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EGT Interactive to producent Online gambling games, which will be the main character of today's post. On the occasion of the strengthening trend for fruit slot machines, our editors decided to analyze the next title, this time a modern fruit 40 Super Hot, packed with additional functions and interesting news. The 40 Super Hot game machine is a large -format drum game. The manufacturers' intention was to release a refreshed game based on popularly known and still current trends related to fruit machines, which, despite their years, are still one of the most common and chosen when playing for real money.

Phenomenon fruit games, we owe to the first productions that, thanks to high variability, were able to often give winnings for players, who were more likely to choose them to play both online and stationary in casinos and estate pubs. At the moment, 40 Super Hot Automat is a representative of modern jackpot games and as many as 40 winning lines. This game configuration was created especially for more demanding players, who are not entirely primitive graphics and the old atmosphere of the game. We already encourage everyone to read the review below. We will answer questions about the bonuses' offer and explain where to play in 40 Super Hot for real money. Without extending, let's start!

The most important aspects of the game 40 Super Hot

The mechanics of this game is much more modern than its predecessors from the drum category of fruit. 40 Super Hot Slot surprises with an extensive game screen, where the window view contains as many as 5 drums and four rows of random icons. EGT, creating a slot, decided to implement more lines winning in the number of 45 possibilities, thanks to which the game gained at attractiveness in the eyes of users, thanks to more frequent winnings. In the game you can play for five top -down rates. Players receive a choice of 40, 80, 200, 400 and even 800 tokens for one turn. This configuration of the drums and the payment line allowed to achieve a high RTP result of 95.81%. 40 Super Hot Online works with Wild, Scatter and Jackpot Cards. In addition, the game is active in the Turbo and automatic turns and a responsive mobile version operates here

Gameplay rules in 40 super hot

The main assumptions in the game on 40 Super Hot are twisting with solvent icon sets on the game screen, thanks to which specific prize pools are activated according to the payout table. Each player is designed to demonstrate happiness and appropriate tactics, so as to manage to draw the most valuable combinations, and also use the bonuses available in the game. EGT in 40 Super Hot Online gave the official rules of the game, where all information on the rules and rules in the game is included. Although the slot is in English, in addition, the regulations use graphic visualizations of individual functions. Visual aspects and feelings from the game on this machine are the most positive. Colorful icons, a clear game screen and convenient operation are the features necessary to conduct quiet and effective fun.

Bonus offer in 40 Super Hot

As many as four legendary progressive jackpots operating in Jackpot Cards mode are available in this game. Players, after meeting certain requirements, can catch a grabbing of the ever -growing pool of one of them. Jackpot in this game is treated as the highest possible win. In addition to jackpots, function icons operate in the slot, have applications:

  • wild - Red seven icon as an alternative to all other elements excluding Scatter.
  • SCATTER - A strong icon, subject to payments, so settled anywhere on the basis of the right amount of symbols on the screen.

As in every game, in the 40 super hot slot machines players can count on prizes for a regular game, i.e. filming of drums and a draw of fruit symbols according to the table below. We present table proposals in 40 Super Hot without registration for the highest rate, i.e. 800 loans for spin.

Icons ZKS hch 5x
Seven 800 8,000 20,000
Star 4,000 16,000 400,000
Grape 400 1,600 8,000
Watermelon and plums 400 800 4,000
Other fruit icons 200 400 2,000

40 Super Hot - the best casino for the game

Many casinos offer gameplay for real money, but in our opinion the best choice will be to go to the game on the platform Volcano vegas, where the best conditions for gambling for players from our country probably prevail. This casino offers players very attractive bonuses and money bonuses, it is experienced, works on foreign markets, has a license and, what is important, it is completely safe. This casino is a great choice for both beginners and experienced players who focus on good service and reliable payment methods. Thousands of different slots are available in this casino, including the 40 Super Hot machine and many others of this type gier Hot Spot.

40 Super Hot - rating

This game fits very well into the current market of vending machines, thanks to which it is chosen by so many players. The popularity of Slota 40 Super Hot for free on the web is still growing. The game is valued by gamblers for a large number of winning lines, jackpots and a high RTP indicator. We recommend the 40 Super Hot game to people who focus on modern game options and fresh graphics. We hope that we helped in choosing your future game, and by the way we invite you to check other entries and reviews about games and bonuses at Australian online casinos.


Does the game work 40 Super Hot for free?

Each game from our gambling portal is free and directed to players who want to play slots without risk.

Does 40 Super Hot Automat have any bonuses?

The 40 Super Hot game has several interesting bonuses and an attractive prize withdrawal table. The most interesting addition in the game are certainly four progressive Jackpot Cards.

Is the 40 Super Hot Slot work on real money?

This game works on real money, but only at online casinos. In the article we mentioned the platform for real money with a current license.

Does the 40 Super Hot Game automatic slot start on the phone?

The 40 SUPER HOT game has a built -in mobile mode, thanks to which it is perfect for playing with smartphones and tablets with any operating system.