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The colorful Fruit Bonanza online machine is a full of surprises from the game known to everyone in the world of online gambling - Play’n Go. The machine has appeared on the market in 2018 and to this day many users around the world. The gameplay takes place here on 5 classic drums, filled with mass of fruit and traditional symbols vending machines 777 single -armed bandit. You can set up to 9 winning lines and enjoy 4 different jackpots with huge amounts. Try your happiness in the world of Fruit Bonanza, and the machine will certainly surprise you more than once!

In Fruit Bonanza without registration and 100% free you can play for free by visiting our website. There you will find an easily available demo version, which will allow you to play without any obligations, and the opportunity to practice playing before playing at Fruit Bonanza for real money in a licensed online casino. So don't wait, maybe it is this machine that will help you get this dream fortune!

Briefly about the Fruit Bonanza machine

It is a video slot with a progressive jackpot from one of the most popular gambling developers - Play’n Go. Play 5 traditional Fruit Bonanza drums and set to 9 active winning lines. An additional function of automatic revolutions with advanced settings will facilitate your gameplay and allow you to focus on what is important - the drawing of winning combinations.

The percentage of return for the player Fruit Bonanza RTP is only 93.05%, this means that on average for every 100 coins released on the machine, 93.05 coins return to the player. The lowest possible total plant on 9 active winning lines is 9 coins, while the highest 45 coins. The machine lacks free games or any bonus rounds as well as the very desirable Wild symbol. In Fruit Bonanza you will find the beloved special symbol Scatter, and 4 different jackpots:

  • Fruit Jackpot,
  • Juice Jackpot,
  • Bonanza Jackpot,
  • Super Jackpot.

Fruit Bonanza on the phone and other mobile devices works great. Thanks to the HTML5 technology, the machine interface will adapt its distribution to your device, making the gameplay as pleasant as on the computer. This allows you to take the game with you anywhere and ever. There is no need to install plugins and programs such as Flash Player, the Fruit Bonanza machine is available directly from the web browser.

Interface and rules of the game Fruit Bonanza

Fruit Bonanza The game machine has a transparent and easy -to -use interface. Before turning the drums for the first time, make sure that the number of active lines and the current total plant suits you. On the bottom panel under the drums you will change the number of lines lines, while the plant can be manipulated using the Plus and minus buttons under Coins. On the left, your current state of funds will be displayed on the same panel. Looking at the bottom right corner of the game screen you will notice a green button, with which you will finally be able to start a single spin on the Fruit Bonanza machine.

The Fruit Bonanza slot also allows you to play in autoplay mode. To look into automatic games settings, click the orange button on the right from Play and adjust the game to your preferences. If you care about time, you also have the option to turn on turbo mode. Click on the Błyskawica symbol located in the lower left corner of the screens, next to the sound settings and the menu with the rules of the game, which each player should read before starting the game at the Fruit Bonanza slot. Under the yellow button with the letter "i" you will find the Fruit Bonanza withdrawal table and the course of all nine winning lines. You can also check each line by invading the mouse with the right number on both sides of the drums.

The dominant color on the Fruit Bonanza slot is green, identified with a happy four -leaf clover. The whole slot motif is lucky items such as 777 and horseshoes. Each symbol is refined and covered with vivid colors, giving the machine character. The whole game is accompanied by relaxing sounds of nature, and with each drum trade you will hear cheerful music and the sounds of a working one Hot spot machines.

Payment table and allowances in the game Fruit Bonanza

Winning at the Fruit Bonanza machine counts when a minimum of 3 (in some cases 2) symbols of the same type appears, along one of the active winning lines. The exception to this principle is the SCATTER symbol, because this is paid regardless of the position on the Fruit Bonanza drums. Winning is settled according to the payout table in the game. The appropriate value is multiplied by the current total plant, and then this amount is paid to your account. Symbols dominant in Fruit Bonanza are fruits that can be found on traditional single -armed bandit vending machines, as well as classic seven or happy clover.

In the game you have the opportunity to win up to 4 different jackpots. Acquiring jackpots is only possible when playing with a maximum total plant. The highest of them is a super jackpot to get it, you should draw 5 symbols of Fruit Bonanza (corner full of fruit) on the ninth winning line. The next, when it comes to size, is Bonanza Jackpot, who is to get after drawing the symbol Fruit Bonanza times 5, on any winning line. Juice Jackpot requires 4 Fruit Bonanza symbols, while Fruit Jackpot only 3. If you don't play with the maximum bet, the Fruit Bonanza symbol will be paid according to the payout table. Below is the table of payments in force on the Fruit Bonanza slot machine:

Symbol / quantity X ZKS hch 5x
Fruit bonanza (corner full of fruit) 50 500 5000
SCATTER 2 5 20 400
Happy seven 7 70 350 3500
Golden bell 5 40 200 2000
Horseshoe 30 150 1500
Four-leaf clover 20 100 1000
Pineapple 5 16 80 800
Strawberry 5 14 70 700
Orange 12 60 600
Cherries 10 50 500

Fruit Bonanza - Opinion

This is standard Fruit online, with a few interesting additions that diversify the whole game. Fruit Bonanza Automat is a great option for fans of 777 single -armed bandit. The machine has a low RTP, but it can be assumed that it is compensated by up to 4 high jackpots Fruit Bonanza, which can be obtained by playing with the highest total plant for spin. Visit our website and try the Fruit Bonanza machine for free, and then fully prepared to go to licensed online casino And play for all 4 jackpots! We recommend trying your happiness on the machine from Play’n Go. We wish you a lot of luck and fruitful games in Fruit Bonanza!