we enable readers to play free rounds at the White Rabbit machine without registration and without a deposit. Pour to the end of the article and find out why our experts recommend this game, and check the reviews about the machine. We start!

White rabbit configuration

At first glance, the slot is distinguished by a colorful screen. It installed a rotating screen for the game created using 5 drums. The symbols are drawn on a maximum of 5 winning rows, with the difference that some icons can take up much more space because they cover several fields at the same time. With the progress of playing in the series, the screen may be significantly enlarged with the number of winning lines.

Anyway, the game transfers the player into an amazing and fairy -tale atmosphere. The game of the game takes place among mysterious monsters and animals. Gambling Settle the winnings for hitting symbols from 3 the same icons on preliminary 400 winning lines, also called Mega Ways. White rabbit automatic is classified as adventure fantasy games. The Slota producer is an experienced software developer for gambling casinos - Big Time Gaming.

The game is available in the rare FEature DROP purchase option, i.e. the option of buying a free turns package. A classic game is taking place for attractive rates. Each player will find something for themselves here, because the compartment begins with a minimum bet of 0.01 tools, and ends with the possibility of putting as many as 20 tokens for one spin. Of course, White Rabbit The Game Author has many bonuses, including free turns, Wild and Scatter icons. In Hotspot game There are interesting multipliers, and players can use the autoplay game for free. A sensational mobile game mode awaits for trained mobile players, which is of course free and works without charges on any equipment without Adobe Flash additives.

Report from the game White Rabbit

White Rabbit is an easy -to -use game. Her command center is in the main view, next to the rotary drums. Immediately after starting, the player gains access to the game options and settings, including trading rate adjustment, automatic mode activation options, feature options and the reference to the regulations. All buttons, as well as the whole envelope around the game are very friendly graphics. The slot is designed to move the player into a forest, but slightly fantastic animal atmosphere. The background of drums is an animated board on which activated additional functions are visible, through the interaction of the character. We noticed some interesting dependencies during the game tests. The slot has many hidden bonus functions and really pays various types of winnings. So let's get to know the functions before the first turn to know how to behave in traction of additional games.


A long list of bonuses in the game is a curiosity in White Rabbit. At first glance, the slot does not look rich in promotions. Ultimately, the machine offers a lot of modes, including several complicated possibilities, which we will talk about in this paragraph. In the foreground, there is always a payment table in gambling. This is the most popular way of settling any wins in drum games. Payment tables are a presentation of won proposals for individual rates. In the White Rabbit game, an example of such a table in line with the regulations looks like this:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Princess symbol 5 10 25
Red jewels 0,5 1 5
Blue jewels 0,3 0,5 3
Green jewels 0,3 0,5 2
Icon A 0,2 0,3 2
icon to 0,2 0,3 1,9
Icon 0,1 0,3 1,5
Icon J 0,1 0,3 1,3
Iicon 10 0,1 0,2 0,7
PP 9 0,1 0,2 0,6

A large number of icons in the game is a lesser chance of winning. In the case of mega Ways and in a large screen, such dependencies do not matter. In White Rabbit, the online game counts on every turn, because these may be the key. Feature functions are another matter related to bonuses in White Rabbit. These are fully original solutions from BTG, unheard of any other casino games. In the short version, their action looks as follows:

  • Caterpillar mode - while playing at a random moment the slot generates an icon covering up to 4 fields. The generated icon has a Wild symbol function.
  • Cupcake mode - another chance to generate additional icons. This time, two elements can replace symbols for other, any of the payments.
  • Retrigger mode - in this mode the player can accumulate Golden BTG coins. Collecting the entire set guarantees the activation of the princess symbol and additional Wilds.
  • Feature Drop - a function mentioned at the beginning, which is responsible for buying an immediate package of free turns.

Finally, it remains to explain the functionality of the other two icons in the game. These are classic symbols known from other games with well -worn but still significant meaning:

  • Scatter - a special icon with the option of activating the 15 free spins. A minimum of 3 SCATTER symbols are an opportunity to receive a prize.
  • Wild - a symbol from the option of replacing any icons in incomplete combinations.

White Rabbit - end of the review

Summing up the review of White Rabbit, it is worth gathering the most important information. The machine bodes very well due to many bonuses. Manufacturers were not afraid to implement their own functions that might as well prove to be a total misfire. In this case, everything went according to plan, and this game configuration caused a lot of stir and the constantly increasing popularity of the machine on the web.

Personally, we liked the game, thanks to the unusual topic and the possibility of buying free revs Without searching for scatter icons. Thanks to a little luck, you can quickly fulfill your whims. We recommend the White Rabbit machine for free on our part. Our version of the game allows you to test and gain experience before starting to win real amounts in White Rabbit for real money. The game starts without registration, with one click on a special button. Don't wait and check your happiness!