Free Hot Spot gambling games

Our website is a place where you can count on a wide selection of hot spot games, free fruit games and seven games. These are one of the most popular gambling machines on the market, which, with their appearance, often refer to bar vending machines. That is why Hot Spot games use popular symbols, systems, and mechanisms similar to traditional uploading machines. By the way, they are very popular because of the quite common and high wins. Among other things, they are also referred to as hot, i.e. hot.

On our website you can count on completely free Hot Spot Online games. Although these are not classic machines for money, you can count on a lot of fun here, as well as opportunities for training before playing for cash. We offer our guests Hot Spot games for free from leading software manufacturers on the market. It is important that more than one online casino It has such productions in its offer. That is why our Hot Spot games can certainly be used for training. All gambling are available for free with us, without the need for registration, logging in or downloading any software on our part. You can also often play in mobile devices.

What are Hot Spot gambling games?

Hot spot vending machines are our specialty. We are able to propose different types of free people to those interested gambling for free 77777which will certainly appeal to. These are classic gaming machines that are easy to use and have a not very complicated construction. They usually consist of 3, 4 or 5 drums, as well as have several payment lines. It is very important that their name simply came from the titles of classic vending machines, which in particular came from the Novomatic brand valued on the market. It is she who has such titles such as Sizzling Hot or Ultra Hot.

A typical game from the Hot Spot series is the best reproduction of classic gambling vending machines. Therefore, the set of our slot machines will be particularly interesting for people who grew up on bar machines. Hot Spot Online productions presented on our website are titles that are characterized by the simplest mechanics. At the same time, they have only a few function buttons, characteristic symbols on the rollers such as fruits, seven, symbols of bar, stars.

Free Hot Spot games available on our website are titles that, although they use classic solutions, are adapted to modern gameplay. Such a hot spot of the game can be found with us both in traditional graphic design and in a completely new one, which is much more nice to the eye, and at the same time giving a good first impression. We have no doubt that Hot Spot Online games will appeal to both older and experienced players, as well as those younger, beginners. Certainly our hot spot games are so popular among Australian players for several reasons:

  • We guarantee free access at any time,
  • We provide a large selection of games and functions,
  • We offer classics and new productions,
  • We operate in accordance with the law,
  • We do not require data or logging in,
  • The real atmosphere of the casino is felt thanks to us.

The most popular free hot spot gambling games

The development of the industry and the Hot Spot category itself is associated with both pros and cons for the player. On the one hand, you can be glad that these games are becoming more and more popular, and we have a lot of their choice. On the other hand, a large list of titles means that it is difficult to choose the best or some of the best titles for yourself. Fortunately, we try to help Internet users in good choice. We test each game before adding it to our base, we describe its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you can find interesting reviews of Hot Spot games. Thanks to this, our guests can have an easier choice for themselves for the right productions from this species.

Sizzling Hot

Sizzling Hot This is a game machine, which is produced by the previously mentioned brand Novomatic. It belongs to the whole group of Sizzling Hot vendors, which he initiated in fact. This is a classic Hot Spot machine, which, together with the extensive version of Deluxe, has been enjoying great interest from players for years. Sizzling Hot Online is a machine that is made of 5 drums and 3 rows. The manufacturer placed 5 winning lines in it. The player can choose between 1 and 5 lines, which affects the height of the plant, as well as the chances of winning. It is very important that Sizzling Hot is not only a hot spot machine, but also a fruit.

You can find here symbols such as plums, oranges, grapes, watermelons, lemons and cherries. There are 7, stars next to them. In this game, the most valuable symbol are 7. If we manage to draw up to five such symbols on the line, we automatically get our plant multiplied 1000 times. At quite high rates, the maximum win can be extremely impressive. However, this hot spot game does not have any bonus games or special symbols that guarantee even free spins. Still, it is a game especially worth recommending.

Ultra Hot

Ultra Hot This is another free one -armed Hot Spot bandit from the Novomatic brand. However, this is definitely a classic production, which in the most similar way resembles old throwing machines. It consists of 3 drums with 3 rows of symbols. The manufacturer also placed 5 winning lines here, whose numbers cannot be changed. We have the opportunity to bet here both low and high rates. Symbols such as: 7, stars, bar, plums, lemons, oranges and cherries, as well as X, are available in the Ultra Hot Online game. The Ultra Hot game is a very simple hot spot that does not contain special symbols or bonus games. Players, however, can use the popular Gamble option at 50 to 50 for doubles in the case of the winning system. In addition, there is a Bet Max option here.

Always hot

Always hot Spot is another work of the Novomatic brand, which is very similar to Ultra Hot with its appearance and functionality. This is another very simple gambling machine in our list, which is similar to bar sheet machines. On the screen, he looks quite like a game associated with former one -handed bandits. It consists of 3 drums with 3 rows of symbols. The manufacturer put 5 permanent winning lines here. The player can put between 10 and 1000 loans. On the drums, in turn, symbols such as: 77, stars, watermelons, grapes, bells, oranges, plums, lemons, cherries. You can count on the biggest winnings in the case of 3 x 77, where the machine pays from 600 to as much as 60,000 loans. Also in this case we will not find any special symbols or bonus games in Always Hot. However, here the Gamble option is present.

Ultimate Hot

Title Ultimate Hot This one is another proof that the Hot Spot Vehicles are very popular among players. This time, however, we are dealing with production from EGT. Therefore, this hot spot game is significantly different from the previously described titles. First of all, it is a newer throwing machine, which is characterized by nicer graphics and a sound layer. In this case, Egt also introduced 3 drums with 3 rows of symbols, as well as 5 permanent winning lines. We will meet here symbols such as 77, stars, watermelons, grapes, bells, plums, oranges, lemons, cherries.

Each player can choose 1, 2 or 3 loans. This affects the rate and final win. Therefore, you can bet on a single rotation for 5 and 300 loans. The highest reward is winning with 3 x 77, where you can get from 300 to even 18,000 loans. This Hot Spot machine also contains the Gamble option. However, the symbols of Wild, Scatter or bonus games are missing. It is important, however, that the game has 4 progressive jackpots, where you can win up to 4 million loans!

Burning Hot

This hot spot game is another work from Euro Game Technology. In many ways it resembles the previous title. The biggest difference, however, is that EGT put 5 drums instead of 3 this time. The other most important elements have not changed. Also in this case we are dealing with 5 winning lines, 3 levels of loans. The minimum plant is also 5 loans and the maximum 300. In case of Burning Hot online However, you can count on special symbols. Next to 7, grapes. watermelons, bells, cherries, lemons, plums and oranges are also a four -leaf clover and a dollar symbol. The first plays the role of the Wild symbol, which replaces the standard signs on the drums. Scatter is associated with higher winnings. You can count on the highest rate thanks to five 7. Then there are as much as 180,000 loans to be won! The game also has a gamble option, such as 4 progressive jackpots with winning up to 4 million loans.

Bonuses in Hot Spot gambling games

The attractiveness of Hot Spot games is strengthened by public bonuses for meeting the requirements or unscrewing the appropriate symbols in the series on the machine screen. Each slot has an individual list of symbols according to which it settles hits. Symbol lists in the gaming regulations have their values that define the amount of final payment of winning player. Most Hot Spot games operate on well -known icons:

  • fruitful (oranges, cherries, plums, grapes, lemons),
  • gambling (happy seven, bells, bar bar, stars),
  • thematic (Icon Heroes, Wild, Scatter).

The main aspect that encourages players to play on this type of machines are high wins multipliers and high values of each icon from the payout table. Hot Spot players can win real cash without any restrictions according to the Slota regulations. Of course, most casinos, the same way, our site offers a free demo game as part of the tests, in which users can experiment and gain experience before real gameplay. Free Gambling Hot Spot Demo slot machines are the perfect mapping of the game for real money, and the only difference is the rates for free tokens. Mechanics and the offer of bonuses in demo games are no different from the full version of vending machines. Bonus in the form of bonuses for playing free gambling games Hot spot machines can encourage and drive players to continue playing. Promotions for creating an account and playing in these slots usually occur in the form of:

Depositless bonus This bonus is considered the most exclusive, players love him for the possibilities of playing real money without making a deposit. The player receives free money to play according to his preferences.
Welcome bonus Welcome bonuses for new players are usually a bonus in the amount of the percentage multiplier of the first payment or a set of free games.
Free games bonus Bonus for Hot Spot Free Games and Free Spins are an attractive offer that allows players to play a certain number of spins in the designated game as part of bonus means of trading according to the regulations.

Hot spot games for free and without registration

Most of Hot Spot games available on the market are available in our gambling. Everyone can now try their hand at a free game without registration and logging in according to real gambling rules. The only condition for starting any game on our website is having a link to the Internet and browser. By launching Hot Spot Online games for free without registration in the search engine window you can test without restrictions by training before real fun for real money. Already use our reviews and free games. Our site was created for players who are looking for their dream machine and want to test various machines without any restrictions.

The pros and cons of the game hot spot

When thinking about the attractiveness of Hot Spot games, it is worth looking for a few disadvantages and advantages that will help to assess their true attractiveness without paying attention to the false opinions of Internet users, who are not unprofitable or irresponsible to play rounds without any prior preparation. Many players value free Hot Spot gambling games for numerous advantages, and some indicate their disadvantages. After writing hundreds of reviews and daily tests of various types of slots, our editors have created a short list of pros and cons of playing on modern Hot Spot vending machines:


  • known icons and gambling symbols,
  • many attractive bonuses,
  • easy to use games,
  • many additional modes improving the game,
  • An unlimited list of various topics and manufacturers of Hot Spot games.


  • similar mechanics in every gambling title,
  • Repeated promotions.

Hot spots history

It is very important that available on our website Hot spot machines for free come directly from the absolute classics of the genre. It was this type of games that in the 1980s and 1990s dominated in ground casinos, game salons or later in Australian bars, clubs and discos. Of course, at first, such hot spot machines were extremely simple. They consisted only of 3 drums, as well as 1 or 3 withdrawals. In this way they drew from tradition single -armed bandits dating back to the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. However, over time, several corrections were made, such as new graphics, sound effects.

We proposed Gambling Games Hot Spot machines for free developed on the market, among others thanks to the Novomatic brand. It was she who was one of the first to introduce electronic versions of Hot Spot games. What is extremely important, the Hot Spot category itself is attributed to this brand. Initially, its productions were in ground casinos and game showrooms, but over time they also began to appear in online casinos. It was the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, and especially the first decade of the new century was a period when many iconic Hot Spot vending machines were created today. Novomatic was soon joined by brands such as Wazdan, Apex or EGT.

Hot spot game - where does the name come from?

Hot Spot is a formulation from English, determining the location associating many slot machines or other gambling entertainment, both stationary and online. The term Hot Spot in the era of modern internet is used as a term for a machine, to which players can sit down and join the fun like the original stationary casinos and the first places to play on local inserts. In translation into Australian, the return of Hot Spot can mean a hot place to play, so it is often used interchangeably as a gambling machine on different topics with different bonuses.

Online game manufacturers Hot Spot

We are well aware of the fact that currently there are a lot of manufacturers on the online gambling market who offer players various types of hot spot games. Therefore, we try to choose only those titles that meet certain standards, we can write about them that they draw in, guarantee good fun. Therefore, our site helps in choosing. In our reviews of games or creators themselves, we often describe even minor discrepancies between producers. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to choose the best game for themselves. On our website we have free Hot Spot gambling games from several valued producers:

Microgaming - This is one of the most famous brands on the market creating gambling games, including a hot spot vending machines. It has been successful on the market since 1994. Since then, it has created over 1,000 different types of production, most of which are online slots. Alaskan Fishing, Adventure Palace, agent Jane Blonde, Alaxe in Zombieland are the popular hot spot.

Play’n Go - It is a company that was founded in 1997. However, she did not take care of the production of online gambling games only since 2005. She is very known for creating mobile games, as well as its productions are available in many language versions. Popular games of this brand are: Book of Dead, Fire Joker, Sizzling Spins, Power Quest.

NetEnt - This is probably the largest software producer for casinos in the world. It was founded in 1996. Since then, he has had hundreds of successful slots behind him, as well as numerous other gambling games. In most of his productions, it attaches great importance to graphic and sound quality. His offer also includes Hot Spot: Joker Pro, Archangels: Salvation, Lucky 8 Line, Mega Joker, Twin Spin.

Free Hot Spot Gambling Gambling Games Online Casino

Many Internet users are looking for free Hot Spot games for their own gameplay or to check the mechanics slot before starting to play real money. To this end, Internet users would like to check what the game looks like on their own skin, and not just read the opinions and reviews of slots. It just so happens that our industry portal provides every Internet user with access to free top manufacturers' games. Our game database for free has hundreds of the best drum games and reviews with information about bonus offers, the amount of winnings and the rest of the most important information.

The Hot Spot game category on our website is public. Players run a demo slot and receive a package of tokens for a test game. At any time, the user can go to a real game when he decides that it is the right time for greater emotions. Free hotspot gambling games for real money are not available on our website. Barches and redirects to such vending machines are links to gambling from our proven list of legal casinos online:

  • Volcano vegas - A very popular casino with over 2,000 gambling games, dozens of bonuses and very fast deposits.
  • Spinia - Classic casino with vido games and a live game offer on tables with real roars. Organizer of tournaments and attractive promotions.
  • Energy - Casino with a very wide selection of gambling and sports facilities. Thousands of games for free and for real money.
  • Real - Gambling page with attractive welcome bonuses and positive opinions in the world of gambling.

How to choose the best Hot Spot game offer in the casino?

By counting all available Hot Spot games, it will not be a lie if we write that the modern Internet games market offers hundreds, if not thousands of different types of hot spot titles with original topics and themes. In such a thicket of different titles, it's worth knowing what to look for when starting and testing the game. Good knowledge of the basic aspects of distinguishing online games can be useful. When choosing free hotspot games, it is worth paying attention to some interesting issues that a distinction is distinguished. Below we present a short division, according to which you should distinguish and assess the attractiveness of games, provided that the following functions are included in them:

Theme or theme of the game - Manufacturers, in order not to duplicate slots, use completely different motifs and topics of gambling. Currently, the most commonly played hot spots are machines from the category of legendary characters, cartoons, series, mythology and ancient civilizations.

FS bonus and their quantity - It is worth checking if the game has a bonus on free spins without a deposit, it is worth checking their quantity and what are their requirements.

Other promotions and bonuses - In addition to free spins, it is worth analyzing other attractions in the game, such as the availability of the symbols of Wild, Scatter and other additional functions.

A way to play and win on Hot Spot games

There are many ways to win, and players have not developed one recipe for winning. Online Hotspot games are random, thanks to which each subsequent spin can turn out to be a golden shot towards the highest win, jackpot or other attractive promotions. However, experienced players have developed several proven tactics that usually increase the chances of winning and increase the pleasure of standard gameplay.

  • Progressive game - Players are erected more and more plants, according to won and lost rounds.
  • Variable rates - Players alternately regulate the rates and the number of active winning lines.
  • Additional functions - Users use risky additional functions with attractive multiplier for the sum of winnings.

Hot spot mobile games

We are very well aware of the fact that changing trends affect the shape of the gambling market. More and more people are reaching for mobile devices. Therefore, on our website you can find various types of hot spot games on the phone. Currently, mobility is extremely important in every field. The Hot Spot Games on the phone we offer can be successfully launched on all portable devices and on many platforms. Thanks to this, both iPhone 6 phone users, iPhone XS or newer with iOS, as well as Android Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu, Huawei can easily start free Hot Spot games on the phone. It is important that many games can also be launched on older devices with Windows Phone, such as Nokia or Asus.

It is extremely important, however, that such a hot spot game on the phone does not require downloading separate software. You can therefore enjoy free gameplay only through a mobile browser. Our phone or computer games are completely safe for devices. Therefore, interested people do not have to worry about viruses or hidden software. Therefore, you can save space on your phone or tablet for completely different necessary applications.

Play Hot Spot vending machines for free on our website

The use of Hot Spot games on our website is only associated with the very advantages. We approach each production in a professional way, which translates into the high quality of the free games we propose. Each of our guests can count on:

  • Hot spot games for free and without having to pay money,
  • a wide selection of production from various brands,
  • complete lack of registration or login in the system,
  • full legality of the available Hot Spot games,
  • no need to download applications or software,
  • easy access from a computer or mobile devices,
  • Reviews and game information.

Each time we make sure that only proven and safe Hot Spot vending machines appear in our database. Therefore, our reviewers and testers thoroughly view games, create their review, and then make available to our readers. By the way, we care about their update, as well as interesting guide articles that are useful to our guests. Therefore, we invite you to check our game base, free testing and commenting.


What is a hot spot automatic?

Hotspot Free Games are a category of gambling games built on the drum scheme of video games, which uses icon combinations to settle hits and pay wins to the player's account. Nowadays, slots have unlimited topics and active bonuses as desired by producers.

Can Hot Spot games bring a huge win?

Hot spot vending machines like other slots may have pools of winnings, large accumulation and walls of symbols. Hot spots work on classic principles and can honor multipliers, free spins, and additional symbols.

Where can I play free hot spot gambling?

Free hot spots of various manufacturers and various topics are available on our website for free for every Internet user. The game base on our part enables slot tests on real terms for virtual currencies. Restart of the machine recharges the account to the next rounds.

Do Hot Spot machine games have bonus symbols?

Games from the Hot Spot category may have any bonus symbols. Wild replacing icons, scatter payable in any position and the option of winning free spins are most often implemented accessories for each hot spot gambling.

What is a hot spot game different from other slot games?

The Hot Spot game usually has any special gambling symbol, such as a happy seven, star or bell. In addition, these types of slots have jackpot modes and other interesting additions. Hot Spot games work on a screen built of rotary drums, and hits are settled according to the winning line.