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Fruit mania - free game machine

fruit Fruit Mania is a 3 × 3 machine released by a well -known and respected Wazdan game factory. The game is ideal for beginner and advanced players. Despite simplicity, Fruit Mania Demo provides players with a huge dose of entertainment and allows for long hours of play. The slot is filled with traditional fruit symbols, accompanied by high value diamonds and lottery fate, thanks to which you can increase your winnings and enjoy the game for longer!

Play Fruit Mania now without registration and completely free on our website. After a few games and a thorough understanding of the rules and mechanics of the game, you have the opportunity to check your happiness and intuition in Fruit Mania for real money on the site Online casinos.

Fruit Mania technical functions and specifications

W Online game hot spot You will find a wide range of additional functions and bonus games that allow you to increase the winnings. A bonus plaque with red diamonds is a mini game in the form of a bonus, which next to the bonus lottery multiplies and adds amounts to your account. Nevertheless, the symbols of Wild and Scatter known to everyone do not appear in Fruit Mania online, also due to the lack of winning lines.

On 9 fields of the three -drums board with a span of 3 × 3, the win is what counts when at least 4 the same symbols appear (the exception is the Lotto symbol). You can change the plant and you have to choose from 0.10, 0.20, 0.30, 0.40, 0.50, 0.60 and 100.00 coins Fun for a one -time spin. RTP Fruit Mania (Return to Player) is 96.59%, which, as with other machines of this type, is a standard percentage. The highest win can be up to 1000 multiple of the established plant. Autoplay and Turbo mode are next options that will make your game easier.

If you want to play in slot online Fruit mania on the phone or other mobile device, this is possible thanks to the widely available HTML5 technology, allowing the game to adapt to the device you are currently using.

Fruit Mania - how to play?

As mentioned above, Fuit Mania does not have winning lines, which means that to win, all you have to do is draw a particular number of symbols on the board. It is a largely game based on the player's happiness, but also his intuition, which results from the possibility of blocking - or not, symbols on the drums. To minimize the risk of losses, it is recommended that:

  • start with low rates
  • use the bonuses offered by the game or online casino
  • Try the Fruit Mania Demo version
  • be patient

The rules of the game and all other necessary information about Fruit Mania Game Automat can be found in the lower left corner of the screen under the button with the sign "?". Each new player should read them. In the same place there is also the option of silencing the game, as well as settings useful for personalizing the machine. Right next to the "i" there is the already mentioned payment table. Above these 4 options is your current account balance.

In the center of the belt under the board you can change the rate for the game, and on the right there is a large Play buttons with arrows. The autoplay function is located on the right below from Play, thanks to it you can allow you to play automatically resuming spinnings according to your recommendations. You can edit the number of cars, as well as losses or profits to stop at. In addition, in Fruit Mania Slot, the player will meet the function of blocking the elements on the board (STOP).

This function is automatically switched on for the most profitable elements, blocking their positions for the next spin. This is of course completely voluntary and you can unlock the symbol by clicking on it, or block other symbols in the same way. Here, in addition to happiness, your win, will also rely on your intuition. The graphic graphic design is refined, with vibrant and clear colors. Wazdan also provided a musical setting as well as a full range of sounds at spins, bonus games and winnings.

Bonuses Fruit Mania

Wazdan did not spare on accessories in Fruit Mania. In the game you will find a standard mini card game that will double your win when the card color is properly guessed, or it will completely resist when the answer is incorrect. In addition, in the upper right corner you will find a board with diamonds, which will appear on it accordingly in those places where they will be drawn on the drums.

When you fill the boards, with the next drawing of at least 3 diamonds on the drums, 9 bonus games will start. During these games, each drawn diamond is blocked in its place, and finally a win is paid in accordance with the payment table. In addition, you can increase the lottery win. The lottery is launched when 3 Lotto symbols are drawn on the middle drums. You will be able to choose three fate from which you can choose one.

Fruit Mania plays by the lack of designated winning lines, it is not a standard slot, here is only the appearance of the exact amount of the same symbol, in any place in the board. Information on winning amounts for individual symbols can be found in the lower left corner under the button with the letter "i". Below is a payment table with a minimum plant 0.10 for Spin:

Symbol kch palsy x8 x9
LOTTO 0.20 0.50 1.00 1.50
Cherries 0.10 0.50 1.50 3.00
Oranges 0.20 1.00 2.50 6.00
Plums 0.20 1.20 3.00 8.00
Bells 0.40 2.00 5.00 12.00
Stars 0.40 2.50 7.00 15.00
Watermelon 0.40 3.00 9.00 18.00
Vegas (black) 0.60 4.80 10.00 20.00
Vegas (silver) 1.00 6.00 12.00 25.00
Vegas (red) 1.00 11.00 20.00 35.00
Red diamond 1.50 15.00 30.00 50.00

Play Fruit Mania Game Automat - Try a fortune

Fruit Mania is available for free on our website, which is why we encourage you to check your happiness and intuition on this extremely interesting slot. The machine, thanks to its additional functions and a huge field for the player, means that the game is not bored quickly, and each subsequent spin brings more and more thrill. Well -refined and pleasant to use, Fruit Mania Online is a machine for everyone. We highly recommend the game on this fruit and we wish you many winnings!