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Fruit Shop is a colorful and emotional gambling production of the Netent studio. This machine is another modernized version of the slots also called fruit, which with the offer of symbols to draw mainly based on fruit icons known from the first drum games. Fruit Shop The machine for the game offers some interesting flavors, which we will try to explain thoroughly during this review. On this occasion, we will also discuss the entire game specification and check what awards should be expected after setting specific spin rates.

We encourage all colorful and easy -to -use games supporters to read today's review, and at the same time to play the Fruit Shop Demo slot directly on our website. We offer players very interesting amenities in the form of a free test game, where on real terms you can feel like a real online casino player. All features in demo mode work identically to the right version of the game, and the difference is to settle the plants. In the test game on our website players put free tokens to be used as a training currency. We cordially invite you to free training!

Fruit Shop game options

Fruit Shop The game in its specification contains all the basic functions of good fruit game. The game in the Fruit Shop online game is happening on a colorful and introductory screen built on the principle of five drums and three rows. To determine the winnings, a classic setting system is used on the basis of payable combinations (from 3 to 5), all on the basis of 15 winning lines.

In addition to fruit icons in the game, there are additional prizes activated with special special symbols. The Wild symbol is available for players, free turns and the noteworthy values of the winning table. Fruit shop automatic is simple Hot spot video game Created by an experienced Studio Netent. Slota publishers' experience guarantees unforgettable emotions and a lot of fun to players.

Players of this free online machine They can freely change the rates at each subsequent turn, and we are talking about plants from 0.15 to even 150 loans per round. The game outside the style is distinguished by a very high RTP indicator with a equivalent of 96.7% with each spin. Unfortunately, there are no multiplayer options in the game and no jackpots are available. Fortunately, the automatic game mode and other interesting additions significantly improve the entire gameplay and any deficiencies in the offer are practically imperceptible.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that for players a Fruit Shop game is available from mobile phones and tablets without downloading and installing the application. In the support of modern technology, Netent has refined the game under a mobile account and implemented a special programming language to the code, which allows expressive start of the game in web browsers on portable devices. From now on, every smartphone owner can indulge in the game anywhere with internet access.

Regulations of the Fruit Shop slot machine

The rules of the game on this machine are really simple, and in case of doubt it is worth delving into the content of the regulations and tips for the game, which is contained under the information button. This is where all information on how to play with information about the amount of individual wins.

According to the rules of the Fruit Shop game, each payment is granted to players who will draw at least one combination on the game screen during their round. The victorious combination is one that is included in at least one winning line and meets regulatory assumptions (the number of specific and equal symbols in one winning line). If the assumptions of the victory are met, the player's account is immediately received by the award with the equivalent of the proposed amount, taking into account the quality of the combination, the number of icons and the rate on the plant.

The Fruit Shop automatus automatically detects all potential wins about which the player informs after the round. The winning combination stops the game and informs the user about the amount acquired. The game screen is built very clearly, which contributes to the quality of the game itself. The slot is equipped with graphics and animations in a cartoon style, which perfectly harmonizes with the whole color and graphic design of the slot. The interactive information belt also deserves praise, which provides information about the available bonus offer during the break from the game.

Promotions and bonuses for the game in the Fruit Shop Slot

Each gambling game in the offer is obligatory to have promotions for players. It often depends on their quality whether players will love the title or forget about it after a few minutes of gameplay. In the case of Slot Fruit Shop, producers took care of the presence of the most popular functions, including free spins. The principle of their activation is slightly different from popular solutions, and it involves twisting at least one victorious combination. Depending on the twisted icons, the player receives as a gift from 1 to even 5 free games with each lucky turnover.

In addition to free turning in the game, there is a universal Wild Fruit Shop icon. Wild symbol replaces the view of the icon for each symbol, and additionally activates the X2 multiplier for combinations in which the icon participates. The last chance to win the winnings in Fruit Shop is hunting for valuable icon combinations. Fruit Shop, like any fruit, pays prizes for hitting the same icons in one of fifteen winning lines. Producers' proposals for hitting individual fruit and card icons present themselves:

Symbol CC kch Dirt
Cherries 25 300 2,000
Plums 25 150 1,000
Lemons 20 125 750
Oranges 20 100 500
Watermelon 15 75 200
Icon A 15 50 150
icon to 10 25 100
Symbol Q 5 20 75

Summary of information about Fruit Shop

At the end of the review, it is worth analyzing all the above -mentioned aspects of the game. We realize that players love to compete in machines in truth, but sometimes it is worth training in a new game without risk. For this purpose, Fruit Shop will be useful for free from our side!

A demo game on our website and a slot in the full version in online casinos with its simple style and high prizes encourages long skirmishes. According to statistics and RTP, Fruit Shop is a generous game that can surprise players from the first turn. Basic bonuses and an interesting reward system with turns are the beginning of surprises and a chance for extra money with a little luck in the classic game.

After the game, we find that Fruit Shop is a modern game, full of surprises and twists and turns. A clear menu and the buttons described help in the game and improve the process of learning the rules of the game. In addition to the cool graphic design, players can use the function of an automatic game and a free mobile game. We cordially invite you to free tests Slota Fruit Shop without registration on our website. A free game can be useful when training tactics for playing a fruit shop for real money. We encourage you to test other games on the occasion of other reviews on our platform.