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Book of Fallen - free game machine

Book games are always a comprehensive topic for online gambling machines. First of all, because it is not closely related to any other subject. Thanks to this, mixes of fruit and books, production of mythological or Egyptian themes, can be created. The last example fits Book of Fallen Automat - a production undoubtedly known to those who have been playing for a long time, but perhaps unknown to those who are just starting their adventure with gambling. And this slot is worth knowing, because it is an extremely refined game and offering hours of fun. Pragmatic Play studio has accustomed us to the high quality of our own gier Hot Spot, but even in the manufacturer's catalog it is difficult to find a second such good game. You can read her quality now - Book of Fallen is available for free on our website. The demo version will not even require logging to the site.

What distinguishes Book of Fallen

Many readers would definitely like to know what bonuses or winning this machine have, but we want to start our review with something else - with the construction of the machine. It is true that there are no surprises here - like many other games in this genre, the machine consists of 5 drums and 3 lines - but it is knowledge that is worth having before starting the game. RTP production should also be for the player - in the case of this game it is 96.50%, which is high above the average. To this, you also need to add a number of additional options - the Wild symbol, Scatter, the ability to buy free games ... There is a lot of it and everything will allow us to increase our chances of winning!

You can also play in Playing on portable devices - Thanks to this, the Book of Fallen Game Automat will always be under our hand, especially since a web browser is enough for the game. The game does not require installing any additional software. Should you know anything else? The game allows you to launch the automatic game mode, as well as accelerate the rotation of the drums. All this will positively affect the comfort of fun. Finally, we left the amount of gameplay - I will be worth taking it into mind, especially when you want to play for real rates. The cheapest plant will cost 0.10 loans. Of course, the lower the plant, the lower the winnings we will get. If you want to play for maximum amounts, you will have to bet more - Book of Fallen Slot allows a 100 loan plant.

How to play Book of Fallen?

This is another important point of our review. What does the gameplay on this machine look like? It is not surprising, especially for more experienced players. You can start the machine with a round button, which is located at the bottom of the screen. The autoplay function is also visible below - this is the autograph we have already mentioned. In addition to the start button, there are buttons responsible for adjusting the amount of the game. By pressing - and + you will be able to choose how much money you want to put on the line. The total plant will appear in the BET section, placed on the other side of the screen.

You can also read about all this in the instructions, which you will start by pressing "and". In it you will also find an accurate withdrawal table or explanation about additional modes. It is worth getting acquainted with all this text, which is not overly long to know what the exact rules of the Book of Fallen game are. On the sides of the machine you will also see two buttons - Super Spin and buying free revolutions. They also assign amounts that increase with the stake you choose. Of course, you don't have to use them, although sometimes using them can be beneficial to you.

Bonuses you can get at Book of Fallen

Why? The first of the buttons, Super Spin, although it will increase the cost of the game (up to 1,000 loans for the game), but will allow you to choose one symbol that will be able to develop for entire drums - thus increasing your chances of winning and getting high amounts. Buying free revs It can also be helpful and will allow us to get extra money. In free games we will also choose one developed symbol. You can also get spins simply playing at Book of Fallen Online - to get them, you need to hit 3 book symbols, wherever on the machine. This is a scratter of this game.

At the same time, it is also a symbol of Wild - moreover, hitting the combination of this symbol on the winning line also pays winning. In addition, it works like a classic Wild - replaces other symbols and extends our winnings. If we fill the whole machine with one symbol, we can also count on special wins - even to the x5,000 of our plant. Of course, such combinations are quite rare. We will be much more likely to hit symbols in lower combinations - but they pay as well as you can see in the table below. All winnings are presented on the basis of the plant for 1 loan.

Symbol CC kch Dirt
John Hunter 10 100 500
Moom 4 40 200
Anubis, Ankh 3 10 75
A, K 0,50 4 15
Q, J, 10 0,50 2,50 10

What casino to play at Book of Fallen?

If you are interested in playing in Book of Fallen for real money? Nothing unusual! If you want to play in Vending machines, go to Energy casinos - It is well adapted to players from our country and allows you to make payments in many different ways. In addition, it is a fully legal and safe casino. It also has many games, so you will be able to take breaks from this machine and test other games!

Book of Fallen - what do we think about the game?

We praised the game throughout our text, so our summary will be positive - it is a very good, addictive and exciting game. It also offers a number of attractive functions and high winnings - which will certainly be crucial for players. You can find out about the quality of production by yourself by playing Book of Fallen without registration on our website. Be careful, however - there is a risk that you will not quickly leave the computer!


Where will I play in automatic book of fallen for free?

You will do it on our website - you won't even need an account for the game. Just start production and enjoy the game!

What bonuses can you get in the Book of Fallen Automat?

The main bonus are free spins, which you can get 10. For this the game has a Wild symbol!

Will I play about real rates playing at Book of Fallen Slot?

By all means - the game allows you to play for money. However, to be able to play in this way, you will have to go to a legal online casino.

Will I play the Book of Fallen Smartphone Square?

Yes - the game to run only needs a web browser. You won't have to install anything on your phone!